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As far as I know, no. I am not sure though but I think Rockbox'd IPC doesn't send digital out to docks.
Finally.   I stayed at home today to get my monitors. The lab and my prof. are not happy of course.   I got my SE5way minutes ago.   First impressions:   Fit and finish; as good as expected. I would say top class. I have red metallic earpieces with claret violet metallic cymba parts with bloodwood faceplates + black artworks on them (one side bear and the other side bear paw. Call of the Wild!)   The artworks are on the smaller side but I don't mind it because...
Get the SE5way, stop looking for ciems
Oh good news, maybe it can help for worldwide orders and all. I am a diehard ciem guy but maybe I would like to try some universals that looks like ciems. It could be a good start. Still waiting for TG335DW though
When they will start selling it worldwide? PAW Gold I mean.
I have the same feelings about UPS. No need to explain but I still haven't received my SE5way remolds. Hopefully I can receive it tomorrow. I will post my fit and finish impressions once I receive them.
I think they do only ciems both new models and reshells, not universals.
Rockbox did it perfectly years and years ago. Is it so difficult to do it for f***s sake? It is something very basic, we are not talking about rocket science in here.
Yup, create a new thread and let everyone know about it. The more people get their hands on Wagnus cables the better for us. I will try to see what are my options and how much budget I can put aside for a cable. Recently I got a problem with my phone out of nowhere and I think I need to buy a new phone too  Definitely no good news for a student.
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