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Send some of them to me, I will take good care of them, promise
D***it Peter, you nailed it.   8 BA in silicone? WoW. You mentioned 4 woofer, 2 for different bass freqs. Can we say it is going to a little bit bass oriented ciem?
I was just going to say okay but then I saw you mentioned before the draw.. Well let me see what I can do about it  I wonder when iBasso will produce the successor of DX100. Think about it, around the same size/dimensions of DX90 (probably a bit bigger), dual dac, balanced output (HO and LO hirose connectors), 128 gb capacity + dual micro sd card slot or if possible dual normal sd card slot. 24/192 playback (ok some people care about DSD too, so maybe DSD but I honestly...
Try lottery
lol Gotta admit I miss talking/discussing with you. I am still on the fence too honestly but first impressions are awesome. I trust Jamato so it seems like an awesome value, just like X5. I will probably wait and see more then decide. On the other hand I don't want to make a rush purchase.
lol Mython
Care to enlighten us about JHA stuff? Didn't quite get it.
I was just like, that's the universal FitEar I have been waiting for but then I saw that it was a joke   Suyama-san, you played with my feelings.
Hey Mim,   What is ZX1 with ARM1?   Will you get DX90 or at least give it a try like you did with X5?
Do you have any information about the smaller one apart from knowing that they are working on it?
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