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For the bass, I believe AJ can help you, I think he has both monitors. What I remember from reading his NT6Pro review, the bass was definitely boosted. However it is not boosted like ruining the presentation, we are talking about both quality as well as quantity. As for the isolation, I think my friend here Rollk2 wrote somewhere in head-fi that EarSonics doesn't fill their acrylic shells with acrylic anymore. So you can pretty much assume that their general isolation...
I believe NT6 Pro has also quite tremendous bass too.
I still remember reading a "glorious" review of that monitor... *sigh*
I have no experience with GR10, but if they sound anything like usual Grado headphones sound, I would probably hate them. Also, they wouldn't sound anything close to SE5way I think, so it can be a big change for you. Here we have many friendly people with tons of experience, I am sure someone can help you to choose the safest possible option for you. It took me long to decide on SE5way but boy, that expensive toy is the best purchase I ever made, period.
At first I thought they were dark too (came from a hell of a bright headphone) but now I see them as normal or slightly dark-ish, not really a lot.
Why not SE5way? Balanced, organic, nice warm sound. Probably you discussed this option a lot with Tupac and if you already exclude it from your list, sorry to bother you
That's kinda sad to hear that they don't fill their shells anymore or they ask extra for it. However it doesn't prevent from buying EM32. What prevents me is my wallet
Ordering their ciems from here and with that price? No way. But let's say, if I had a chance to buy MH335DW, I would love to. It seems like that ciem can satisfy my hunger for bass.
@Mython Hey mate, apart from FitEar, EarSonics also makes acrylic filled acrylic shells I believe. Though what I read tells me FitEar's build quality is better than EarSonics.
Some like it hot in the low region. 
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