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Man those are pretty and I mean PRETTY!
Stay rich my friend, stay rich
Thank you kind sir
If I had money to order H8, I would write a very detailed review and every now and then come here to share my experience with it but life can be..... problematic sometimes, to put it kindly. Anyway, I will return to audiophile hobby and put my life back on track, I just need to sort a few things that's all. Then we will talk again I am sure. Until then, I gotta do with what I have in my hands now.
We should combine our powers together and rob a bank, what do you say bro?  H8P for you, H8 for me. No need to steal millions anyway.
So much love for H8P and here I am dieing to learn more about vanilla H8 since I am not really fan of a boosted treble, generally speaking.   I think Music One's magical treble is my limit, even more presence than M1's treble would be too much for me I believe.   Peter, I gotta tell you, it has been almost a week I only listened Music One not my SE5way, man I seriously question, why do we pay huge amounts of moneys for higher end stuff when something that inexpensive...
Watch out, we got a detective over here
+1. Definitely sounds scary man.
This Lear 4.2 model has my interest with bass tuning and all. Maybe not the universal model but, Joe, do you think the LCM version deserves that hefty price tag? Considering that one has to send ear impressions to other side of the world and all?   Also, I know you still need more time with them but, would you consider LCM version of it as the same level as H8Pro, NT6/Pro, SE5way?
Ableza your attitude and will to protect Pono is incredible man. I have been seeing and reading your comments for a while and now I am starting to think you can be Neil's unofficial account here or something (ok, I am joking here obviously).   I think many fellas here, like miceblue or my old mate Mython have solid points and logical explanations but I guess against a blind faith in Pono, they don't do much work and open up some eyes, unfortunately.   Hell, I wish they...
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