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As I said many times before, this guy knows what he is doing. He had this idea on his mind before starting to this project and I gotta tell you, he has done it successfully.
Here you go, finally, my delayed review:   I like them, A LOT!
Ei.3 review is up guys.   Hope you enjoy it.
You know, you can browse......... things.... 
Custom Art, Cosmic Ears are the first two come to my mind. Custom Art has the cheapest 3 BA 3 WAY ciem in the world 300 USD only.
I am seriously curious about the big one.   Then I am thinking, oh man I gotta write that Ei.3 review soon but I hardly have time to listen to music nowadays and spend some free time on internet.   Sorry for the delay I guess, Peter and the readers. It will come soon though, I mean really soon.
Well, Anak.. With all my respect, let's not get to the Layla.. The new prices of some manufacturers are just a bad joke to me..   That being said, I also find Just Ear expensive too but there is something telling me that they might deserve their price tag, if I was in Japan, I would love to get them to be honest but Layla? Nah; no way..
They look super nice to me. Really cool. Congratz mate
Unfortunately OnePlus doesn't send their phone to my country. That would be the only device could make me stay in Android.
I got the point of the Fairphone 2 bur they charge way too much for it. I looked at the specs then at the price, something ain't right. Maybe all the other good things they do made them increase the price, I don't know. However, if I were to buy a phone that costs 500€+ I would look for something better. Plus, as I mentioned to Arly here before, after years of using Android, it became a big turn off for me. I think, most likely, I will settle down on a Windows Phone OS.
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