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When they will start selling it worldwide? PAW Gold I mean.
I have the same feelings about UPS. No need to explain but I still haven't received my SE5way remolds. Hopefully I can receive it tomorrow. I will post my fit and finish impressions once I receive them.
I think they do only ciems both new models and reshells, not universals.
Rockbox did it perfectly years and years ago. Is it so difficult to do it for f***s sake? It is something very basic, we are not talking about rocket science in here.
Yup, create a new thread and let everyone know about it. The more people get their hands on Wagnus cables the better for us. I will try to see what are my options and how much budget I can put aside for a cable. Recently I got a problem with my phone out of nowhere and I think I need to buy a new phone too  Definitely no good news for a student.
Anak, can we buy his c/iem cables from Eu? Where can I see  the units and their prices? Maybe if I get the product name correctly and completely, might be helpful I suppose.
HM901/802 is the closest to the perfection, a little too thick and a little too short on battery life but nothing huge. After all these times I am still considering HM802 w/balanced card (I think the sound of HM802 would be more appealing to me rather than HM901). AK240 on the other hand is another one but with that price tag, they have to deliver it to my home with a special jet or something. That product worth a bit higher than HM901's price IMO, nothing more and...
That's also possibility. Maybe they will even try themselves. It happened to me before, I got my old GMP 8.35D from my neighbor. I will see what I can do, maybe I can find a way to leave early. You know, I might be sick all of a sudden or something  My dog would be happy to see me earlier too
For a student, every time is a good time for sales
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