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I was surprised with how good the N5 sounds. Didnt expect much from it honestly but it delivers. Im using it with the k545.
I'm selling my Sennheiser HD600. The headphone is 2-3 years old and has around 100-200 hours on it. It works perfectly fine and looks great. Comes with the box, manual & warranty card. Pics will follow.
 I get none of that on the SB Z
I recently compared the SB Z to the Focusrite 2i2 USB Interface using my active speakers. For me the SBZ came out as the winnner. It's sound is lively with punchy bass, the Focusrite sounds flat in comparison. The Focusrite had better and more natural sounding mids but the differenece was small. Too bad i sold my SBZ to get the Focusrite, now i have to buy one again :D
Love this song:  
After all my AD2000x is for sale aswell. While i like the idea of a mid centric headphone I noticed that i need something with more bass to make it easier switching between my speakers and headphones without long adjusting times. For the EU members out there it's in the sale forum at a bargain price (329€)
Still avaible
My brand new AD2000x is for sale. I'm becoming a part-time basshead and want something with more bass. The headphone is 1 week old and has maybe 10 hours of use on it. Comes from pet and smoke free home with no signs of use in the original box. Was imported from PriceJapan.
I contacted Electromod to get a pricequote with shipping (from the uk to germany) and it ended up to be 170€ total or 230US$. Crazy...
After more time with my headphones i can only recommend the SBZ. It's headphone output is punchy with strong bass and lively. Very nice for the price.
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