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Ok, so I just finished my mod last night. Parts took longer than expected to ship but at least I got it done. Just one problem, I occasionally get no sound coming from the left ear cup. Anyone know what I might have done wrong? Hope I didn't mess up any of the wiring. I'll try to upload some pictures of the inside of the cup a little later.
How about this?
Nvm, it's no longer available through their website
Old post but I have to ask, I went on the website and couldn't find this cable in different sizes, all the Male to Male 3.5 mm cables are some really cheap looking ones. Any help?
Would this work? 
I'm going to mod my ATH-M50s to have a removable cable, going to place it inside the cups in place of where the current cable is so I need a 3.5mm.
Do you have a link for a place I can get the xlr, haven't had any luck finding it on my own. Thanks :)
  My dog chewed through my M50's cable and I was thinking of doing a removable cable mod instead of repairing the stock cable just in case it happens again I could just buy a new cable.  I'm not sure if I should buy a pre-made cable (The Aiaiai TMA-1 Straight Cable) or solder one myself and keep what remains of the cable so I can still use the 6.5 mm jack it has without having to get an adapter. Any suggestions?
So was it correct? Longer connection to the black wire, the gold one to the red wire and the shorter silver one to the green wire?
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