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How does the HD800 sound like when pairing with the WA7?
Thanks, so there's no need to get an amp for the F111. That's awesome.
I also think it sounds wonderful without an amp. I just want to know if there is any amp that can "improve" the sound out of curiosity; I'm planning to switch to the ZX1 soon (if I can get one), not sure if that would be a good pair.
Does the F111 need an amp? If it does, what (portable) amp would you guys recommend? I use my iPhone 4S as DAP.
Hey guys, does anyone know where I can get a pair of 334 in America? I tried aloaudio and pricejapan but they both run our of stock. Thanks!
Is the ZX1 coming to America soon guys? Anyways, would the ZX1 make a good fit for my F111? I mainly listen to classical, jazz and pop.
Thanks guys. BTW, someone I know recommend the HE 400 for J-Pop and classical. What do you think? Is HE 400 the right one for my genre? I know it's more expensive, but I can handle that.
Can someone help me please?
Hi all, can someone give me their thoughts about those two headphones? Which one is more suitable with J-Pop and classical   music? Which one has more details and better imaging? Thanks all.
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