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The Pod HD 500: And the Yamaha RX-456:   I'm not sure if this is the right forum.  My amp recently stopped working, and I really want to use this thing without headphones.  Please help.
I want them for playing guitar on my Pod HD500 in my bedroom. I don't care if they're FRFR, since I won't really be doing recording. Just something so I don't have to wear headphones. Something cheap I'd prefer, but still get the good sound can expect a Pod HD500 to deliver. Or any speaker set I can plug my pod hd500 into. It has quarter inch unbalanced out and XLR outs.
So far the only things I do not like about these is how warm my ears get when I wear them.  I do like how well they block out noise though.  Is there a simple mod or movement you guys do for things like this?
I bought them at a local military AAFES (the store on the military base commonly known as the BX or Base Exchange) with a coupon for $35 off an item over $100.  I'll shoot an email over to the department anyway and try registering them today. Great service, registering an account just to tell me this. Yesterday I wandered into a room at my university and found a recording room with 25 pair of ATH-M50's hooked up to computers, so I had to go try them.  I found them to...
What really sold me on these was the detachable straight cable (I'm too newbish to do any mods) and Bose's $60 replacement program. (I know, they shouldn't make something that breaks anyway, but things happen.)  Thank you guys for all your help, and I hope these last me a few years.  I don't plan on using them much outside of the house, and I do plan on wearing them for 8 or more hours a day some days, and my cheapo Sony pair hurts my ears after a couple hours.  Can you...
It looks like I'll be keeping the AE2's.  The internet seems be be divided on "These are pretty good for $100," and "These aren't worth $10." Long term durability is what I'm looking at, and if i think they'll last me for five years, I'll for sure be keeping them.  My cheapo sony mdr-v150's lasted me for five years and still work the same as when I got them, and I'm sure the AE2's are better built. Not a pair of wireless headphones, but a device like this that I can plug any pair of headphones into?  Like to watch TV or play games across the room with a pair of headphones without an extension cable.  It seems like a relatively simple idea, but I don't see it for sale anywhere.  I can't seem to find wireless headphones I like, and this would have more uses than wireless headphones would.
Since I'm completely new to this, what should I want to look for in a headphone? I want one pair that I can use for pretty much everything at home (not physical stuff like running, but for listening to whatever, which would include games, movies, music, and my guitar amp). I do not want something that I have to also buy a mini amp to use. I also definitely want a detachable cord. Would the Bose pair benefit from the headphone amp? Is this the chart people talked...
Can't decide if I should open them or take them back. Are they good headphones for $99? Are there better ones for that price? I'm completely new to the audiophile world, besides knowing they hate Bose.
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