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I can roll them and sue anything to tie them up.  The coiled one from my DT770 I still can't figure out any other ways than stuffing them all in my pocket.  Quite inconvenient for me since they can tangle, and I just don't like unorganized stuff in my pocket.  The long but straight cable from M50, the rolled part can go to my breast pocket while my player can be kept in my pants front pocket or belt pouch.
I have the M50 and DT770 250.  I had the 80 ohm but had it exchanged for the 250 one.  Convenience for portability I'd go with M50.  No need for amp, and foldable flat, collapsible, straight wire (for me, more manageable than coiled), and has a pouch.  But comfort, better sound (for me) as I have an amp, I like the DT770 more. If you plan on indulging further on this headphone mania, get an amp.  And since there's a possibility of getting an amp, go for the DT770.
Oooooh.  They don't look too big!  I can wear them outside.  Now I'm interested... again.  (My God!  My M50 and DT770 haven't even burned in yet -.-)
I think I should bring it with me and listen to those samples again.  It's really strange that the sound I recall from the one sample I tried was far different.  So it's not the age or burn-in then.
I do remember some discussions here where a single strand of hair can affect the sound.  You're probably right.  I guess I should've listened to the other shop's sample.
On my very first auditioning, the first headphone I listened to was an ATH-M50 sample.  This display was obviously aged as I see the headband was already tattered.  I thought this was a good thing as burn-in wouldn't be an issue (if it exists), and it's tried and tested which shows how sturdy these headphones are (despite the tattered leather).  When I listened to it, my 10 minutes impression was bad.  Its got bass overwhelming everything else; I actually thought I was...
I was on my way to be relinquished an M50 LE. In a subway train where 80% wear the white Galaxy earphones and 19% don't wear any, appears this one: Eep! cellphone couldn't catch it well but those are ATH-M50. I wish I could position myself to show the rest of the "white earphone" people.
Ah.  It's official.  It has arrived.  It's really on stores now.       About $40 more than K550.  K550's downfall (for me) is portability issues.  If 267 is smaller than K550 and can be worn on walks in the street, I'd get one.  Now to find a store that allows me to test 'em.
Sigh.  It is unfortunate that when everyone's going really impatient, I went looking for the $400 K267 (which was available along with the Europe distributed models).  But I couldn't find the link and assumed it was sold out.  Ran out of patience myself and ordered DT770 instead.  After reading the thread above I took chance and saw the link I was looking for simply suffered a mistyped error (from its own link).  And now I see the $400 K267 along with its little...
I think every headphone is better than one.  A Beats could probably be better than the old old old Motorola on-ears that come with the old old old cellphone.  But I think what needs emphasis is "for the price."  Like a Beyerdynamic T70 is an amazing set of cans and relatively a downgrade from T1, an upgrade from T50.  But for the price?  Some reviewers say no.  I find Shure 940 an amazing headphone and probably non-relatively a downgrade from Sennheiser HD800.  But for...
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