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I've been using my Music One a lot recently again, especially during this hard and boring exam period they have been my only friend Just wanted to say, for this price these single BA ciems just performs excellently. Such coherent and musical presentation at this price point, perfect harmony among lows, mids and highs.. Peter you are a truly a remarkable ciem maker. Apart from making magical ciems you also have one of the best, if not the best, customer services in the...
That's a very aggressive price. I heard Paw Lotoo Gold and it was the best dap I heard, even a lot better than RWAK240 (single ended output). I wonder how capable is this little brother. Balanced HO is a nice addition to be honest. I can fight really good against X5 and DX90.
There are still ways you know but yeah it is hard I can understand it. Right now my biggest problem is budget not availability in my country so there is nothing I can do except study more and get my masters degree  One day I would like to get Legend R seriously, right now it shares the No1 in my list with 4.2.
Legend R, LCM 4.2 are at the top. If I win the lottery I might also look for K10 and if possible to get MH335DW too. Thought the last 2 seems like a dream  Nothing to become sad though, I still have my Spiral Ear SE5way, after all those years it is still the king.
Well right now due to the budget problems I can't really buy anything but in the future I might look for it. Though that Legend R is the first place in my list nowadays.
Probably because it is pretty much impossible to get them outside of Japan. I was also interested by their products but it turned out, I can't really get anywhere close them in Eu.
That's quite a treble there. My friend is very happy with these (LCM version) I should ask his opinion about the treble quality and quantity.
Legend R Smaug edition
It is sad to see Harmony's putting on sale like that.. I wish I could buy them for myself
I haven't seen the Wire, maybe I should check it out when I have some time. I also got the Sopranos too, several of my friends suggested so I believe it won't disappoint. Btw, how long we will go like that? Until a mod comes and warn us to talk about "Noble" things?
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