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Well im not sure of this is brain burn in or headphone burn in but the treble is now not as sibliant as it used to be withhin the first hours. I get almost no sibliance actually. Very happy with the sound of these.
Soooo... Some users reported that the E12 has background hiss with 32 ohms impedance headphones. Is this true or there are defective units?
Thanks for your impressions. Mine now have 100h of burn in on them but i couldnt make out any differences in sound. I love the bass of these, i was listening to 'Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You' and it gave a nice ear massage while the mids keep that lovely clarity. Before i post detailed impressions i really need an amp for them. Have been using them out of my old Sony DAP and my cellphone.
Got them today. So far they sound great especially considering their size and portability. Treble can be a bit hot and sibliant on some tracks at higher volumes but due to their isolation a medium volume is sufficient. By the way, in Europe these are priced the same as the regular HD25.
I was staying in a Hospital when i got them the last time. Didnt even listen to them during my stay. Sold them when i got out. Never gave them a good listen, my fault.
Just ordered my HD25 Aluminium (again). Still looking for that portable headphone after trying some other cans. The screws are torx t6.
The DX1000 doesnt compare at all to the R10.
I also think balanced is the better term. Bass, mids and treble are balanced but for it to be neutral it would need more transparency. However its already really good at its pricepoint, for Upgrades in transparency you would have to pay >500$.
Stock pads are super comfy for me.
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