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Audiolab 8200CDQ and a Pro-Ject Head Box S. Been thinking of a iFi audio iCan.
Thanks for the tip. I really never thought of AKG's as very bright, but I have no good experience of them either.
Eyo forum,   I've been thinking of getting a new pair of headphones to accompany my DT880 Pro's (250Ohm). The thing about the Beyerdynamic's ticks me off is the very high-prominent presentation, I want something warmer. That's the main thing.   I quite liked the Hifiman HE-400's and 500's when I had them at home for testing, not sure if the 400's were any better in actual sq though, would have needed some more time. Sennheiser HD700 was an improvement in quality but...
Does anyone have any input on how this would compare with the Asus Xonar Essence One or the Schiit Bifrost?
Had two of them as work phones, the sound wasn't bad, better than on my one x (which got pleasantly loud, but was colored). The bad thing was that the headphone jack broke from both... Also loved how you could get 16+64gb of memory on it, handy when there was no network and google music.   Really waiting for the Sony Xperia ZL, I had the Xperia S for a while and I can say that the SGSIII can't even compete with that walkman sound.
Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro (250 ohm): Still my top reference, highs are dominant over mids, good bass for a semi open. AKG K121: cheap, sturdy and comfy for casual listening. Koss Porta pro: this one is here for its great value. Sennheiser hd280: Great seal, durable, not that good sounding. Sennheiser CX 400-II: Comfortable, casual In ears with too much bass.
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