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Ah, I feel your pain. I also hate typing with the phone and make mistakes all the time  I was just trying to say, I didn't want to be mean, it was a joke that's all as your typo made me laugh.
Soron!!!! S O R O N!!! (sorry made me laugh out loud, didn't mean any bad intention)
Mim is one of the most helpful headfier I've seen. You can trust his advices completely. Whatever we discussed before it was always a spot on and he always helped me to choose what is best for me.   So if you are not in a hurry I would also suggest waiting to see his impressions.
If my memory doesn't fail me, I think SA43 is also built with musicians fit. However I agree with you, silicone earpieces isolate very good (assuming you have a good fit *cough cough*)
If they keep the maximum driver numbers in TG334, probably TG334 will remain the most expensive universal in their line up too. I was really hoping for a MH335DW or SR version of it in universal form. I can't get their customs in here so I am watching their universals closely. TG334 is not something I would get, as I have SE5way, it would be a bit useless and waste of money. I am looking for something better.
334 is still the king you mean?
At last... New U-IEM from FitEar. Definitely interested.   I am hoping they will bring something like MH335DW or MH335DWSR in universal form, maybe something equivalent.
When you pay for high res and you see high resolution on the player, your ears automatically gets stimulated and you start hearing big differences. Don't you know that? Come on how did they accept you here in head-fi? -sarcasm off-
I have no problem with this dap and its features. It seems like a it is going to be a wonderful flagship product.   The only thing bothers me is Calyx's attitude towards us, international customers. I wish they could handle the process better. It is nothing about pre order discount 150 dollars or 250 dollars or etc. It is the attitude that pushed some people away.   On the other hand, I see people have doubts it about while I have none, I believe M will be a killer...
I think Merlin is quite a bass heavy / bass monster ciem. I don't think Peter has any bass heavy / bass monster ciem. He makes rather natural and balanced sounding products.   Music 2, while having more bass than Music 1, I still think it is not a bass heavy ciem.
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