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Omg yeah sorry my bad, I didn't think with both right and left sides. My stupid mate sorry
Sorry I think I am lost. 4 dynamic?
I was not even sure that they allow reshelling for those. Dual dynamic drivers and such.
Serious price really. These guys tend to create real value products, low price high punch.
I agree. Finally something that looks really good.
We shared quite a few refits with several ciems I got from Peter. Finally when I received my H8 which you can find my review about it in the head gear section, it was the perfect fit from day one, no need for refit or remold.   The key? You must get the ear impressions exactly how Peter describes + the preferred materials should be used for ear impressions. There are different brands and different types of materials, but some of them work better for Peter than others. So...
Wow, that's a nice setup mate seriously. Playtime, check. Capacity, check. You go dude
That review states that the midrange on H8 is a bit front which is what I did not hear. Maybe my previous experiences were mostly with really front mids, stage monitor styles, H8 didn't really sound upfront to me in the midrange. I would actually put it into laid back and relaxed but with plenty of detail and very slight, small veil maybe. The veil is not horrible and doesn't ruin the monitor, there is still plenty of detail and transparency, it is just not at the top my...
I didn't read the whole review but bass score definitely looks too low to me. Then again it is H8P not H8 like my monitors, so it wouldn't be vise for me to talk big about it. I do know though, they sound actually very different, considering there is only treble tuning difference, it has an huge effect somehow.
That's interestingly very difficult and I agree with you. How the treble tuning changes that much? No idea, I don't have knowledge over technical things. However to my ears there is quite a difference. Since you are in Poland, if you have a chance to demo, maybe you will hear what I am hearing, though custom fit would provide better impressions obviously.
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