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If they bring something like AK pricing, they will lose a lot of customers. Many people would prefer ZX1 over P1.
If you talk to pricejapan I guess they can give you information about it. As far as I understand, you can actually order other things from them even if it is not listed on their website.
What is the difference in between them?
Vaporware?   (I know I am the second person who wrote it.)   I really wish we could get news about this player.
So we stick to the good old mp3 320 kbps? More capacity, yay!
Yeah, installing is not easy but can be done, even a computer noob like me could do it (after some problems). Now I installed a nice/clean theme, I am really loving it. It might not be the highest end sound around but it provides very good capacity + battery life. It plays all my files, it has easy UI and user experience. Also it has a line out, so I can connect an amp later on. The size is nice too.   Mine didn't even crash once after I Rb'd it. Seems quite stable.
What are the prices of PAD SO and PAD SO evoluzione? I see only Epsilon S on
627x seems like a good one, it is quite big though but.   PortaTube+? I don't know about that one, I should check it out.   Thank you for the responses guys.
Any suggestion my friend? If possible balanced but if not, I am not gonna cry
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