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Too bad, we probably won't reach those mods in Eu
Well, don't expect something until March I think, FiiO couldn't value their experience from X3 better. This device might be the audiophile bargain of the century (after Clip+ of course lol). I really see well prepared well studied package there. Every detail is already polished and ready.
Hey Joe, how would you compare S EM6 to SE5way?
This device is gonna be good and bring lots of quality for a very good price. I am all in, waiting for Eu release.
Yep +1 to that question.
Wonderful Jude, thank you so much, keep rocking on with Kanye West  A question about Hugo, do you think they designed it for big cans or ciems? Maybe both?
rawster, I am seriously sorry to hear that. I can't help you much but maybe give a suggestion. Would you consider FiiO X5? It won't break your wallet and it might be a good surprise to you. Again, I wouldn't want to be in your place man, that sucks.
Well unfortunately from Eu, pulling a trigger for FitEar ciems is a just like a dream. I am waiting for something like TG335DWSR or new universal flagship. Otherwise it is just impossible for me to order from here. Anyway, thank you for your advise. I do make my search properly. Before buying this SE5way, I spent literally months on reading, searching, demoing equipments. At the end I pulled the trigger and I couldn't be happier I guess. Obviously one of the best ciems...
I have SE5way only, but I read about the ciems I am interested, I read every bit of information about them on internet
I mean, come on man. CF on the box is f*** up, acrylic colors are not even matching. How difficult can it be seriously JHA? Poor, beyond poor build quality and quality check. If you go play the "Hey I am the top guy in audiophiles, luxury is what you get, we give ciems to rock stars blabla" , you shouldn't have been sending this flawed products to costumers. You know how to charge top price, give the top quality too.   Agreed with Mim and Greed. Just like Greed, it gives...
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