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But I agree hd6mix is very good headphone instead , but momentum rated very high too , so I am asking for help to choose between two
I have tried hd6mix today , but I haven't try hd8dj yet , but I am curious about hd6mix and momentum more ,since both I have tried but I haven't compare them , what do u think about them?
I don't know why ue900 and sm64 were low ranked commonly , i listen too sm64 with amp 911 it was very impressive but the price maybe just too high
tg334~846~ie800>asg2~heir 3.a.i+labkable kophone>ue900=w4=iq=ie80>x10>h3>mmdt(tribute)=535>w3>im70>ie7>se215>cx300ii>earpod>beat tour recommendations and comment, im70: really gd iem , in that price it's one of the best sounding i had ever heard , neutral , forward mids , deep hard bass , smooth , clear treble only problem is the soundstage , too flat , but high cp value 3.a.i with labkable kophone cable: very detail , bass is deep and quite tight , forward mids but not...
so sad , i heard the fad VI , sui and im03 were really gd , you should try these , maybe i write the review later
joker , i finding a new iem , i have a few choice in my mind , final audio design VI , flat 4 sui , im03 , f111 which one is better
actually i would look for the asg 1 or 3.a.i because ath im ba series or westone don't have enough bass for edm , im70 is ok for edm but the soundstage wasn't big enough , i try all of those , i finally pick the heir 3.a.i and change cable , it 's enough for me , but i start to look up for the westone um50 (i am so greedy XD) , arrived hongkong 1 week ago
although i already have heir 3.a.i and momentum on ear , i 'd like to buy im70 to my collection , one of the best iem under $150, great tune
In terms of bass , yes .but edm needs trebles too , a v-shape headphone like hd25 is still one of the best for edm
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