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You should look into the JVC HA-FX850 or some Dunu DN1000.
one who said
^  Great can't wait to hear what you think of them. I recently got a FORZA cable for the RSMs from a fellow headfi-er to try out for awhile, still to early for any impressions, really nice looking cable and fairly priced.
^ I agree, this is a great AMP,DAC. I have had this for awhile and prefer this over my DX90. I have the iPod 5G and spotify premium with this and its a sound that would be hard to beat if you like the Sabre DACs. The build quality and looks are very appealing.
Ive had this for a week now and Im still very impressed with the sound! I did update to 1.02 which was very easy and i have no issues thus far. I also bought the black leather A&K case and it looks great.Still very happy with my purchase.
With my DX90 and HAFX850 i have mine on medium gain and about 200 which is fairly loud. Make sure it is plugged into the HO not the LO as that makes a huge difference.
You will do fine with impressions, no need to impress anyone here just write it as you feel.
The HA2 sounds awesome with the Ipod 5G and Spotify Premium. I would like to see what you say about the DUNU with the HA2.
What are you going to pair with the HA2?
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