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And the best would be a JHA product? Funny people I see in this forum...
It is some kind of less changing music on the sd card, it is a cumbersome thing to do for me honestly. We will see I guess.
X5 has higher capacity, which is a big plus for me. Unless DX90 delivers 5 times better experience than X5, I would stay with X5 probably. Then again, iBasso creates miracles, so who knows
Anyway, you will have to use some kind of bag with it, something like messenger bag. I am actually fine with it's size. Now that only if I had some money.
It also bypass the dac section too and let you use the dac/amp of the device you connect. The question is, how much battery life I would gain?
If X5 fails to deliver at least I know what to buy
I asked on the other thread but no answer, I am asking here too apparently this one is quite busy.   If I use X5's coax out, will it increase the battery life? Headphone out can give around 10 12 hours, so if I use coax out, will I get something higher?
A question, to James or Joe:   James mentioned something about X3, if you use X3's line out, the battery life goes up.   So I assume it is same for X5 too, using with line out would increase the battery.   What about digital out (coax out)? Using coax out would also increase the battery life?
350 USD apparently.
No problem mate, no hard feelings I actually decided to stop buying ciems and upgrading the other parts in my audio chain. I need a good source and amp for my SE5way. I am gonna take X5 probably, waiting for a few special persons reviews and impressions.
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