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Look at page 853 and go towards the bottom. I tried to copy it but my tablet is becoming a POS and does what it wants.
I will try and get there before 11. I'm in for ordering some food and beverages.
Ill be bringing my 13 year old son who is starting to get in to this!
MattTCG comparison has these above the 400 addition in almost all aspects! I can tell you that I have personally NOT heard anything better than the X5/E12 with the 400i, its like they were made for each other. I have let about 10 people listen to this combo and they are completely blown away. You'll enjoy them big time.
Looks good to me! Looks a little similar to the AKxxx though,still good I might add. Me personally I really don't care about looks to much as I do about how it works and sounds.
I always use LO on my X3 and my X5, sounds great and never gets hot.
I'm ready! I'm trying to get some more people to come and see what music is intended to sound like. Only like 2 people.
This is on the first page: 3. When that time runs out will the unit be send them back to Hifiman. At our cost or Hifiman's? Once you have completed evaluating the headphone, the participant is responsible for shipping the headphone back to us. You will get an option (a good one ;-) ) to purchase it if you like. People from southern Asia and Russia will ship it back to our factory in China, and everyone else will ship to our US office.
I was not offered either I just asked them.
I have a pm from them you could pm as well. On the first page it says that you would get a good deal if you purchased them.
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