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Thanks, looks like RSM it will be, now I only need one thing......more money. I think after these customs it will be time just enjoy the stuff I have and not spend any money on this redicously expensive hobby.
So what FW do most of ya use? I have mine on 2.0 and liking it so far.
So what time does the party start? Oops I see it is 10-5. Is anyone planning on being there at 10a.m.
I hope alclair will be coming or letting us borrow some of there gear. I know someone was going to call Mark at Alcairs I know him as well so I could contact him just let me know..
Count me in, I will throw some cash in. I'll bring the gear listed below and a few other things. Should be a good time.
We leave in the same state I do not see I wouldn't be on that same group.
Received my new X5 today loaded up 5400 songs and enjoying every minute of it. What a great player, I'm so glad I got rid of my DX50 and got this
Does not matter to me let's just have one.
So Joe how's that list going of who gets it when? Just can't wait to get it. I was contemplating getting the E11k to pair with it but maybe I will just try it as a stand alone. I do have a few other FiiO amps to try with it already..
Thanks for the input. How about the tours, where they good? I'm trying to think what to get with my X5 that I will be getting Tuesday the X5 is a good match with IEMs so my next purchase will be some CIEMs.
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