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I was just pulling your leg mate, no worries  Glad to hear that you are having fun times with Venom
6 sound tubes made the canal section too thick. Yes, first ever 6 BA 6 WAY 6 Tubes.. The sound was addicting but I never got to listen to them for a long time unfortunately. Now I have H8 instead of Crescent. Honestly, I would put them around the same level but a little bit different presentations and signatures from each others. H8 surprised me, not that I was expecting something bad from Peter but oh boy, they really sound stunning. The music is so magical and effortless...
Sirenia, I am the saddest guy on head-fi cuz you didn't mention my custom tuned project, the beloved Crescent (just kidding mate ). God I miss its unique signature.. Wish I could listen to them 30 minutes without an headache
Agreed. Those Velodyne's look disgusting.
lol I am actually sick, finally returned to my computer after a long break so I am checking what I was missing.
Hey, I try so hard not to learn anything about their sound signature, don't spoil it will ya
Fingers crossed I don't expect anything bad from Peter anyway, I am sure they will surprise me in a very good way.
I didn't read anything about them so far, so I don't know what to expect either. Peter didn't tell me anything either, so it will be complete surprise and a little bit of test for my ears Kinda excited to be honest.
Here you go fellas.. The new Ei.3, the first acrylic monitor Peter introduced in his line up. It is coming to me right now, once I have it and spend some quality time with it, you bet I will write my review.       Clear acrylic body + ice wood white for left faceplate + ice wood black for right faceplate.
Only 300$   Looks good though.
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