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It will have an effect on the sound, whether it is a good one or bad one, that depends on the monitor and tuning I guess. Usually making the canals long in ciems bring the midrange more upfront but it is not a rule and it doesn't have to be this way all the time. Long story short, yes it will have an impact on the sound, the length of the canal is determined precisely according to the tuning and sound signature. As for the health, well you would want to keep your membrane...
With Ultimate as far as I know. Since then Grzegorz has those options I think.
Thanks mate, much appreciated.
Get the SE5way Ulti and close the ciem book for a long while.
Literally laughed out loud  Ciems over studies any day eeeeerrrry day man! PS: Just/Kidding.
Yeah there are some ways but I will just go and do man I have been postponing it cuz of my masters for a long time, I have no other ways to postpone it anymore, I think I will be in the army in February. Anyway, enough with the off topic chat I wonder how much better this Ei.XX will be compared to Ei.3 I got. Ei.3 is already a serious performer and does some things extremely good. I could just imagine that it will be upgraded/updated version of it.
Yeah I got you now, sorry, I thought you just found the driver count too few and became sad about it.
What? lol not sure what you mean but if say that I am in a military mission or something, it will come soon yeah, it is mandatory in where I live unfortunately. I guess it is a sign that I should start focusing using my English more, since I left Belgium I don't really do much practice. Edit: Yeah I feel like a stupid now, I misunderstood you sorry mate, apologies
What is the price of Monet17 in USD or Euro? Also I might have missed it if already written but any idea about the sound signature? I know more or less how MH335DW sounds but have no idea what Monet17 does.
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