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Thanks! I will give it a try.
What are some suggestions for tag cleaner? My DX90 freezes and I'm sure it is from corrupted files.
Which one?
That's odd because I definitely here a improvement, I never thought I would here a change but I did!
I just bought this cable from a local distribution company 4 miles from my work for my JVC HA-FX850 and I have to say there was a drastic improvement in sound quality. I can not believe how thin and soft the cable is. So if anyone is in the states there are a few distibuters here one in Minnesota and one in California. PM me if you need help getting one I have one of the distributors name and number.
I just bought the linum bax cable for this and holy sh%t these sound different, for the better. Everything tightened up and the clarity is unbelievable. I have really never heard and sonic improvement from a cable but with this it is night and day! I just have to wait to comment with the nay-sayers but yeah there is a difference.
What about using the touch screen? You could push volume down and when the screen comes up use your finger to turn it up. Or by an amp and use it LO just a suggestion.
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The main reason I would be getting a new cable is it would be more flexible and lighter and I'm sure more robust. I would be getting the copper v2 black dragon, if there is a sound change I won't tell anyone it will be my little secret.🔇
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