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Any notable SQ difference between the free BI3 from ANV and this BI3?  
  FX101 will be a better choice or if you can find FX3X, the bass is more awesome on this.
fyi GR02 BE not a bass monster, the bass is just sufficient and mint if u compare to fx3x.   @$40 maybe some Meelec or SoundMagic?    P/s: GR02 BE is not a bad choice either try it, u may liking it. 
GR99 is kinda cold sounding for me. GR02BE or VC02 might suit you well. Haven't got chance to try on E10 but I had E30 before sound signature kinda warm, warmer than both VS I mention above but really dislike the rubberish cable.   As for GR02BE and VC02, I prefer R02 more. It sounds more fuller but kinda harsh treble at 1st can be fix by couple hours of burn-in and tip switching.   Side note: you may try GR02BE small black tip on VC02 they are pretty awesome...
Any TS-671 user here changing their pad to something leather? :D Wonder if there is any suitable pad for this sweety
Thats' sexy! :D   btw anyone here successful removed the driver from the housing before?
Any chance to know how you dig out the driver from the original housing? 
 I still wonder whats the difference between 1st ANV3 and ANV3se
Nope I'm from Malaysia as bro swmkdr said   Ordered them on 28 January :D so is roughly 2 weeks time. No worries bro is festival season.
received my ANV3 yesterday    And they include in an IEM which sounds good too    Thank you Blox for the CNY gift. LOL
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