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Any suggestions for a cable I can use for my ATH-M50? I'd prefer something similar to the stock M50 cable, thanks in advance.
Perfect! Thanks a lot man, looks close enough, will look into these and decide on one.
I'm looking to have my headphones recabled after the stock cable was ripped up a few days ago, I wanted to know what kinds of cable can be used for this. For example, I've looked around and found the Midnight, Q-Audio, and Hifiman Cables. Does anybody know any different types? Preferrably a black cable similar to the stock ATH-M50 cable.
Couldn't find any videos about repairing the ATH-M50, is it the same for any headphone or does it vary drastically depending on the can?
I got a link to the Audio Technica website and I can send them back for repair but I'm not sure if it would be cheaper than the BTG recabling option. Also, I'm not sure where to find a cable I could use to resolder it myself, any help?
I need help with replacing the cable on my ATH-M50, someone decided having them on the floor was a good idea and my dog chewed completely through it. I'm not sure if I can buy one online and do it myself or if I could send it somewhere to get that fixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
Maybe you should try a headphone/subwoofer combo, you put on the M50s and use a subwoofer at the same time; you'll get MUCH more bass feel than the Beats but since you'll be using the headphones you won't give up sound quality :P
I don't want a muddy, uncontrolled headphone :)
I will My next pair of headphones will either be the DT770 or the ATH-Pro 700 MKII
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