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As a new owner of my first two headphones (cheaper) and (also cheaper) amp, I say it's worth it.  But it took me days for my brain to get educated with the differences.  I came from cheap IEMs and find the difference quite large (after 2 weeks using both my headphones).  It took me a while to appreciate their worth, and I don't know if that applies to you. But for your particular pairing, I think there's also your taste in music and sound signature you like, that adds...
8 pm.  Listening to music while doing some research.  Heard something here and there.  Fiddled with the headphone/player/EQ/checking other songs if effect is the same... etc.  Appreciating the music goodness the phones offer. 8 am.  Overdosed with music goodness.  No work done.  No sleep. 8 am.  Posting on headfi.
I insistently got the Pro version for the reason I felt very opposite with this (although through many threads, a bigger number agree with the above).
As for mp3 players, no love for Cowon D2/D2+?   2 years ago, getting a 2nd hand D2 at $40 (16Gig with another 16Gig ext mem) was what made me realize there's more to it than just listening to radio fm.
I prefer metal (shiny or not) over wood.  When it comes to just the looks, there are a few I could only "look."   Ferrari T350   Eskuche 33x   The supposedly rare and incomplete Final Audio Muramasa VIII   California Headphones like this Silverado   And the rest were already mentioned.   Unfortunately I don't own any of these 'cause I'm still saving up for another "for the sound" headphone... unless I read good reviews of the Silverado...
I'm a bit on a panic and rushing.  A friend of mine in the Philippines got tagged a picture of some unknown headphones at a cheap price.  Apparently she's on the market for one.  I searched online about said headphones and I found out it's a knock-off of an already unknown product.  So I got worried and tried to convince my friend to stay away from it.   I kept recommending some names and models she might want to check out (strongly recommended ATH-M50 and SRH840...
Ok, this one.  This is what I've been waiting for.  I'm a clumsy person and don't baby my stuff (I don't abuse them either but I couldn't be bothered treating them like raw eggs).  I was hoping this could be the answer to my search for a portable K550.  Meh.
It's -6 degrees celsius (21 degrees fahrenheit) here and I'm already sweating when I walk.  It's why I only use M50 with its pleather cups 'cause I thought I could just wipe the sweat every after a couple of songs.  I'm that sweaty.  Apparently, it's the wrong decision then?  Velour pads for outside? But it's great idea that I get extra pairs of pads.  Thank you.
I'm very new to headphones and I feel stupid for not making this transition years ago (from cheap IEMs).  I enjoy circumaural very much.  And really love my walks and hikes more, now that I get to wear such comfortable (and warm) headphones this winter.   But I'm a very sweaty person.  And summer is coming near and I sweat even just by sitting under a shade.  Let alone my walks at night.  I manage to stay comfortable by wearing towels like a vest (under my shirt)....
My God I wish I already grabbed these when it was still $240.  Now it's $360 (in my country anyway)!
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