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Because actually AK240 is not the ultimate. You gotta be even more ultimate like over 9000... It was the ultimate, then they said, no it is not actually, we lied to you. The real ultimate is coming this year but before you sell your "car" to buy that one, be careful because 6 months later we can improve that ultimate to something even more ultimate. When that time comes, you gotta need to sell your house to afford one of those but you will get the pinnacle of ultimate.......
tomscy and Mim, I have no regrets to follow what you guys post in this forum. There is always something to make my day
Nope, no balanced with Hugo. It is all SE as far as I know.
Why? Is it that bad so you sold it quickly?
Thanks mate, I did. I will see how it changes in my next dap purchases. I kept the basic things like Artist, Album Artist, Album, Date, Track, Disc Number. I also realized there was so many junk info. I suppose it will be really good and make a difference.
While we are on it, would you kindly tell me or tell us that which properties we should remove from our files? For example when I right click on a song in my foobar2k I get quite an information in properties menu. Call it, Artist, Album, Year etc etc. Which ones we should clear out to make things faster and easier?
You made me laugh, a lot... I remember your comments about its price and how happy you are with your modded C4 rig and all... Anyway that's the head-fi, this is the spirit. Everybody let's keep on buying overpriced gears so the manufacturers can make more overpriced gears.
You mean the list in my post? No particular order actually, just wrote it the way it drops on the keyboard.
Tupac you are one hell of a dude. Thanks a ton for the small review and comparisons.   I wish I had money like you have and start collecting those big boys like K10, NT6, H8 + H8P and maybe even break my promises and Roxanne. From your description actually I got a feeling like I might like Roxanne sound a lot. Too bad that they have one of the worst build quality and customer service in the world.
Well, I don't really use eBay, I might need to find a friend who can help me out with that.
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