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We need more info about these c/iems. They have a bass tuning system and they got my interest. Also dual dynamic driver seems exciting.
2 pin industry standard detachable cables is available for a small extra cost.Artwork has to be monocolor. As far as I know Peter doesn't do multi color but I think he can give more detail on artwork to you by himself.I haven't heard the 330v2 so I will leave it to the other users.
No customs can match the spacious HD800 sound. They will always sound "in your head" compared to the high end open back cans.
I want MH335DW just because I started my journey as an analytical music lover and now I end up being a bassy/warm representation fanatic. So MH335DW is probably the best choice I have (even sometimes I feel SE5way bass lacks in quantity, the quality couldn't be better though) but damn man, it is impossible to get them in Eu. So I am waiting for their TG335DW or something
Very nice chart tupac, thanks for sharing. Though I still couldn't my answer in your chart. What would be the ideal monitors for me tell me ciem/iem guru   92 is pretty high btw, I am sure Peter is very proud now     Edit: My best bet would be EM32 probably or maybe H8 non pro but they would have quite different treble responses I believe and probably EM32 would have higher bass quantity, which I am looking forward to nowadays.
Guys, will we be getting TG335 or not? When FitEar will announce a new universal iem?
Thanks, will do.
Dr. Moulton,   I am normally a diehard ciem user but I recently tried some universals, though they have smaller housings than most TOTL iems out there, I could get a comfortable fit with nice sound and isolation (well not as good as isolation like SE5way but you got my point). Maybe my hobby taught me extra things but now I believe I can still use universals and I need one to use at home, for similar reasons of yours, easy to pop in, take it out, need to hear the...
lol, I don't think SR update is a must for everybody. I can imagine if a person is happy with the previous maybe he might not like the new one as such.
I still want to try this one out but man, that price is too much for my poor student wallet. Apart from the ciems I got, I have to buy a new smartphone and gaming mouse too because both of them got broken very recently. Nevertheless, for the moment this device is in the top of my list.   I used to have an old Cowon, while those fancy EQ settings look interesting and nice but at the end I remember turning them off because the sound was too much digital and altered for me....
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