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It is only a temporary one but yeah, I really like those dark monsters. I had a car crash and have to pay for the repair cost to put it simply. After a while I will come back to Custom Art again for sure. Plus, I still have the magical Ei.3 with me.
It is a sad, sad decision but they must go, I will jump into Custom Art train in the future again though so this is only a temporary break.
I am selling my Harmony 8 cuz I am in dire need of money right now due to very unfortunate events.   It is the vanilla version, Harmony 8, but when you get it remolded, Piotr can tune it into Harmony 8 Pro version too, if you desire, so the choice is yours. Pro version has increased treble and I am sure you can find many reviews about it since it became so popular and loved.   I actually quite enjoy the monitor, if it wasn't for bad circumstances, I wouldn't sell it...
Difference? Well it depends on how you feel when you put a nicely fit ciem in your ears. Short canals supposed to be more comfortable but my experience tells me if your ear impressions are good and the manufacturer knows its job, long canals are also extremely comfortable too. Thus, I prefer long canals actually. Considering both have excellent fit, I hear a small increase in isolation but it is not that important, if the fit is good, both short and long canals should...
I use detachable ones and I have no problem with silicone or acrylic ciems. I have been using silicone for a very long time and the cable connector or pins never failed me. If you ask me, detachables are way to go but it is up to you at the end. Detachable ones gives you freedom to fix the way you want at the end. Every cable will fail eventually but once it fails you can enter into an open sea of aftermarket cables from budget price to high end and see what suits you...
My own experience tells me this: It is the tuning not x-over or number of BAs.. Tuning makes the monitor perfect, call it a c/iem or headphone or speaker.. It is the tuning guys.
M1 is seriously good, it has an incredible value. Glad to see you enjoy your monitors mate.
So what will happen to the old owners who had 2+2 sound tube design? It is what Hidition did with NT6 and NT6 Pro family and many were angry about it. Now Lear does it, change the design of the product without introducing a new product or something.   I am not an owner of 4.2 but this pushed me away from buying the ciem. Who knows maybe after I buy, they will change it once again.
Well it is the SE5way Reference aka the Vocal Master
 Agreed with you there Duncan. There is no 1 ultimate player to rule them all. It is about matching and sound preference too.
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