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Seems like wonderful times with M1 is ahead of you mate I hope it will just get better from here.
How is the battery life? I read some horrible things about it back then?(I still pursue the conversation mainly because it seems like M is a very good match for a Custom Art equipment, H8P)
How many people has Calyx M?  I was quite interested with that equipment when it was recently announced and all. Then following the news for several months, my interest died slowly. Though it is still nice to see there are high capacity daps out there.
When I try your customs my ears hurt like mad really but don't guess what? There is worse. I tried Hadi's H8P.... It was a big mistake.. It is not an ear or ear canal the guy has Deutsch autobahn It was H8P so 8BA design but I guess Peter could put another 8 BA in the same earpieces.. It was freaking huge.. Ear cave rather than canal you know.
M1 is pretty small since it is single BA (wonderfully tuned one) design, this is as small as it gets. M1 would be like your ears negative impression and doesn't stick out of the ear unlike many multi BA ciems like SE5way or H8P. Though my friend @MikePortnoy s H8P doesn't even stick much but his ears are strange so we don't count it  
I never hype up anything if something is bad I say it. Trust me this one punches waaay above its price point.
Looking forward to hear more impression from you. I am just hoping you will like it I seriously trust Music One, I would throw him in a pit against many mid fi c/iems.
Peter's nice matte finish is seriously good, I also like it a lot too.
I would like to correct something though, Tera Player has an UI, but it doesn't have GUI (graphical UI). So yeah Mike, it exists
Mython, I know Mike in real life I think he is the most disappointed person I ever seen when it comes to the SQ of DX100
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