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Duet is an iDevice amp right? So no point in this thread I guess.
Yesterday, wow. Happy b-day to you too mate You spoiled yourself a bit I guess. What about pre ordering X5 and closing the case? lol
Omg someone has been waiting to this Thanks mate, really put a big smile on my face  So far nothing special, just a regular day. Gym + Lab + Listening to music. That's my birthday
Very interesting player. Welcome back to the audiophile daps world Cowon. I hope you can do magical player we have been waiting for. I read 128 gb storage plus sd card support. Is it micro sd or standard sd card? It would make huge difference to me.
I think James posted a photo of the production unit, if my memory doesn't fail me, it is supposed to be silver IC and very good build quality though no right angled jacks. You can find more info in X5 thread or just send a PM to James, as soon as he sees he can help you, he has been very helpful with my questions before.
FiiO is releasing a bundle kit for X5 and E12, I would say check that out, it might be what you are looking for.
lol I gotta find my plate mail armor and consider this again.Ok mate, thanks a lot really you have been extremely helpful. If I can't find the LE version, it is not the end of the world either, I will use it in the gym only, for general listening I have SE5way. I will do my reading more about the differences in VSD1 and VSD1S then order one of them most probably. Again, thanks a lot, great help
Limited edition? How can I find these ones? I can't find them anywhere apparently. Thank you for the link, if I can't get the limited edition ones, I think I will order the one without S. The one with the S might be too flat for me. I want something to use in the gym, stronger bass would be helpful.
Thanks mate, this was actually very useful. As usual, in Eu the prices go up thanks to our VAT and all. I will check and see which one will give a better deal. Btw, for relaxed treble, stronger bass and midrange which one I should go for. S version or vanilla version?
Thanks for the info guys. I guess there is no item in amazon europe websites. I will try to see what I can do.
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