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Nope gotta go to my wife's soon to be 95 year grandmas birthday party.
Yep a six driver and the 8 driver!
Well got my impressions done for the RSMs and can't wait to get them. Mark said it would be 3 long weeks tell I get them. Mark also said there will be some new things on the horizon.,
If anyone is interested in the gear I'm selling I could meet somewhere as I will not be attending the mini meet. My wife's grandma is turning 95 so we are having a birthday party for her, not sure how many more there will be.
+1. I love trying new gadgets but do not really enjoy writing about it.
Its find of plain but black face on both and orange body on left and red on right. I could change my mind. The good thing is that I live ten minutes from Alclair so I can venture over there and see some being made which might influence my decision.
So I have had interest in these customs for awhile and have come to the decision of getting these. First I have to sell my HE400i which are rearly used to justify buying these without getting to much heat from the wifey. now just to think of what colors to get.
Thanks James!
I've came to the decision to sell my 400i as they never get used. I'm selling the headphones a FiiO X5 and FiiO E12 as a whole. PM if interested.
You all should get the linum bax cable its really light and super thin.
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