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Hey guys, sorry I wasn't home so couldn't reply. Good news is, I listened to H8 quite a few hours.. Oh boy.. Here it goes, more impressions.   Again, the fit and isolation is just the best ever I ever experienced. Finishing? 10/10 would order from Peter again   I would seriously suggest purple transparent color in gloss finish. It is really pleasure to look. Also you might ask Peter for his acrylic faceplate options. He has several colors of them and they look...
I found non pro version is significantly better than H8 Pro but keep in mind that H8P was my friends and my fit was not 100 percent optimum. Though, I am pretty darn sure about what I heard. H8 is seriously better and not just in treble region. The general spectrum has a different tonality than H8P. To me, (I am sorry Peter) H8P tonality is kinda wrong, they are not hitting the notes natural. Though, H8 is drastically better in this matter and it really says a lot to me....
Yup mate, H8 non pro. Actually they grow in my ears, I am getting into the sound and definitely it goes positive for me. At first I was like, does it sound kinda too dark? Now already the spaciousness surrounds me and I think that kinda relaxed treble synchronizes with the rest of the spectrum very good. They actually might turn out very very good.
Hey guys.   I just got these bad boys. First thing is first: Best ever and I mean it literally best ever fit and finish I received in custom iems in my whole life. Craftsmanship? Excellent. Fit? Excellent. Looking? Fabulous   Yellow acrylic faceplate + purple transparent body with glossy finish I believe (not sure about the finish but they don't look like matte at all).   Beautiful dance between contrast colors.   Sound impressions you might ask? Well I am...
It would be called Poor Man's X1.   Of course it is not possible, you can get something similar but exactly the same? I would definitely say no. I am sure the control system is more than just simple EQing.
I would say PAW Gold is clear upgrade from AK120 without changing the sound signature too much. Though, the difference in price is something obviously.
 Hey thanks for the explanation mate. I thought my post just went unnoticed Penta had my curiosity and it has my attention. Though I am not sure what you meant by that bass presentation. I can guess quality is top notch but what about the quantity?
What is the sound signature of Penta? Warm and thick? Open and spacious?
I think PAW Gold is better player than Tera but if that's how you heard I am not gonna argue about it
Since when JH16 is considerate as a TOTL ciem? It was failure and never had much love except from JH fanboys.
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