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Good that Matt solves the problems quickly
Damn, looks nice mate. Congratz.
A little read and search can help you know.. First try to find answers to your questions by using the search function, then if you can't find anything useful, then people can help you. As for your questions, yes there is a folder view/play. No usb dac function. The latest and best functioning firmware is 8.03 beta, it removes the useless stuff and just keeps the player. It is a little laggy compared to the new daps in the market around but even after all those...
For those who can't get it in other places in the world like Eu We can reshell them here no worries
Last price drop, it won't go down further than that.
So no more reviews/impressions?
How is that Neko D100 mk2 sound type? Warm/lush?
So you like to live dangerously? Dude, quite expensive stuff we are talking about in here
I have no business with DSD as available content is already not much. Most of my music is in redbook quality. Then the high res files take the second place. Lastly I have some 320k mp3s that I still couldn't replace by 16bit audio. It should be more than fine for me.
I think I will end up buying this dap even after all those times and get my ciem a new cable with Furutech 6.3mm jack, call it a day and don't look for upgrades for a long time.   PS: I am hoping to get a normal functioning unit, like 10 hours of battery life and all
New Posts  All Forums: