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For sale is my 2 month old DT1770. The headphone has about 10 hours on it. Comes with the box and my dealers invoice.
The treble is more offensive there but vocals are OK only slightly hot. The bass is really nice though. I find the vocals on my posted clip worse.
https://youtu.be/N2CrgFTx1wg This is one example where the vocals are EQd too hot giving a harsh presence especially with higher volumes. Can other DT1770 owners agree?
Whats your DAC and AMP?
The youtube clip sounds horrible with my DT1770 on higher volumes. On low volume its ok
I only wish they were a bit nicer to badly done material or too hot vocals. Good tracks are really good. In my library its about 70% good and 30% bad tracks. Looking forward to fix this with a tube amp.
How does the Valhalla 2 pair with the 250 Ohm Beyers? For example the DT1770, T90 or a maybe future DT1880?
Im currently waiting for my Sony LOD to arrive. I wonder what improvements it will bring. Whats everyones experience with LODs? Using the headphone out and double amping i get a very similar tonality but more of a 3d sound with the fiio e12
I think the DT1770 is really good for pop and edm. Jpop especially.
Has anyone experienced burn in effects with their Beyers?
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