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  Very interesting, thanks!
  Update for those interested:   I took my LCD3's back to the retailer. The owner of the shop is a good friend of mine and he said Audeze sent him an RMA. So, my LCD-3's are currently on their way back to the states to get fixed. Me and my friend have our theories as to why this happened, but I am going to wait to hear from Audeze to see what they come up with.
What are those things around the tubes?
Thanks for the replies, guys. I will keep you all posted on the situation.
Yah I swapped left/right. Still nothing. So it seems the right speaker is just gone. I can't believe this :(
So, tonight I've encountered somewhat of a disaster. I warmed up my Schiit Bifrost, and Lyr, turned on a song, then suddenly my right channel just went out. Completely.   I have no idea why or what has caused this but I am very concerned. I have contacted Audeze support about the issue, I'm not sure what they are gonna say but I just hope I can get this fixed. To make matters worse, I live all the way in Paris.   Any advice anyone can give me would be extremely...
Thanks for the input, guys.
      Thanks for the kind words, gents :)
Took some pictures of the gear the other day. I'll get another picture with everything together one of these days!     
Just got my LCD-3's about a week ago. Completely blown away by these things! They are being powered by a Schiit Lyr, and I am waiting on a Schiit Bifrost DAC to come in. Can't wait to hear the audio difference the DAC brings.
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