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The Foo Fighters would be the perfect Superbowl Half-Time Show band, and appeal to all ages, IMO. Green Day could prob pull off a good cross-generational show, as well. It's tough to name modern rock bands who can appeal to music lovers who evolve (like most of us Head-Fiers) and those who only listen to classic rock (the majority of football fans that I personally know). Just my $.02 worth...
Matthew (eneloquent) bought a pair of Beyer DT770 Pro 80's from me. He was brand new to Head-Fi, but I've got to say, he was the most polite & courteous (always keeping in touch with e-mails + PM's) out of the many people who responded to my FS ad. Payment was sent when he said it was, and he didn't put up a stink when I asked to be paid via money order rather than PayPal (I don't have an account). In fact, this experience was so pleasant and I trusted Matthew so much from...
I bought a pair of SR225's from Bob and couldn't have had a better experience! He was nice enough to allow me to pay via USPS Money Order rather than PayPal (I don't have an account) and he was patient & considerate throughout the whole transaction. 'Phones came just as described and very well-packed. I wouldn't hesitate doing business with BMBROWN911 in the future. Thanks, Bob! zD
Sale pending. Thanks, Matt!
Sunday morning bump. Somebody out there wants a great pair of closed cans, right?
Tons of interest and lots of e-mails w/pics sent, but they're still here...
YGPM. I'll take them!
All PMs responded to and many pics sent via e-mail. Thanks, everybody! zD
Yes. PM me your e-mail address for pics and I'll e-mail them to you (it's written toward the end of my ad) .
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