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AKG Q701's price was from the display in LotteMart.  Checking at the prices from local online stores, the cheapest is $380, but those are ones they'll order straight from outside the country... wherever that is. That means no guarantee of a fixed price and warranty. This is why I'm a bit shy of mentioning my budget 'cause what others think is a $300 headphone, is about $400+ in my country.   Unfortunately, T1 is really really far from what I can afford right now....
This should be called "Newbie's first impressions" but I need help more than need someone to read my impressions.   After so much research, I finally found at least two places to freely listen to display headphones (I'm in South Korea).  I didn't have my notes with me but I knew the models I'm interested listening to. The first shop in Yongsan (Headphone Shop, Ipark) had displays really used.  I thought that was good so I don't have to think about "burn in" and...
I figured if this was made with Tiesto's thoughts included, he would make sure the three models should withstand jumpy, sweaty, DJ activities.
When it comes to DT770, most of the comments I read are regards to the PRO version.  32 and 250 premium (blue rings) have nice looking arms but the cups look quite plasticy.       Blue-ringed premiums are a bit cheaper now too.  I just wish the PROs have the Premium's cable... and arms.  Oh well...
Everytime I read about Audio Technica ATH-PRO700 mark 2, there's a common theme.  Bass is very well appreciated (along with the rest of sound characteristics quality) but the comfort level is moaned and groaned.  Then on some replies, you'll read DJs saying "It's not meant for casual listening.  If it's used for anything other than DJ-ing, look elsewhere."   So might as well recommend it to someone who's gonna actually use it for what it's made for.
I googled "list of sound signatures" and found this.  Without graphs and lesser technical terms, is there a more "ordinary Joe" way of understanding sound signature of the product?  I was thinking that some people mention signatures by the brand.  Although some specific models sway from such signature, it's mostly a little (just paraphrasing what I read from some threads).   I was hoping there's a bit more general formula of sound signatures per brand, for those who...
I didn't know Android has some double-post issues. Sorry.
Well the good thing about it is no nicks. Especially when pulled one at a time. And it doesn't grow as fast as the shavers since the hair is uprooted. BUT I've been doing this for decades. I do remember the pain when I was just starting though.
Nah. Especially the beard. Moustache could be a bit tear-jerking at first. I got used to it.
I pull them off.  Never shaved from the very beginning.  I use thread when rushing.  Tweezers when I got time.
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