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I know this already but they made it so you could pay now and it vwould be delivered when it becomes available.
Are we going to be able to prepay for the HA2 before they become available again, I want to be guaranteed one this round!
You may want to check out the JVC HA-FX850! I have both and both have great bass but I would give over all sq to the 850s.
what source are you using with it?
 Thanks! they look great and I bet they sound even better. Is the Bass boost noticeable and does it distort or bleed into the treble and or mids?
 Would you mine posting a picture of the HA2 stacked with the Iphone? Im just trying to get a visual in size when they are stacked together.Thanks in advance.
Do si do
Also I wonder how this is in comparison to the Oppo HA2? They have have a lot of similarity's in function(different DACs)same price. I might be a little more partial to the Wolfson as I already have the DX90 which has dual sabre DACs.
Now that I and to wait and starting looking at more amp/DACs I noticed that Sony is coming out with new one same price but a Wolfson DAC and come out next month. Now it gets harder as I have to wait and compare these both.iOS capabilities and buit For the Walkmans.
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