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I used to have Music One and it is definitely the best value in custom world period. I have currently Ei.3 with me, if you have questions, I will do my best to help you. Though keep in mind that I didn't spend huge amount of time with Ei.3.   I haven't heard the Music Two but I am sure others can be helpful.
Hey guys,   Looking forward to buy a second hand Custom Art c/iem? Peter and his team created a spreadsheet with all available items at the moment.   The document will be bumped and updated from now on so you can check whenever you want. Also if you want to buy or sell any second hand c/iem, you can shoot an email or PM to Peter.   Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SKb5az0asJBXAmAv0FruGM-I_485QJTABiaIbFYJjek/edit#gid=0   I personally think...
Congratz mate. I haven't heard Anzu but from what I see, Peter does very nice job on creating custom tuned unique ciems. If the sound signatur will suit you, I am sure you gonna like the whole ciem cuz resolution level must be high.
Unfortunately I need to sell these uniquely tuned special custom project. They have 6 BA in a 6 way configuration and 6 sound tubes, canal section is not short but the whole ciem has silicone body. Unless you have narrow canals, it should be fine.   They have a very high quality bass with lots of quantity, forward and rich, resolving mids. Sparkling and airy but not bright treble with awesome extension. General sound quality is on par with my old SE5way Ref but Crescent...
Oh, I was so excited to be back, I forgot to post the picture of my Ei.3.
Hey fellas, I am finally back. Apologize for my lack of presence, my pc was broken and I had to get it repaired, it took me awhile and quite a good amount of money unfortunately (as a student it hurts). On the other hand, I have my Ei.3 for several days. They are absolutely stunning in person, has even better fit than my legendary H8 (kudos to Peter for his awesome acrylic processing skills). They sound out of this world if you keep in mind that the price is only 300 USD...
It looks like my Ei.3 got stuck in customs I will probably get the package next week instead of this one..
I should have the Ei.3 somewhere around this week. Very very excited indeed. I saw there was a review of it by a fellow head-fier but I didn't read it. I don't wanna spoil   Knowing Peter, I think it will be tuned wonderfully again and create big sound from inexpensive package.
As well as someone talented who knows how to process them and work around with them
I changed that audiologist as you know and look how it turned out? H8 has the perfect fit
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