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Thank you.  So the battery isn't soldered?  You can just change batteries on-the-go?  
Currently reading page 473 backwards.  But I'm wondering how easy to change batteries on this thing.  Google isn't helping.  Any insights?
In any case, thank you for re-introducing the company.  I'll be saving up for either Studio 3rd or DX. They're a bit pricy and I'm unfamiliar with the house sound of both, and so far, I don't see one of both available in my country yet.  I'll keep an eye out for them.  For now, I think I'll settle for Rocoo P while waiting.  It's the only HiSound DAP available aside from X3.
Oh, wow!  I have not looked for (and forgot about) HiSound Audio for a long while.  Rocoo didn't meet enough of my needs before so I didn't look more into the company.  Studio V 3rd Anniv sounds mighty pleasing and (so far from what I'm currently reading) Studio V as well.  But Anniversary Edition is a little hard to find in my country AFAIK so I'm weighing them both down on costs.  Thank you for the suggestion.  The price is a bit high, but I'll definitely look more into...
I lost my Cowon J3 with FIIO E17 and I feel very empty.  So I plan on rebuilding another humble gear to completely fill the void.  The question is whether to hunt for a used J3 or just move on to whatever is out there. Cowon J3 was perfect for my needs.  It can withstand abuse of tight jean pockets, complete tactile buttons, and really good battery life.  Aside from SQ, the latter 2 are what gets me hesitant to go for either Fiio X3 or iBasso DX50.  I need long battery...
Same with me.  There are some IEMs out of the norm that I noticed but it just makes people feel weird if you come near them to scrutinize their ear (especially with my poor eyesight).  But I did see someone with a trotting silver horse on his IEM.  Probably a Ferrari.
It was a pleasure to roam around a new city for a week with no beats on any human head/neck/leg seen.  Most I saw was Pioneer and Sony on-ears.  Then Audio Technicas from the ladies (AT seems to be more popular in this country since I see more of them than Beats, in public).  One night on a dark alley, I crossed path with someone with a high profile headphone on.  I didn't know he was staring at my over-ears until I got close and looked up to check his headphones-- too...
Well it was quite offending for a first reply.  I'd probably change my mind a week later though... maybe.   "If you don't know REAL quality headphones leave me alone.  Educate yourself!  Go troll someone else!"   But again, I couldn't blame him.  I know how terrible Craigslist bashers are.  I could imagine some people who just don't know much about hi-fi to realize there really are expensive phones out there (even those oblivious to Beats), to react that way.
Some headphone sellers on Craigslist are a bit grumpy.  In the end I do understand why, but still...   "Hello.  I'm interested on your cans but would be possible to ask for a bit lower price?" "blah blah"  Blah blah "blah blah"... "What's with the hostility?  I wasn't lowballing or anything.  Was just hoping $10 lower than your asking price would make up for my fare." "Oh, $10?  That's fair.  I thought you were one of those trolls with Beats bashing my ad.  5...
I'm thinking of doing this to my DT 770 as well but I don't know if it's safe for the plastic cups (I want the option to erase them in time).  I was thinking of nail polish as someone else did it.   Hope to get some input.
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