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I did when I had the X1.
I think you would get your biggest gain in some new ear buds or headphones what ever your preference is. Your music sources are pretty good already.
Great review! I have to write mine soon too. I have your your almost exact thoughts, I absolutely love these headphones!!!
@karloil- If you know the answer to this that would be great. I was wondering how this would compare to my existing rig the FiiO X5/E12. Would I be wasting money or would it be that much better. The X5/E12 sounds really good with my HiFiman HE400i but...would the HM650 be better.
I agree! I only have Facebook and I liked and shared as I do really like there stuff but I should NOT have to sign up for something I don't like to win something I do like.
Any early impressions? Can you compare it to any FiiO or iBasso players. What card did you get with it.
I liked and shared you on Facebook. Is there any other way to enter the contest?By the way your WA7 sounded great with my HE400i.. I tried it out at a headfi meet..
Can Facebook be included, I would rather not sign up for instagram a d twitter.
Ever so slightly more bass, nothing to write home about.I have been on vacation for the past week and I have been listening to these for about 6 hours a day and can not get enough.
These are awesome phones for me as well as many others from the first day I listened to them. I went to a Head-fi meet a few months back and compared these to the LCD-2 and they were vary close (I still preferred these),even the owner of the LCDs was dissapointed that he could have saved money buying the 400i's.
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