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what about this?
how about this?
Will the average gamer be able to tell the difference with an amp?
Just a couple days ago there were Yulong U100 on massdrop. Did I miss out on a good deal there for my AKG K7XX? :(
I recently purchased the AKG K7XX.    Are there any amps you guys can recommend for me that are specifically on massdrop. I'm trying to save money. I would prefer a non-tube amp, but if you see one really worth getting, then I will consider it. I was told to try to get a Schiit Magni and the Objective2 (JDS labs), but those are not available yet on massdrop. Although, there are ppl voting for both amps to be put on massdrop. Thank you and I appreciate everything that...
They're not that different are they? My friend asked me that same question last night. I told him go for the U3 because its portable. 
Should I use daniel_k's unofficial drivers for my Titanium HD?
What do you mean by when you say they have equal surround potential? Are saying they sound similar? 
Took me all day yesterday trying to figure out how to install and use ALchemy. The only way I could successfully install it was using the cd that came with my titanium HD. The latest version came out 2 months ago i think. I can't install that because I keep getting that weird error that supported device is not detected.   What settings should I use for ALchemy when trying out the RightMark 3DSound Positional Accuracy test?
I recently discovered this thread. If I were to use a desktop amp such as the magni or fiio e9k, then is the section, "Method for using sound card as DSP to output to any audio device," exactly what I should follow if I were to use the optical out on my titanium HD?
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