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Looking forward to read your review cooper. Comparisons to the other daps are also welcome. I remember your opinions from X5 thread, I really like the way you are describing things and explaining differences.
Yup. 2k and still not any better than HM901 w/balanced card. Unless you dig into the gold, I see no reason to leave HM901 honestly.   Also, I find Hifiman HM family line way better looking. HM650 looks the best with the Stormtrooper design and HM802 - HM901 are equally good (though HM802 has a very nice tone).
No worries mate, no hard feelings. If you could spend just 10 minutes with him, you would also feel like I feel
Yep, it definitely did with me. Joe, I am also very curios of your Lear review. I hope we won't wait a lot  Do you think you can give any hint about the unique hybrid?
Fellas, as I said before, the pictures don't really do the justice. I just checked the pictures again while posting the link, in real life they look much more better and stunning. I would suggest red metallic color to everybody, it is a real tone of the red and it makes a wonderful combination with the wood of Peter's choice, which is bloodwood. He suggested that one to me and I trusted his suggestion. Well, I don't regret leaving it to him at all
How dare you, he is the best dog in the world Very cute, very lovely. It is not that I "have" to make him tired but if he is tired he can sleep easily in the car so we don't have to take care of him, focus on him etc. Also he is very young (10 months old) so he is very active, full of energy. He is definitely not a "couch potato" type. Also I love my dog, I wouldn't change him for audio gear or anything else. He is truly the best friend a person can have.. I would... The first 3. Red metallic with bloodwood faceplates and black artworks.
Why not Ref1? I think Ref1 would suit your preferences better than 1+2 mate.
Yup, I have the best looking SE5way in the world lol I really like that Call of the Wild theme, bear and bear paw artworks look stunning but damn, that bloodwood is gorgeous seriously. I suggest other people to take a look at the wooden faceplate options. In my case, Peter suggested that bloodwood looks wonderful with red metallic earpieces so I trusted his opinion. Well turned out it is even better than what he described to me  The right funny fit is worrying me a bit...
I never used IPC with Apple software and I hate iTunes and all, so I can't really help mate but hopefully someone will answer. I remember reading there are also other player programs that can synch and manage your iPod but don't count on me that because I never used it. Rockbox forever here
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