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Subscribed. Is there any hint when the next drop will land?
That graph shows the problem these cans have. They are low on bass and boost the lower mids with having recessed upper mids. That mix makes them sound just weird and veiled. Good that they respond well to EQ which they dearly need.
My Urbanite XL is for sale in the sale section. I just got an HD600 and DT880 so these have to go.
Just ordered the HD600. Are there more impressions with the vali?
I just ordered my fourth pair. Looking forward to be back in the club. Are there more impressions with the vali?
For sale is my brand new Sennheiser Urbanite in the color 'Nation'. This pair is only a few days old and comes with the box, accessoires and the dealers invoice. Like i said this pair is in mint condition
My pair doesn't have any imbalance issues. I use Foobars "downmix channels to mono" DSP to make sure it's not the recording.
How does it amp the X2?
I couldnt find any thread about the Aune X1 so i thought i will start one myself. I dont own one yet but im curious to get one. There are very few impressions posted in the Aune T1 thread. It would be great if owners of the X1 will join this thread and post their views about the unit.
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