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On the tracking page.
My Tracking for the RE00 says it will be to me by Saturday, let's hope they're right.
Hell, even Onkyo has a new version coming out soon, actually 2 new ones since the DX200 was mentioned almost a year ago. I still subscribe to see what it will be when it's finally released.I'm hoping for the best for ibasso and there are a lot of members here with big money who will by it regardless.
That will be the AK560 and that will run you 6k and it will be made from kryptonite.
I bought it from a fellow member here and there are a few scratches on the screen protector. As for the case, I would like a black one.
I got notified that my RE-00 where shipped.
I get my Opus tomorrow and I will end up buying the screen protector mentioned above for it. This is a great little DAP,I will have to update it to the newest fw tomorrow, and add some new songs. I have 2 128gb cards now but will have to get either 2 of the 200gb or the new 256gb. Thats just crazy to carry 544gbs with.   Is there any other cases for this or is it just the supplied one? I would much rather have a black case.
Looking to trade this for an equally priced or higher priced IEM. DX80 is in like new condition as it hardly gets used.
This is why I paid more and bought right from Onkyo on Amazon, shipping was still fairly quick.
There shouldn't be, I have Tidal HIFI on mine and its all downloaded on Slot 1, which I think is the only slot you can use. Can you see the music when you open the app? 
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