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Basically it is what we call bulls**t in real life. Marketing for common people, not for people who is passionate and serious about audio reproduction.
That's why he said minus XMOS, because that chip provides native DSD playback feature.
Why not people don't use it like a singer/musician style? Behind your head, goes through your back under your tshirt or whatever, then connects to your dap in your pocket.
I have the latest firmware and mine goes almost up to 20 hours I believe. Playback is kind of a mix, from 320k mp3 to 24/192 high res. However mostly it is redbook quality with 320k mp3.
Get a FitEar custom for me too while you are there, I would give you the money
Thanks HiFlight, it was most helpful.
Would you share a few pictures of dac/amp one? Also what are the connectivity options out there? Inputs and outputs I mean.
It might also suit me best too, I prefer warmish sound. Would like to see your opinion passionforroxk. A comparison in between could be nice.
The new HM802 is like old HM801 then? I mean, the sound signature wise.
Not interested in those 4 dacs or 17 opamps but high capacity is important for me, that is the only reason I haven't bought DX90 now. Then again by the time I finish the master and get a job, I believe successor of DX100 will be out. Hopefully they will manage to bring the capacity to close to 500 gb.
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