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I tested HM901 with balanced card with my SE5way while using SilverFi IEM2 cable with TRRS termination. It was not a long listening section but one thing caught me off guard. That combo delivers a well textured and layered, very addictive bass response. Treble was very easy on ears too, which is what I would like to hear. As for the unit itself. UI doesn't seem so bad, it does what it is supposed to do. However the physical size of the unit is very big. Yes you can put...
No need to thanks mate, it was a great meeting with you guys. I wish I could share more stuff but I am still a beginner in this hobby
Most of the times ciems give their at least 70% of capabilities even with entry level sources. The only problem is, this website is head fi and for 3% SQ increase people can be 1k cables and 3k sources. At the end, one way or another, they get pretty close to 100% with nice cable combinations and clean dac/amp combos.
As far as I know, Rb'd IPC can't send digital signal, only analog. So you can hook it up to amp, but not dac/amp or pure dac.
If I was that good with DIY skills, to be honest I would also hook up some kind of 500~ gb capacity in my IPC and use it forever. Also I would buy something like Duet to pair it and call it an end game setup.
All of them are very nice as usual, but these 2 got my heart. Which models are those Dr. Moulton?
Omg this sounds naughty.
Considering the price and Rockbox software, while the sound can stay just OK, I believe the value goes really high.To come back to Custom Art ciems, I must admit, today, I chose Music One over my SE5way to use on my way to lab. Man, you created one hell of a ciem with single driver and incredible price. Even a person like me, who absolutely looks for relaxed, polite treble, loves the Music One's high frequencies. It is so revealing yet smooth with nice air. Now that I have...
To be honest, Clip+ and latest generation IPC 160gb are good sources when they are Rockbox'd. No, I am not comparing them to HM901 or something but they punch waaaay above their price points.
Short research and I found this:   Shipping from Spain.   Yes, thanks to the Eu laws and taxes and all, the price is higher than buying from Asia but you will pay less shipping and you will have a warranty, if you have problem you don't need to send it to the other side of the world.
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