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Probably when he gets his custom set of K10, he would do it. It will be nice to see a real comparison, rather than someone uses another persons SE5way and write "things" about it, without getting a proper fit as well as seal.
Thanks for the info. The waiting goes on. I hope they keep the pre order price not higher than 650 USD.
So still no go for international buyers/users? 650 USD is a sweet price, I would order it.
Btw, do they offer recessed sockets?
Looking for your demo impressions then. I was pretty much settled for EM32 as my next ciem to company SE5way (after I get a dap of course) but I was keeping VE in mind. However that price tag, ouch man. I went SE5way without even thinking about its price but VE really made me think, how much I would spend for a ciem? 1900 euros? Can it be that good?   It will be like FitEar of Europe or something?   Is there a chance can I be in the demo tour too? I live pretty close...
Omg that price...
Aren't they full sized sd cards?
Thanks mate, good job you have done there. It looks awesome in the photo. I heard Grzegorz will start making SE5way with good old 2 pins cable, the industry standart pin length and connector type. I think it will be easier to get aftermarket cables in this new form. When I have some time for these things, I will send him an email to see what can be done. Also I am losing a lot of weight and my right ear fit becomes tighter a little bit while the left one fits like a glove....
I don't like. I actually hate it. It is absurdly stupid to me. Then again, it is just a matter of taste at the end.
SE5way, yup I second that, a true high end ciem, even after all those times and new comers, still stays strong as the owner of the throne.   Gotta love that combo Lee. Where did you get the gold cable? Was there a problem with connectors or pins etc?
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