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I'm in.
That's not a terrible thing.  I have the 940 as well and why they aren't the best they're definitely good enough that you will be able to appreciate the difference between the two stacks and give you time to look around/save money for an even better pair of cans.
I had this combo for a while, it felt a little underwhelming to me.  I wound up finding a really good deal on Lyr and the extra power made a world of difference but I never could find a pair of tubes that sounded quite right to me.  I've also tried the HE-500 with a Little Dot MkIII and a head room micro amp, neither of witch seem quite up to the task.  Right now I'm leaning towards a HPA V100. EDIT: Go for the HE-500 if you haven't experienced planar magnetics yet.  It...
Do you actually want hear any of those sounds at all?  I work with a Mac and use AudirvanaFree and let it get an exclusive lock on my DAC and just let EVERYTHING else go thru whatever the default output is.  I have a Gungnir at home and do basically the same thing with Windows and MusicBee and I don't have clicking problems.
I had actually forgotten about that one, but I think I want to stay solid state for my next amp.
I had/have the Headroom Micro DAC and the Schiit Modi.  The differences aren't huge but are very obvious.  Everything sounds a little deeper, everything seems to decay better, there's just a little more of everything.  I'm pondering all kinds of ideas on what to do about an amp.  I never really intended to buy the Lyr, just saw too good a deal on the FS forums and couldn't pass it up.  I do love it, sounds better than anything else I have and the Amperex Orange Globes...
My setup has changed quite a bit since last posting!   Home:     Work:  
How did they compare to your Q701's?
Today's Woot! is refurb Galaxy Note 10.1's and they're about $100 off normal price.  It's been a while since I've seen anything about them in this thread, does anyone know if they have the DAC support that the SIII and Note 2 do?
$400 for the stack 
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