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Where can we order Dignis cases from Eu? They indeed look nice.
Agree. He is really a helpful fella. Before I bought my SE5way, he was there to help me too.
Guys, he is dead give him a rest
Congrats How is the fit and when you will update your legendary chart? I am dieing to read your comparison to SE5way, either here or PM or something, find a way please
Oh, thanks a ton CHG So we are still waiting on platinum and diamond editions I believe Jokes aside it sounds pretty good apparently but that price tag and that design.. *sigh* (I am not really a "gold" person you know)
I am waiting for X7 too. Judging FiiO by their X3 and their X5, X7 might hit the spot, without costing an arm and a leg.
What would you say as a summary since many of us can't read the language
So that's it, Hugo only does sound better in low range? He can basically rival against the big boys then like AK240, MH901 etc?
Waterproof ciems? How is that possible?   Edit: After checking the FB link I saw they are not actually waterproof ciems, just the cable
How UE18 sounds like btw? Is it a bassheavy ciem?
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