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I really like the beats audio that came with my HP, and I like the sound its provides when I turn it on with certain music. Is there a way I can get this software on my Ipod? I bought a new pair of M50s instead of beats studio but i'd still like to have the software available. 
AGH IM SORRY to be posting too much, but ALSO can you tell me anything about the Fiio E11 vs the JDS labs cMoyBB v2.03? They are about the same price ;P
And for that matter do you recommend the 80ohm or 250ohm for me? I can still cancel and reorder 250 if i need to. I just don't want to haul around tons of gear to make my cans sounds good :p
Thanks for the quick replies guys Just for clarification I ended up cancelling the 250ohm and getting the 80ohm instead, I guess the talk about not finding a sufficient portable amp scared me.  I've been looking at the Fiio gear, and was wondering if the E6 would be sufficient, or do I need the E11? I listen to a lot of stuff, lots of movie soundtracks and choral music, BUT I'm also a huge basshead and I love getting shook by my bass. I'm a college student and...
I've just bought a new pair, and I am a TOTAL NOOB to high end headphones. I almost bought a pair of Beats Studio before I stumbled upon this site. I like portability so I was wondering which of the FiiO amps to buy, which line out dock to buy, and whether I need a new sound card for my computer. I'm using my Ipod touch and HP laptop with Beats audio mainly. Thanks a lot guys! 
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