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Im still thinking this is the best source for the Mojo! The range for Bluetooth for me is around 25 feet which is more than enough. Since I like the stack so much and its only use is for the mojo I have been thinking of permanently affixing the units together via there leather cases. Right now im using some doubled sided tape which is fairly thin but not sure I like it yet.
I have been listening to the hugo for almost a week now and ABSOLUTELY love the sound of this with my CIEMs and other headphones Ive tried with it. My only slight complaint would be the range for Bluetooth is a bit week but still works. The great thing about the Hugo2 is it has extended range on the Bluetooth. My main use for it would be streaming Tidal hifi. Between this and my Mojo, its really all I need and want!
I use my PM3s with it and sounds great SE or Balanced. If you like Planar sound you should get them.
If I missed opps! Is there a list of who gets the tour unit when? I saw the big list of choosen people but not sectioned off like Fiio usually does.
Happiness is priceless.
Finally comparing these 2. I have to say I can definitely tell the difference between the Mojo and the Hugo.
Are you taking the mSD cards out then loading then putting the cards back in than rescanning? Thats what I do and have no issues.
PM sent.
Sometimes youll have issues untill you do 1 or 2 reboots and everything seems yo be better after that.
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