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Pricier means better? Oh my god, how much wrong you could become?
For hearing protection wise I agree with that it is like wearing special earplugs for concerts or cinema halls but doing it by listening to music with ciems while being active in the traffic on a vehicle like motorcyle? I don't know man that sounds dangerous.
+1 on that. Plus it is dangerous isn't it? I mean I would never use ciems or headphones or something when I am on traffic driving a vehicle.
 Preach brother
I guess this will do nicely thank you. Really appreciate it.   One step closer to buy an iDevice again I guess. Plus you have those variety of dac/amp combos to work with from CLabs to Centrance.
I know about that too but I am interested in this new generation iTouch.
Uhmmm, you tell me
Ok help me out here mate. Is there a way that I can see and play my files in folder view if I were to buy that 128gb toy? I have the latest generation iPod with me 160 gb one. I couldn't hate iTunes more I guess so I rockbox'd my device and since then I might be the happiest iPod owner. So if I were to buy a new iDevice, I would love to have the opportunity to browse my files in folder construction, just like Windows you know.
Jack's help and attitude at that project really got me. Darn if I had cash I would get an Legend R Omega cuz why not? He seems a pretty cool dude and I like high end monitors.  
The newest touch with 128 gb capacity had a price tag of what? 400 bucks I believe?
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