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The 750i arrived. Ill write a review over the next weeks. Are there any other owners yet?
After taking a headfi break for some month im back and just ordered the mt8. Never heard the 220 so im quite curious. Ill post impressions once its here
Are the drivers angled?
Just preordered mine directly from Beyerdynamic. Shipping time is 8 weeks. Loved the T90 if there wasnt that crazy treble.
Ultrasone launches a Remake of their classic headphones. I couldnt find a thread yet. I might go for the Pro 750i. I prefered the old 750 over the 900. The 900 was a bassmonster. I wonder if they go for something new or stay with the old tuning. Besides that the new headband looks great.
I recently got my second X2. I have owned the X1 three times. I like them over my HD600. The Sennheiser is going back, the X2 stays. I prefer the bass, mids and soundstage on the Fidelio. I have a Gibson pair and the pads are alot better, less itchy than the X1 pads.
Does the HD600 change with burn in?
For sale is my 4 weeks old DT1770. The headphone is in perfect shape, rarely got used. Comes with the accessories, box and my dealers invoice. Shipping to EU countries is 10 Euro.
What OPA is good for the headphone section to warm up the sound?
My mixstation. Jbl lsr 308 and the DT1770
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