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Holy ******... This is by far the most beautiful universal I ever saw.
Ok I think I will get copper or silver/copper hybrid then. Thanks for the suggestion guys.
How does silver affect the treble flaco? I think I would go for some high quality copper or hybrid maybe.
Yes but I guess I will still need your Wife's vote on Europe too I think. Maybe one day it will happen, I give you my word now, your first Belgian beers will be supplied by me to all Noble Team.
May I vote for Europe? Like, the capital of Europe, sweet Belgium with legendary chocolates, waffles, beers and fries? Now we would have one more thing to add to the list: custom iems!
Btw guys, if I want to keep the warm and organic rich sound and add a little bit of bass presence and quantity, what kind of cable I should go for? I think I should stay away from silver as all I read that they make the monitors sound slightly brighter. I guess silver puts some emphasis on treble range.
I prefer warmer and smooth signatures, so I guess it is perfect for me Can't wait to receive my remolded monitors back. I miss them quite a lot.
I think that depends on whether the tweeters are working or not. Apparently his pair is functioning perfectly.
I found the graph after I searched a bit in my emails, however I am not allowed to share it with public by request so I can't make further comments I guess. However I would suggest to ones who have doubts on properly working SE5way to talk with average joe and tupac. If I remember correctly, in the last a few pages of aj's multi ciem reviews thread you can find their discussion and have an idea about what I am trying to say here with my non-native English.
The bass is awesome, both quality and quantity but my view on SE5way would be useless for the moment as I am having fit issues. Once it is solved, I can make a better comment. I would leave other users to answer your question, it would be more fair rather than my view. What I can say is, if it works properly as it is supposed to, I think you will stop looking at other ciems. That's the top point.
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