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Does anyone have any HiFimam HEs. I'm looking at buying these soon.
Is it to late to register? If not I would love to audition these! Count me in. If I'm able my DAPs are listed below.
I to am interested in the sound differences, you may get some replies here, but for the most part if you went to the E12DIY thread there probably is a  few comparisons. if you go tho that thread and see anyone who ones both you could PM them and get more info that way as well.   I do own the E12 if you have any questions about that one..
I wonder if you were to put one of those bumpers on the outer diameter of the wheel and use your thumb/finger on the bumper to turn the wheel if that would help. just a suggestion. i will see if i have any from the portable amps if bought over the years.
What type of problems are you having? I really have no issues navigating this.
I have 2 64gb cards with a total 4862 songs and by chance I scanned slot 1 and after that I scanned slot 2 with the slot 1 still in there and all of them showed up and so far no issues, I use monkey media to. Something to try anyways.
I agree, I can not wait tell the release of the X7. Should be a great all around DAP, and hopefully a AKXXX killer.
They sound great together, you will be happy with them both!
That's no pile! I will never sell my combo as it has a really great sound with the E12! I switch between the X5 and X3.
Thanks, looks like RSM it will be, now I only need one thing......more money. I think after these customs it will be time just enjoy the stuff I have and not spend any money on this redicously expensive hobby.
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