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Basically; Ted FTW...
I wish they made it sound like HM802. It would be nice to have something like HM802 with the new color scheme and buttons rather than the wheel and all.
I prefer one with platinum
Looking forward to read your review cooper. Comparisons to the other daps are also welcome. I remember your opinions from X5 thread, I really like the way you are describing things and explaining differences.
Yup. 2k and still not any better than HM901 w/balanced card. Unless you dig into the gold, I see no reason to leave HM901 honestly.   Also, I find Hifiman HM family line way better looking. HM650 looks the best with the Stormtrooper design and HM802 - HM901 are equally good (though HM802 has a very nice tone).
No worries mate, no hard feelings. If you could spend just 10 minutes with him, you would also feel like I feel
Yep, it definitely did with me. Joe, I am also very curios of your Lear review. I hope we won't wait a lot  Do you think you can give any hint about the unique hybrid?
Fellas, as I said before, the pictures don't really do the justice. I just checked the pictures again while posting the link, in real life they look much more better and stunning. I would suggest red metallic color to everybody, it is a real tone of the red and it makes a wonderful combination with the wood of Peter's choice, which is bloodwood. He suggested that one to me and I trusted his suggestion. Well, I don't regret leaving it to him at all
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