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It would be called Poor Man's X1.   Of course it is not possible, you can get something similar but exactly the same? I would definitely say no. I am sure the control system is more than just simple EQing.
I would say PAW Gold is clear upgrade from AK120 without changing the sound signature too much. Though, the difference in price is something obviously.
 Hey thanks for the explanation mate. I thought my post just went unnoticed Penta had my curiosity and it has my attention. Though I am not sure what you meant by that bass presentation. I can guess quality is top notch but what about the quantity?
What is the sound signature of Penta? Warm and thick? Open and spacious?
I think PAW Gold is better player than Tera but if that's how you heard I am not gonna argue about it
Since when JH16 is considerate as a TOTL ciem? It was failure and never had much love except from JH fanboys.
I am using my customs with my laptop/pc all the time. No problem at all. I am playing games, watching movies or tv series, spending time in youtube and obviously listening to music. I have zero problem mate. I don't think you will have problem either. Just pay attention to your master volume that controls the volume of everything in your computer. If it is low, everything with sound will go low.
I will check priejapan and all. Also I have a friend in Japan, I might ask her too but she is not really into high fi audio so I doubt she would be much help.
This is interesting. I will keep on looking up this thread. R10 was arguably better than DX100, this may or may not be better than vanilla DX90 too.
I also think it is shorter on UE but still depends on how busy they are at the time you ordered your ciem.
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