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Very nice chart tupac, thanks for sharing. Though I still couldn't my answer in your chart. What would be the ideal monitors for me tell me ciem/iem guru   92 is pretty high btw, I am sure Peter is very proud now     Edit: My best bet would be EM32 probably or maybe H8 non pro but they would have quite different treble responses I believe and probably EM32 would have higher bass quantity, which I am looking forward to nowadays.
Guys, will we be getting TG335 or not? When FitEar will announce a new universal iem?
Thanks, will do.
Dr. Moulton,   I am normally a diehard ciem user but I recently tried some universals, though they have smaller housings than most TOTL iems out there, I could get a comfortable fit with nice sound and isolation (well not as good as isolation like SE5way but you got my point). Maybe my hobby taught me extra things but now I believe I can still use universals and I need one to use at home, for similar reasons of yours, easy to pop in, take it out, need to hear the...
lol, I don't think SR update is a must for everybody. I can imagine if a person is happy with the previous maybe he might not like the new one as such.
I still want to try this one out but man, that price is too much for my poor student wallet. Apart from the ciems I got, I have to buy a new smartphone and gaming mouse too because both of them got broken very recently. Nevertheless, for the moment this device is in the top of my list.   I used to have an old Cowon, while those fancy EQ settings look interesting and nice but at the end I remember turning them off because the sound was too much digital and altered for me....
Because actually AK240 is not the ultimate. You gotta be even more ultimate like over 9000... It was the ultimate, then they said, no it is not actually, we lied to you. The real ultimate is coming this year but before you sell your "car" to buy that one, be careful because 6 months later we can improve that ultimate to something even more ultimate. When that time comes, you gotta need to sell your house to afford one of those but you will get the pinnacle of ultimate.......
tomscy and Mim, I have no regrets to follow what you guys post in this forum. There is always something to make my day
Nope, no balanced with Hugo. It is all SE as far as I know.
Why? Is it that bad so you sold it quickly?
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