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I have the Onkyo as well, awesome device.
Just got my Tour unit and downloaded Tidal and putting some songs on there. Tidal did quit on its own a few times but all is downloaded now.
mine has done that quite a few times, I just say to myself " I guess it did not want me to listen to that". The crappy part is you cant hit the back button to re-listen to it.
 I mainly use my Onkyo DP-X1 with Tidal Hifi
What an experience to have! Very cool of James and FiiO to give you a Tour and to take pictures as well.
 Did you buy yours from Price Japan?It seems like there are a few distributors out there where they are having issues with there product. I bought mine directly from Onkyo I had to pay 799.00 USD for it but (knock on wood) I have zero complaints, everything is great. I've had this about 2 months and use it almost daily.
 As for a Cable, I have a Forza as well and it makes a difference for the better, not to mention makes it look even better.If you are looking for another source I have a DX90 for sale.
 Glad you like them! Alclair is really great at what they do!! I listen to my RSMs almost everyday.What source did you use with the Spires?
Yeah, he can be a jokester occasionally. I'm generally the biggest smartass anyone will meet.
That's awesome, I can only see them new for 400 US.Also Tidal has "discovery" when you're streaming online. There will be titles below the song you're listening to.
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