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My pair doesn't have any imbalance issues. I use Foobars "downmix channels to mono" DSP to make sure it's not the recording.
How does it amp the X2?
I couldnt find any thread about the Aune X1 so i thought i will start one myself. I dont own one yet but im curious to get one. There are very few impressions posted in the Aune T1 thread. It would be great if owners of the X1 will join this thread and post their views about the unit.
Do you get any background noise with the Vali?   Any HD-681 Evo owners in here? I found mine to sound pretty close to the X2.
For sale is my Soundmagic HP150. It's 2-3 month old and rarely got used during that time. It probably has 10-20hours of usage on it. Comes with the box and accessories. Sorry for the crappy cellphone pics. Price includes shipping withhin germany. Shipping to EU countries is 5€.
Got my X2 in today. On first listen they sound very promising. Great balance, slightly warm mids, good and strong bass, present treble. Nothing feels missing or exaggerated. Nice job Philips.
I also use the HP150 with the sbz. The bass sounds very punchy, mids and treble are clear. Very recommended.
Bass is lots of fun on the HP150. No tuning necessary imho.
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