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 There must be people with lost drivers, mine were almost lost a few times before I taped them to the cable with electrical tape. Sorry, I don't have an extra cable, but I just sent my pair back for a new pair because of this same issue. I had bought them from lendmeurears, and apparently they were still under warranty (I bought them in October).
Thanks for the advice!
Hm, are they really that great? I think I'll have to stick with my Beyerdynamic velour pads for now.
Just a note for everyone - there are still new Q40's on ebay for around $100 USD.   Does anyone know of any deals on alpha pads?
Have you contacted M-Audio? Same thing happened to mine a couple years ago, I went through customer service and they sent me a brand new pair. But I hear they might not be making these anymore unfortunately.
Awesome, thanks for the help.
Cool. Does an LOD make a big difference compared to the standard ipod audio port connection?  
I don't know much about amps, but am considering getting the FiiO E6. Can anyone tell me if that will be enough power to drive my Q40's? Or recommend another portable amp that's similarly priced?
Would you mind posting a link to the Monoprice cables you're talking about? I see a lot of them.
How long are the Vmoda cables?  
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