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I think I read on internet, one of the websites were saying the price will be around 1k but I hope they were wrong and we will see something cheaper.
How do you feel about X5 so far? Still a rising star in "audiophile" daps world?
I share your feelings mate
Are those FR and PR somehow related to the old Tzar series?
If they go for 1k, forget about it, I would put my money on Calyx M instead of this. If they try to recover, they better bring a nice pricing strategy like iBasso and FiiO.
If it was priced around 500 USD, I am sure they would sell it like cupcakes. For 1k, I am not sure how many people would bite it. Cowon has been missing in this industry for a long time. I understand they want to come back but they need to earn audiophiles trust again and this comes with quality, not trying to be another iGreedy brand.
This has been here for a while, you are kinda late
I really enjoyed the photos, thanks for sharing mate.
It looks better and better. Glad that I didn't make an early purchase. I am definitely going to wait for it. Any info on release date? Edit: More importantly, what about the price?
Well, as someone who respects you and your opinions a lot, I would like to ask, what is the main reason that you already removed this one from your list? I think it targets people like you, who wants all in one dap and not attach extra things to it?
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