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Same here but some people value wi fi quite high. If you ask me, it is a complete bulls**t to have it in a portable digital audio player.
That prone thing is making me nervous. I am not sure whether I should pull the trigger or not.
You, sir, have my apologies and thank you. Lets see if I can reach something with those guesses.
55, 95, 145 lbs.
Reduce to battery life to 2 hours?
I guess we can all leave the thread and wish "good luck" to Calyx and their well mannered CEO.   I don't think things can get any worse than that now.
lol. It already looks like a dead duck now and they even increase the price? From where they get this strength?   Another One Bites The Bullet, in my eyes...
Hipster beverages? Leffe is an abbey beer mate, it is one of the best  Also @kkcc perfect choice! I don't know if you have access to Grimbergen but you should try it too.
Yup, no worries, I think it must be clear to everybody now and no one would do any mistake about ordering a cable. A Belgian beer perhaps?
I don't understand when people describe ciem or headphones and separate them for music genres. I believe we should describe them about how do they sound like. Would it be good for certain type of music? That depends on person. Someone might like it, some others don't.   Just a small example. I heard from many people that metal and rock music good with ciems that has a nice treble emphasis, relatively hot highs. However, I can't stand it as it becomes piercing to my ears....
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