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Thanks to the JVCs i rediscovered an old (2006) but great sounding Kreva Album, i think it was his first solo album after kick the can crew but i'm not too sure. There are some tracks on YouTube but not my fav ones:     Too bad his recent releases don't have that banging bass anymore. The album Name is: Kreva -  愛・自分博. If you love bass you will enjoy this album. Kick the can Crew also had some great tracks a long time ago.   Another great track for bass:    
I must be lucky because i really have no problems with the drivers touching my ears. They barely do. I had the ATH-AD2000 some years ago where my ears started hurting after 5 minutes from the drivers being pressed on my ears. Compared to that the JVC is harmless.
I was talking about the quality of the EQ only. Neutron can still improve alot regarding its EQ. On sound quality alone I would agree that Neutron is the best / most transparent player. But that is not enough to make me use it even though i already paid for it.
Out of all the players i tried, gonemad music player has the highest quality EQ. Neutron in particulary has a horrible sounding EQ in my opinion.
I just tried the GoneMad music player for Android and its EQ is comparable in quality to the Sony EQ. My Eq curve carries over with no problems. My recommendation over Poweramp and Neutron. Dont forget to adjust the pregain and change the EQ to high quality mode.
The stock pads are just extremly comfortable for me and have a feel of high quality. I would easily rank the JVC very high in my personal most comfy headphones ranking. The sound is great and if i want it tweaked i would use EQ rather than pads. Its not my philosophy and never was with different headphones either. I think people are getting the wrong idea if they think they absolutely have to exchange the pads even before buying these. Since you mentioned them, one of the...
I dont have these problems.
Yes it has been released in europe. i got mine from a german dealer for 250 Euro. Amazon germany also has them in stock. Pad change is unneccessary, stock pads are great, this is just a typical head-fi thing. Ppl here like modding their stuff with unpredictable outcomes. However EQ is recommended.
I love the stock pads, very comfy and of high quality. Isolation is good too. I cant understand how ppl exchange them for some cheap HM5 pads. Yuck.
After my Xperia Z got stolen i got myself the Moto G as an emergency phone today. The headphone out on that phone sounds alot better than my old Sony DAP. The JVC sounds good even without EQ. Cant wait to get the NWZ-F886. PS: Is there an Android Player with good EQ? I tried Neutron and Poweramp but the EQ on those is alot worse to what Sony has to offer.
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