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Wow!  Sunday in Seoul seems to be Audio Technica day.  11 sightings of people wearing on-ear Audio Technica (yes, I started counting after the 3rd person I saw).  Also saw one with a Sony XB400 around his neck.  A suspicious looking Marley... looks like a Stir It Up.  And another one wearing something around his neck with red pads.  I can't tell 'cause the cups were folded with the pads up. I find it strange that I think I'm the only one wearing circumaurals in the...
Nah.  Not you.  The guy who won't let anyone else talk.  Almost fanboyism... until his own copy broke... then the lies of "version 2".  Whatever.  I still have hopes for 267 and 67.
Meh.  Even though other people made me curious about 167 I can't shake the annoying rave of someone about it, out of my head.  I'll be waiting for the 267.  Hope the price goes down just in time.
On my break, my superior was playing some game with his phone.  I sneaked behind him and shoved my headphones on his ears (playing some songs he likes of course). "Waaaaaaah!" (English translaion: Wooooooow!) I raised my eyebrow and smirked.  Thinking, "Yes, feel the power of my headphone with amp." "Waaaaaah..." "Uhuh" I nodded.  Feeling that I finally got my superior to understand why I insist on wearing headphones at work.   When he died (in game) he was...
When I auditioned Amperior and DT 1350 side by side, I used a J3 unamped with the same song.  I liked the DT 1350 for the time 'cause it gave me what I wanted that time.  Should I have wanted supraural, I would've chosen those because of the overall design and sound signature.  BUT there's one element I heard only from the Amperior.  I can not explain it and since I'm ignorant of technicalities, I can only say "full body."  DT 1350 is like a straight and stiffly gelled...
Yeah I'm curious how the blue Amperiors look like IRL.  I've only seen the silver ones and I'm planning to buy an on-ear this summer if I can't stand the heat on my bigger ones.
OMG!  I admire your patience.  It's probably your fondness with the dealer that you were able to stand so long with such poor service from Denon.  Good luck to you bro.  You're a better man than I.
Lol I was being sarcastic.  I feel they're just the same as beats and bose.  Only that I don't see them too often.  When the dude was still far, I was excited to notice someone with a different shaped/color headphone, only to be disappointed when he came close enough for me to read those big SOL letters.   Yeah, I think that's the one!  Wow an AT user.  I wish I made a silent conversation with that guy.
The green ring is similar to SennX320.  But the overall design isn't.  It looked more like a Sony MDR-NC7.  Only with green ring and only saw it on a flash.  Eh.  At least it's not another Bose.
FINALLY someone with something other than Beats or Bose... a SOL. And someone with an on-ear, black cups, green ring, headphone.  Couldn't read the name as he walk past me too fast.
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