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Hello Again, Good to hear from you I have reserched this question prior to asking the questions in this thread,I have googled and more and found little?where I did find answers they were similar to the ones you have given,and as I said I learnt more from you in a few short answers than I had in all my searching... I could of course have missed some DAC/AMP answers on the net?   Best wishes Steve  
 Hello Yes I wil and am checking out the current situation by contacting each of the tablet makers,but trying to get straight answers has proved difficult.for example SAMSUNG simply did not reply   all the best Steve  
I must thank you once again for another superb answer I have learned more in a few short replies than I had ever before and for that I am very grateful.       Yes I must just wait now and see which Android Tablets are shown to support  a DAC/AMP?otherwise I may just go for an IPAD although this would not be my first choice!   Once again many thanks for your assistance   Regards Steve
Hello again cel4145   I am really obliged for your terrific answer and explination,as I said in an earlier comment I am not very tech minded so find it a bit difficult to understand all the techno stuff, but I understood about 80% of your reply so that`s progress for me!   I just received a most interesting reply from Centrance,whom I mailed re their HIFIM8 :-          Yes I am beginning to understand  this issue!   As you say SQ  differences are not great between Apple &...
Hello cel4145   Good to hear from you,much appreciated. have I got it wrong? I thought finding an AMP/DAC for android was a bit of a problem everything I have read or thought I had read to date states that partnering an external AMP/DAC with android tablet`s was problamatic   I must admit I am no techy so excuse me if I have got wrong end of stick   Best wishes Steve
Hello Mbritt, Really must thank you,for a very interesting reply.I have just looked at your link to Centrance and the HIFI-m8 sounds very good.I had heard of Dac Ports,but had never gone beyond reading about them?   If I have understood corectly the HIFIM8 can only be used withe IPAD,is this correct.I was thinking of maybe some options for Android devices.   I have nothing against IPAD as such,but like the sound of some of the Android models.     Regards...
Hello Everyone, It as being a long time since I last posted. I wanted to see if their were any new developments re the DAC/AMP use with TABLET`s? I have re-read  threads both here and @ Computer audiophile which were very interesting. I have being waiting to choose my TABLET so I could buy one than supported AMP/DAC?If any one as any feedback or advice I would be very interested to hear,most of my music files are 24/96 Many Thanks In Advance Regards Steve
Hello cel4145   Good to hear from you,much obliged.     Afraid not,but this is the stuff I was refering to in my earlier replies, the Kernal installs e.t.c.   I did not think of the Samsung notes e.t.c. I had being looking at the ASUS transformers & Sony tablet Z?   I am not in any great hurry,so time to get this just right....the Best Tablet DAC/AMP combo possible??   All the best Steve
Hi 65535;   Excellent reply.much obliged. All my music is 24/96 files currently on my old laptop and external hard disk. My wife owns an ipad 4 but I am in a minority and do not like it that much,but if the Ipad turns out to be the ideal music server for what ever reason I would consider it? otherwise I am looking at a Android with expandable memory.   Regards Steve  
hello 65535 & BigTerminator   Good to hear from you both,many thanks. I must admit that I am not very clued up on all this stuff,so would appreciate it, if you could please keep it as simple as possible   I really need to know which of the top Tablets would be a match for a DAC/AMP portable or otherwise I must have being reading the wrong threads? as they were all saying how hard it was to get a Tablet to partner a DAC? I did not understand what they were...
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