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For pure sub bass pleasure I would recommend the XB90EX having owned one for almost 2 years now and still running strong. Ive tried the wooduos as well and they are just as impressive. But if you run a rooted android phone and know what Viper4Android is, the xb90ex is still king for me at 112db of sub 50hz awesomeness :)
To be honest the sonic differences between n7 and neutron are nearly impossible to differentiate. The main difference is that n7 is worlds ahead in the ui department vs neutron, while sacrifising near to none music playback quality. Imo n7 is the best music player when using viper4android.
Muahahaha, xb90ex can actually reach 5hz....sounds unreal at full volume! Not really a frequency just massive air movement lol.
Ath cks77xWooduo 2 - when its half priceSony xb90ex - used - the best sub bass ( i have these)Fx3x - better than fx101 in terms of build quality
I wouldnt touch anything cm based to be honest. Most of the roms are never close to being stable as stock based roms. I recommend using purity, psx or rastakat instead. These roms are the best for stability/performance
Ok...i found the best kernel for nexus 4....especially if you are running purity rom. Hellscore has the best battery/performance right now with near 5 hour sot
Here it is! Drives really well. Just needs a few fixes here and there and will be fully set as a daily driver soon
For people here using the nexus4, whats the best 4.4.2 kernel and rom you have used? I am on purity + franco kernel + viper4android
For people using sorry to say but the quality is very poor on it compared to others like neutron, n7,playerpro and shuttle+. All these other players provide unique and clean ui while outperforming poweramp in playback quality. Most notable diff. between poweramp and others is that poweramp somewhat numbs the treble and fuzzies the bass. Once i tried n7 and shuttle+, lets just say im never going back
This is the main forum post... And this is their official english website...
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