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I recently got my second X2. I have owned the X1 three times. I like them over my HD600. The Sennheiser is going back, the X2 stays. I prefer the bass, mids and soundstage on the Fidelio. I have a Gibson pair and the pads are alot better, less itchy than the X1 pads.
Does the HD600 change with burn in?
For sale is my 4 weeks old DT1770. The headphone is in perfect shape, rarely got used. Comes with the accessories, box and my dealers invoice. Shipping to EU countries is 10 Euro.
What OPA is good for the headphone section to warm up the sound?
My mixstation. Jbl lsr 308 and the DT1770
Am i the only one looking forward to a possible DT-1880? The DT1770 was presented in August last year so i hope BD will have something new this year. Lets start the rumors and discussion.
For sale is my Sony Z1060 mp3 player. The display is in very good shape without scratches. The back side has some signs of use, see the picture. The battery is still fresh and delivers 25-30 hours of pure playback. Price includes shipping withhin germany. Shipping to EU countries is 10 Euro extra.
For sale is my FiiO E12. Comes with the box and accessories. The unit is in great shape. Price includes shipping within germany. Insured shipping to EU countries is 10 Euro extra.
For sale is my 2 month old DT1770. The headphone has about 10 hours on it. Comes with the box and my dealers invoice.
The treble is more offensive there but vocals are OK only slightly hot. The bass is really nice though. I find the vocals on my posted clip worse.
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