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I have the same thing using the JVC HAFX850 instead and Spotify Premium using it off line. Sounds amazing very detailed, its light and thin with the 5g.
You should look at Alclair they have RSM and the crankmaster 5k I'm sure you would love one of those.
After a lot of reading I have decided to buy this I just first have to sell a few other daps and amps I never use. Im trying to thin the heard and buy better with less bulk, I'm over the whole DAP amp combo I just like a good DAP with some great phones!! I keep reading that it's better than my DX90 or X5 and another says its not so I will have to see for my self, o will not be selling those though as they rock and I would miss them.
I thought that to but it ended up being my iPhone. I bought an iPod touch 5g and all is good. FYI to anyone with an IPhone 5 or newer when you have issues with it charging or disconnecting there is a bunch of pocket lint in the bottom of the port. I took mine under a microscope and saw some so I modified a plastic q-tip so that it would fit down in there, plastic end in not the swab end, and moved it and dug around and I was blown away who much was in there. The apple...
Does anyone in Minnesota have one of these so I can have a listen?
Thanks! It would have been nice if A&k would make some reasonably priced players, I think this is a 300 to 350 priced player it would sell like crazy. I've always wanted an A&K player but will never pay those prices. If the ui was better I was thinking of buying this for its size.
Right now its on high gain and its usually 45/50 and I have the eq off. Yep they are a bit expensive but totally worth every bit if you like to listen to your music they way it suppose to be. So if you don't mind me asking where are you from? And have you got your impressions done already?
The lows are powerful yet very detailed and highs are smooth and never fatiguing.
I have the DX90 and M100 they are a great rig.
I have the RSM with my X5 and they have excellent synergy! The best sound I've heard so far, I like it more than my HE400i that I sold to buy these.
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