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There is a definite change in the sound signature, when you change from the plether to the velour pads (Personally I think for the better).  Less bass, slightly more mids and a more open sound stage.
There isn't as much isolation with the velour pads but they are much more comfortable and don't suffer as much heat build up.
The M80 and COP's have a very different sound.  The M80's have a more even sound, whilst the mids on the COP's are slightly recessed, but the bass is much more powerful.  The sound from the COP's also feels a lot warmer.  The M80's are a bit louder, I would say that the sound detail is similar on both.  The COP's are not very portable, whilst the M80's are.   COP's have very good sound isolation and very little noise leakage, whilst the V80's leak like a sieve and let in...
Had the COP's for 3 month now and it feels like the sound is still improving, the mids have come out much more in the last month or so.  Am now really enjoying the sound.
I think I ordered the pads from Amazon in the UK, they are on the USA site as well: http://www.amazon.com/Beyerdynamic-EDT-Replacement-Pads-Pair/dp/B0016MMYKA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1359538221&sr=8-1&keywords=beyerdynamic+Dt770+pads
Own both headphones and whilst there are similarities when it comes to build quality (which are both very good), in most other ways they are very different. For my the COP's are not very portable.  They play fine on a portable device but the headphones are just too big an clumbersome to carry around all day.  I tried it in London and whilst they are comfortable to wear on the head*, if you have to take them off of the ears, they are exceptionally impractical (Around...
Made in Germany, according to the box
Because the M-80 Jack is smaller than the hole it does fit securely into the hole and does not engage the locking mechanism.  .The plastic part of the jack is about 7mm diameter.  There is not spring just plastic. Badly drawn image
I am using the m-80 cable.  The 3.5mm jack is thin so I have no problems fitting it into the headphones.  Some of my other cables won't fit though because the 3.5mm jack is too thck and the plug too recessed into the headphones with a bit of plastic sticking out which the beyer cable clamps onto.  So the big thing is finding the right size  3.5 jack, Top v-moda cable Bottom COP Cable, with clamp shown (and a bit beaten up due to removal several times, though it...
It takes a long long time for the COP's to burn in, I have had mine since November and the sound is still improving.  The mids over the last couple of weeks seem to have come out a bit more, (maybe due to changing to the m-80 cable), though the mids are still a little recessed and subtle compared to my m-80s,  The COP's are also not the most detailed headphone available though the soundstage has improve dramatically.  I am not sure that I would recommend them for...
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