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Gotye = Audio Technica lol
So far from what I remember (please don't make me read the whole thread for the fourth time) there are 2 accounts of durability issues.  One from whom claims not to baby his gear, and the other who praises the K167.  Probably worshipped the headphone to death. On the other hand, one owner claims to have accidentally dropped the headgear, along with regularly throwing it to bed, and found the item still in pristine condition.
Unfortunately I can not opt outside my listed choices because of availability in my country.  So far, I don't see C&C amps anywhere locally online.
One of the worst things a photographer hears is, "That's a great picture.  You must have a good camera."   I have not read the entire 386 pages but I wonder how Headfiers feel if the compliment goes to something else than the headphone.  Or the entire gear. "Wow, great sound!  Ipods really make the best out of music!" "Oooh, that sounds awesome!  Which app are you using?" "Nice!  Really nice!  I never knew Pink Floyd's music is so intricate."   Just a few...
How do you compare this to K550 again?  Miow, could you edit your OP and link the "165 vs ___" to it?  I'm sure the same questions will pop up all the time since most of the info are buried in the depths of this thread.
BTW Fiio E17 is $100 more expensive than Fiio E11.  That's why I'm asking if what I'm missing is worth the difference.
Ah, good to know.  At least that eliminates one off my list of headphones to buy.  If Miow's ultimately worshipped Tiesto K167 is broken, that's got to say something.
I will be buying a portable amp exclusively used with my portable players (Cowon J3, D2, X9). The thing is, I'm still about to audition some full-sized headgear and some of them need an amp for better volume/sound (as I've read from the forums). The only available amps in my place are Fiio, Audinst, T-box, and BAB1-Xa. As for Fiio, E11 seems to be the candidate for my use.  But it seems a lot of people recommend E17 or E07 because of DAC.  I won't be connecting my...
I asked the shops about COP but they didn't know about that model.  None of them are available on local shops that I know of.  From local online stores, they're about $270 and above.  The thing is, they will be importing them (that's why they're cheap but it's a tentative price) from overseas.  That means, the price will still go up for taxes and customs and shipping and whatever excuse they have.  But most importantly, the lack of warranty.   Sennheiser Momentum is...
Sennheiser HD800 has such reputation but I could only dream of buying it since it's $1,700 in my country.  Besides, it's also open-back design, which defeats my use of it at work and outdoors. I'm sorry if I didn't express as much but my budget would be somewhere near $300.  It'll be my first headphone so please understand if I'm not so willing to spend as much as most members aiming for audiophile Nirvana.  At least, not yet, for me.  I might stretch my budget a bit...
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