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I'm following this.   This is why I asked on another thread if there's a "headphone for dummies" to give a bit more "audiophile 101" to a starter.  I recognize a little bit of some sound characteristics by auditioning some headphones at a shop.  But I still don't hear most of what the rest of the people here talk about.
Last night I had a dream too similar to Fushigi Yuugi.  Only not animated. Why is this relevant?  The book is titled "AKG 550" for whatever reason. To think that I don't even own a real headphone yet.  It must be a sign.  I'm an audiophile in the making.
Is there a headphone that teaches "sound signature 101 for dummies?"   I'm still on the market for a closed circumaural phone and I come from very cheap IEMs. At first, I thought I was a basshead-in-denial.  I appreciate a little bit of bass here and there but I realized I easily get tired of it. Auditioning some headphones, I got to learn about what people sometimes mention here like "sibilance" and "punchy bass."  But that's it.  I also had my first encounter...
Whoah!  I didn't know there's a thread here for photographers!  I felt lonely at Headphone Full frame section. Hi!
It's a different situation in Korea.  K167 is still priced roughly $245 to $300.  Mostly for the price they originally stamped.  They usually keep the price as is, no matter how long it stays in the cabinet. I'm fighting the urge and still waiting for K267.  It being less isolating than K167 doesn't practically mean the isolation is bad.  It's a good thing (or a bad thing) that I got turned off by K550 due to it being impractical for walking around the streets.
Well if you can return/exchange the item even after a week of usage, then go for it.   That's what's missing on my side as there's not such thing as return/exchange policy.
True.  I very much liked what I heard from 940.  To the extent that I can't even remember how 840 was when I listened to it.  But the many reported built quality really scared me off of 940;  it made me even scared of getting 840. I'm on search for a headphone myself.  I do believe I was pleased with 840.  Something that does well in everything, not specialized on one. Good luck on your endeavors.
Where did you read the part where 940 had more bass than 840?  Of all the reviews and impressions, and personally auditioning them both, bass is where there's not more on 940 over almost every other phones, by default.  Detail, yes. Balance, no.
Interesting thread.  Being new to Headfi and still on the verge of choosing amps and cans, I have the tendency to compare music gear to camera gear.  In order to understand price vs value of these expensive music gears, I tried to find a small (and probably senseless) analogy between them and my photography gear. MP3 players = Camera body.  No matter the form and different options from multiple technology, it still serves the same purpose. Headgear = Camera lenses....
But is it worth the $100 difference?  Despite the battery issue and no use of connecting to computer (again, no electricity within the area for about 2 days and source are Cowon products), is there are huge difference between Fiio E17 to Fiio E11?  I read that there's some hissing in E11 and I don't know if it's annoyingly audible for the cans I'm to purchase.  That could be significant to me. And please forgive me.  But I do not have any option of buying outside my...
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