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Are there any impressions/owners of the A900x LTD? These are still avaible over here in europe.
 The vintage Marantz has a smooth warm punchy sound that matches well with the MSR7. I'd also call it effortless.
  MSR7 pairs well with vintage amps.
  My bad,i had a 2215BL in my basement not the 2230. Sounds great so far. There's not much to find about the "BL" variant and i wonder what's the difference to the Standard 2215(B). The volume poti has problems and causes inbalance. There is no background hiss even with sensitive cans. I may go crazy but i prefer the Output of the Marantz to the vali (which is on sale).
I have a Marantz 2230 in the basement. How is the headphone output on those old Marantz receivers?
For sale is my shiit vali. The amp is 2-3 weeks old and rarely got used. Bought from Schiit Europe (for Warranty). This unit almost has no Problem with ringing, serial number is 03xxx.
For sale is my brand new Sony NWZ-A15 in the color silver. The player rarely got played out and shows no signs of wear. Comes with the box and accessories.
For sale is my brand new Sony MDR-1A in the color silver. The headphone is 4 weeks old and has seen around 3-5hours of use. Its brand new and comes with the Box + Accessories and my dealers invoice.
Asr how comes you are selling your pair after your positive impressions?
Will the EU A10 series power the Sennheiser HD25?
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