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This is nothing related to Noble Audio but I am having so much following this thread   Special thanks to Mython but everyone is great here
We definitely need more information about this device. I am getting pretty excited about it but lack of information is killing. Especially the price and release date.
So in Noble's line up, 8C is relatively better than 5C and 8C has more subbass and midbass than K10? For bass lovers, 8C would be better option? I guess still it is in the "neutral" part of the spectrum but compared to K10, less neutral?
Well let's say, high capacity with easy, user friendly features. I don't want to buy 5 different sd/micro sd cards and keep on swapping them or add extra hdd to DX90 and use it's usb otg function cuz it reduces the battery life and makes the dap very hot. It has been discussed before many times so I will just state my opinion but swapping sd/micro sd cards on to go is a bad idea. You can very easily lose them, drop them, forget them.
If you value capacity and have enough money, it will be an easy decision. On my side, I value capacity very high but being a poor master student, the money is an issue (that's why I had high hopes for pre order discount).
Well it was rather informative I believe I learned plenty things. Thanks mate At the end it look like Calyx did a nice job. Still DX90 doesn't look bad either, just a different monster.
Didn't you read the agreement before becoming an audiophile? You simply don't hope things like that in this hobby
I don't really understand much from technical data and graphs etc but I have been told many times that it is not the components is used, it is how they are implemented. So we can say, while building M, Calyx probably did a marvelous job. I just wish they could keep their marvelous job in the other aspects of this business
I second and third that.
Yup, we demand pictures.
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