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I sent back my Music One and SE5way remold back to Peter some time ago for a small refit issues which I already pointed out a while ago.   Given my quite unique circumstances, I needed a very quick service, because I am gonna leave the country very soon and I didn't have a chance to collect them later on.   All I can say, Peter understood my unique situation and provided me the best ever customer service, once again. He finished my refits (not a complete remold, just...
I got my ear molds 10 euros for both ears. 110$ seems to be a big ripoff.
Try CustomArt. Peter has excellent skills as well as customer service. The only downside I can say is that you need to send your ciems and ear impressions to Europe/Poland.
That's some bad impressions mate. Maybe there is a problem with the connectors or maybe with your unit I don't know but I am pretty sure, that's what is not supposed to happen here.
+1 or +10000.
Why no shipping? This sounds pretty stupid if you ask me.
Maybe LEAR need to make a big second revision and completely change some big things in the design and cross overs etc. Otherwise this look like a dead born project and unfortunately it will kill LEAR's reputation too.
Oh.. Well, that's definitely not good news
Maybe after all the unit is faulty and maybe there is really a nice sounding iem behind this good design.
project86 will write a review I believe.
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