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Silicone still goes a long way compared to the acrylic but, if the fit is not a problem, there is no "huge" difference in terms of isolation. Also the length of the canal section plays an important role too.
There are some people in this world who will just buy "the most expensive" cuz it "sounds the best". Yeah I know it is not logic, but people believe it.   I heard from a friend of Charles (who is also my friend) that when the price was something like 3.5k euros, he was still selling it in good amounts.
You are right on this, I completely agree with you. We will just wait and see and nothing can change that.
I don't have much hope for BB to be honest, their Passport was wonderful but such a niche product won't save a company. Then they made phones with several years old cpu and stuff, of course didn't sell well. I heard things like Nokia can still enter to the smartphone business, it will be something like N1 tablet, built by FoxConn I guess. They use their own customized Android, which to be honest I don't enjoy much. I think the best Android is always the pure Android just...
Maybe I should wait Nokia's return next year
So if I were to buy a new phone now, what would be your suggestion? I don't mean a specific smartphone, more like an OS. I like how Windows Phone is smooth as a butter even at low hardware phones. I hate how even a flagship droid starts to lag and kill itself after a year. I hate how stubborn Apple is and their overpriced iPhones (at least overpriced to me or at where I live). What I would value in a phone, as a 5 years of Android user, it should just work flawlessly, no...
I agree Apple sucks, big time. I don't like Google that much either, especially since the changes they made in recent years I don't think they are as pure as they were once.   Why Microsoft sucks? I know there is no "good guy" in this market but I thought they were the "least evil".
lol This is how you revive an old thread in a fabulous way  Btw, all the smartphones are built by FoxConn nowadays right?
Ei.3 has 2 things that are close to perfect considering the price range. One, bass quality, impact and rumble. Two, tonality. These 2 are very well done while the rest of the spectrum is above average easily. If it is only about the bass impact, maybe Ei.3 might be a good idea.   Also, it is interesting but both my H8 and Ei.3 were made after the same ear impressions but my acrylic Ei.3 fits better and more comfortable. If I would say H8 fits very good, Ei.3 must be...
I used to have Music One and it is definitely the best value in custom world period. I have currently Ei.3 with me, if you have questions, I will do my best to help you. Though keep in mind that I didn't spend huge amount of time with Ei.3.   I haven't heard the Music Two but I am sure others can be helpful.
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