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Why not Ref1 or Noble K10U?
If SE5way functions correctly it is not that dark seriously. Unless there is a problem with tweeters or something, I wouldn't call it dark. It has a very black background and treble notes shines softly through this dark background. The whole dark, silent and quiet background gives a feeling like the SE5way sounds dark but actually (to my ears) it is not really dark. In treble some regions are quite forward and has an impact while some other regions are quite softer. I am...
EarSonics used to do that, acrylic shells filled with acrylic but I think I heard here that they stopped doing that.
That's a very nice looking pair mate, I seriously like it a lot.
Thank you mate. EM32 is seriously interesting, I might take a look at it in the future.
Very nice information. Why did you sell NT6 Pro and went for EM32? They seem pretty similar to me from you explanation and point results. Roxanne has quite high marks too.
Hidition NT6? It is like UE IERM but better, a lot better apparently.
I can't believe for a such a stupid discussion this thread got banned for a while. Some people are just completely lost and don't know what they are saying.   As for Dr Moulton and Brannan, they are doing what most others can't do, keeping the real contact with their customers and potential customers. We should be happy for it but some people just misuse it. I seriously can't understand some people here. So far, I haven't bought anything from Noble or old Heir but I...
Is that Z3 Compact?
You want balanced and you really like vocals? I think SE5way can do the trick for you. It is extremely capable monitor with warmish sound, right amount of bass (the bass changes a lot depending on the recording), nice organic and rich mids with good body and extremely clean vocals. Treble is not bright but I wouldn't call it dark. The whole presentation is a bit closed but the treble shines good through that presentation. Not really bright but depending on how you view it...
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