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I truly enjoyed the event and that was my first Head Fi event.   I was so impressed with the Hifiman HE-1000 Cans and that powerful amp. The Mr. Speakers Ether was also very nice. The most interesting product was that amp that Vinny (Red Wine Audio).   Rock on.   Liz
Thanks so much. At least one or two of my buddies (one is a headfi member already) will show up!
Is this event open to allk Head fi members? Can a non member attend?   Liz
I concur with you. I have the Mk1 with a British Mulllard 7DJ8 tube and the only change did not make me to get the Mk2. If they make it play 192hz I would have ordered one.
Classic Rock, Classical , Jazz , and acoustic music.
I need to get a better Headphones for this excellent Amp (Little Dot MKIV Se). I have Sennhiesier Hd598 cans ad they are OK. They have good tone and volume yet they lack LF output and they are not or open or air like for me?   I am looking at the Sennheisr Hd650 which I have heard yet the HifiMan He-400 which is about to be replaced by the He-400I looks very good.   Can anyone share they thoughts about these cans and hopefully this Amp?   Looking forward to your...
RonaldDumsfeld:        I don't know that anything was wrong or broken, my setup simply sounds better with the the Aubisque filter. Simple.   Erieg:       You did miss something and perhaps I should have been more clear. What I meant by dead battery was that it will not function , not that it simply needed charge. The picture that I posted is a picture sent to me by the designer when I asked the same question that "65535" did.I do not use a Ultra Fi USB cable...
Here is a picture so you can see.     
At this time, my Camera's battery is dead. I am not experiencing any strain with the USB filter.
I am very serious!
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