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Soreeeeen staaaaahp!
That's it, I decided, I am getting X5. I can't stand all those positive comments.   Release the kraken X5 in Europe!
Not to derail the thread with more isolation stuff but, both of these iems are known with their lack of isolation, vented designs. Also, he stated that universal iems disturb him, so suggesting ciems would be better choice I think. Apart from ear raping insertion style Ety iems, I don't think universals can match with ciems isolation levels.
Seriously, any of those products would sound better than s****y Fruit devices. The comparison doesn't make sense.
I did literally research for months, endless chats with some users here (big thanks to all of them again, they know who they are) and I think I made my perfect ciem decision, the fact that I won't buy any ciem until I build the rest of the audio chain shows it I guess. You say you like 2 different sound signatures, because HD800 is nothing like organic and warm-ish. Maybe you will need 2 ciems  This hobby never finishes eh?
If you don't mind the additional bulk and all, why not?
When iBasso announced DX50, people were expecting it to be as good as DX100 but less featured edition. Turned out that DX50, without an amp, is a really not something to play with. Pretty much everybody uses with portable amps and suggests to use in that way.   Long story short: You will get approximately 200 250 USD less quality product, it can come from sound quality department, build quality, number of features etc.   It is just, expecting an entry level product to...
bmichels, really you gotta jump in every dap thread and write those? Man, there is no device like that, everybody knows the current devices available for the moment. What you are looking for do not exist now. The closest we can suggest is X5, almost unlimited capacity, can feed Hugo with coax out, doesn't cost an arm and a leg, tons of features, very good build quality etc.   My best bet is, Chord is going to come up with something like that, to pair with Hugo obviously....
Get a ciem, while playing to the top end, I would suggest don't think about the price, just go for TOTL ciem that suits your sound signature. If you like Beyer T1, I would suggest Hidition NT6 Pros, if you like HD800, go for Hidition NT6 (not the Pros version). If you prefer rich, organic, a little bit warmish sound, SE5way is the the best one around, I just can't recommend it enough. It is a bit like Auduze's, but more neutral and more musical, not as dark, more...
We are on the same boat then, the only difference is, I think I already found my perfect ciem and won't be looking for another ciem long time (not before getting X5+Hugo at least).
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