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Ok got your point, thank you Dr Moulton.
WBFK can be found in SE846? Any other iems that uses WBFK? Maybe N5 or N6?
Bass quality of SE5way probably couldn't be any better. Quantity wise, a year ago I would say a little bit, really slightly too much. Now my preferences are changed and I find the quantity is lacking. Call me a regular common customer rather than audiophile but I am looking for a something with more bass (hopefully without losing from the quality), still sweet and warm/liquid mids and smooth treble. Something like SE846 probably might suit me but damn boy, I just can't...
I am actually a little bit fed up with fit issues and remoldings and all with ciems. I was considering trying back the universals. Also my sound preferences are changing too, I tend to lean on bassier music reproduction.
Therefore iems can be a better option for the ones who doesn't want to deal with ciems risks and all those fancy fit issues.
Yup, would like to see how it looks like in the ear. My ear canal is not huge but it is large enough to get SE5way (5 crossover 5 individual sound tubes) so maybe I have a little bit of chance? My sound preferences are changing so I am looking for bassy c/iems. I don't want to deal with JHA customer service and order their custom version but maybe universals can do trick who knows.
It might work who knows
Drunk purchases are the best purchases. Congratz
A bit off topic, I am sorry but, how is the fit with universal Roxy'ies? I heard some horror stories about it, they announced it like the worst universal fit iem after TF10.
Yup, I read WL's review. The only thing bugged me a bit about this earphone is bass tuning increases more mid bass than sub bass, which is a negative point in my view but then again, I didn't hear them so I am trying to learn as much as possible about them.
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