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Has anyone compared the Yamaha to the MSR-7? I love the AT but im looking into a second set of headphones for a change.
 I would also be interested in this. I had a K712 here but i kept preferring my MSR7. The K712 is going back.
Am i the only one choosing the HD600 over the K712?
My MDR-1A is now avaible for 99€. Catch it before it's too late
I just received my K712 yesterday and i'm underwhelmed. Or my MSR7 is just really good too. I expected more. Let's wait and see. How about burn in?
 I just changed the shipping to anywhere. I will ship to the US but shipping fees will make it less attractive i guess (around 35€). I would agree to your comparison, the MSR7 has more upper mids which i like but the Sony MDR-1A is also a great sounding headphone. I got a K712 and don't want to keep more than 2 headphones so the Sony has to go.
My Sony is for sale here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/777675/sony-mdr-1a-silver AT MSR-7 won over i'm an AT fanboy :D
Wow, i just received my AKG K712 and i'm reminded how good of a headphone the MSR7 really is. I might write a detailed comparison of these 2 headphones if there is any interest.
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