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And my HP150 have already shipped, 30 minutes after ordering. Will get them on monday or tuesday. Ordered from a shop based in netherlands. Shipping to germany was free.
Awww too bad my dealer let me know that they are out of stock with the distributor. The wait begins...
Loved the HP100 and was about to rebuy it. Found this thread and ordered the HP150. Subbed.
I dont have the X1 anymore. I actually had it 4 times since its release. All 4 models had varying degrees of bass amount and mid clarity but lets not go there or the witchhunt will start again.
I just ordered mine and my dealer told me that these are avaible immediately so i will have them next week. I also had the X1 on preorder back then.
I smell big $$$$ Anyway subbed
+ less itchy earpads
Thanks to the JVCs i rediscovered an old (2006) but great sounding Kreva Album, i think it was his first solo album after kick the can crew but i'm not too sure. There are some tracks on YouTube but not my fav ones:     Too bad his recent releases don't have that banging bass anymore. The album Name is: Kreva -  愛・自分博. If you love bass you will enjoy this album. Kick the can Crew also had some great tracks a long time ago.   Another great track for bass:    
I must be lucky because i really have no problems with the drivers touching my ears. They barely do. I had the ATH-AD2000 some years ago where my ears started hurting after 5 minutes from the drivers being pressed on my ears. Compared to that the JVC is harmless.
I was talking about the quality of the EQ only. Neutron can still improve alot regarding its EQ. On sound quality alone I would agree that Neutron is the best / most transparent player. But that is not enough to make me use it even though i already paid for it.
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