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Will the EU A10 series power the Sennheiser HD25?
Is anyone going to be in Munich to hear this headphone?
For sale is my Asus Xonar Essence STX 2. The card is 2 weeks old and in brand new condition. Comes with the box, all accessories and my dealers invoice.
For sale is my Sennheiser HD600. The headphone is 2 month old and rarely got used. It comes with the Box and my dealers invoice for the warranty.
 Cool, where did you buy them from? I can't find them cheaper as 299€
Is the dip at 3k just a model to model variation or do the 600 Ohm vs 250 Ohm differ in that regard. I remember my Manufaktur 600 Ohm DT880 having recessed mids compared to the 250 Ohm version.
Still avaible
Subscribed. Is there any hint when the next drop will land?
That graph shows the problem these cans have. They are low on bass and boost the lower mids with having recessed upper mids. That mix makes them sound just weird and veiled. Good that they respond well to EQ which they dearly need.
My Urbanite XL is for sale in the sale section. I just got an HD600 and DT880 so these have to go.
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