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Read it and I will check it again, if still have questions I will PM you project86; thank you for helping me out and spending your time.
 It is the percentage mate, the discount is a lot less than what it should be.
Cables can have an effect on the sound so when we change the cable we hear different that's something different from burning in the same cable. I don't trust listening thing either it is more like brain burn in we just adjust and accept but I am down for freshly made ciem is testing machine and after 300 hours of usage in testing machine. That would give the truth whether there is a change in the sound or not.
In Turkish high fi community people are also surprised and disappointed by the price tag too, not to mention "strange" VAT discount for outside of Eu customer.
Probably just a different tuning and there you go, 1700 euros from 1300 euros.
I noticed the same too. I agree with you here completely.
Unfortunately my friend. That also puts me under a lot of stress and depression both emotional and financial. As soon as I got this degree and find a job, I will start buying stuff. First a good dap then I am thinking about N8 custom wizard design. It looks like it would suit me better. Though still I have unanswered questions about mids and highs. Maybe when the time comes I can find a way to demo them before ordering.
In SE's website there is no information related to the sound signature. Sad news is sad.
If that so, I don't need to feel sad
I feel like 8C would suit me better but its highs are creating doubts in my head. Is it bright? Is it smooth and relaxed? Does it create sibilance or it is laidback?   I understand that mids are also warm and it is nice, I prefer warm mids, slight coloration there. However are they laidback or up front that I can't quite understand either.   All and all I think 8C's signature would suit me better than K10.
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