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Great purchase rudi. Finally you put your SM64 down start using the new king! One question, do you hear hiss when using with Theorem 720?
Thinking about iGreedy daps, Calyx M, Hifiman HM901, iBasso DX100... Then probably sub 500$ category is relatively lower end. On the other hand, they seem to be greater value then so called End of the Game daps. Pay attention, I said "value" rather than being completely better. Related to your other points, I totally agree with you, I have nothing to add honestly.
They have Elton John Limited Edition, that is interesting to me as I like Elton John a lot. It is so interesting that I am even thinking about ordering one before the campaign finishes.
Good that my promoter doesn't give a s**t about audiophile gears and spends his time in head
Wow Joe, some of them looks extremely cool
It is like a warning sign saying stay away from UM. Sorry to hear your trouble Soren. Good that you are a happy chap now with Wizard's ciems
I think X5 and DX90 will be the kings of <500$ daps. The choice depends on your needs like, high capacity, sound signature, physical buttons or touchscreen etc.
First, ownership transfer is a wonderful system, thanks for using it with in your business. It allows customers to be more open minded about ciems and the sound signatures they wanna try without losing the everything they paid for them. Secondly, I don't give a damn about NSA but if I want to finish this master and get my diploma, I better just stay silent and do my work I guess A cup of coffee can create miracles, literally.
I second and third this.
Reshelling or remolding has a standard price in CustomArt so I guess it would be the same for any other reshelling process. I think Peter would give the most correct answer to this situation. On the other hand, I am still being used a slave in the lab. can't even go to the audiologist to have my ear impressions done I am seriously considering assassinating my promoter
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