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Right now I am seriously hard on budget, studying abroad and can't finishing it on time doesn't really help. I still use an iPod Classic, if I had money to burn I would throw a nice dap against my SE5way So even a low cost ciem is far away now. Also I have a low cost ciem too, Music One, you can find my review in head-fi. It is quite an unique design, punches way above its price point. I would definitely throw it into the pit against mid-fi ciems and iems.
I am actually very very interested in EarWerks and their work I simply read nothing but great, beyond great things about them. I have 2 problems though, one that I am still working on my masters thesis, so first I need to get the degree and get a job. Secondly, I am actually looking for a basshead-high fi dream ciem. I can see Jack is a very talented guy, maybe he would enter a project like that and create a different tuning of Legend R or Penta maybe. I have SE5way...
Ops, a very big mistake, my apologies. To him and to everyone who reads this thread. I am gonna edit my entry.
I am curious what would tomscy2000 say about this burn in conversation actually   j/k mate it is all good.
When the tweeters are working fine SE5way is not dark at all, actually it is bright-ish on upper mid section. Also if the tweeters are working fine, soundstage is freaking huge and 3 dimensional not only wide or deep but comes from 3 dimension.
+1 to it Mim. I agree completely especially the comparison by memory part.
Yup, sometimes we audiophiles forget why we are here. People tend to listen how good the equipment sounds rather than the music and enjoy it. Imma open myself some Jimi Hendrix while studying with my Music One and enjoy the hell out of it. Single BA? Check. Inexpensive? Check. Fine tuning? Check. Uniquely musical? Check. Jimi Hendrix albums suffer a lot from bad recording quality, due to the old times technology. However Band of Gypsys is pretty good. Wonderful combination...
Ok thanks mate. I just hope Jason Jack Vang will build a dream, a basshead ciem that has a resolution at the high end. I would definitely save up for it and buy. I heard great and just great things about him, maybe he will try to do some stuff about it. Maybe a differently tuned version of Legend R with boosted bass both in sub and mid bass while trying to keeping the rest of the clarity as much as possible. Or, maybe, something like 335DW you know, more organic and rich...
VZ, will you get SE5way Ultimate?
Is there any high end and bass heavy monitor from EarWerkz? I am not saying just put bass and forget the rest but you know, more presence on the lows, that "boom" feeling etc etc.   Maybe the new Penta?
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