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I feel sad that K10 gets all the attention and here I am dieing to read more and more about 8C and maybe if possible Noble 8 universal. Mostly the general sound signature and differences between K10.
Considering the research and development behind the cables as well the hand made built, if the increase in SQ is also good I think it can be okay to pay high prices. I had my doubts about cables and how much they affect the sound before too but once I tried some different cables and see the difference in them, I started to think why some of them cost like 500 dollars or more.   IEM2 was truly an eye opener for me so I believe all the new additions to the family will...
You forgot Hidition with Viento-R. I think Lime Ears had something with switch too. Also let's not forget the LEAR BD4.2 who passed SE5way in overall score. Though I got your point and I think the same way. For example, if I got BD4.2, I am sure I would find a good bass spot for me in the tuning and set it then probably never touch it again. Same goes for Roxanne or most probably any other adjustable c/iems.
Could you not? Seriously man, do you just put the ciems on the floor and using them as a bed and sleep on them? 
This W500 is very interesting. Would love to read more about them.
Unfortunately I don't have K10 or K10U so I can't answer to that question. Considering what I read about both of them and I have my very own SE5way with good fit, I can at least say they are both keepers and TOTL performers. If I had a chance to audition Noble Universals or demos at least I would so love to make a comparison, heck if I can finish my masters, get my degree and find a job, I know what I am gonna order as a next ciem (K10 or 8C as I still couldn't decide...
That's why I still have my SE5way as a king, never gets old never gets boring. Doesn't matter what I try (thanks to my friends in here) I always find something magical and extraordinary with SE5way. The sound just takes me in and it is addictive. So yeah Mim, you can have all your MH335DW, NT6 and all other things but you can't enjoy SE5way as much as I do cuz your other toys are going to cry and you can't stand it
lol'd Well I think up to some level pushing is good but at some point one has to know where to stop and take things easy I guess, unless you are rich  
SE5way has already the darkest background so I don't remember any improvements over there but I do remember I like the sound more compared to the stock cable.
+1 I was thinking the same.
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