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Well I don't have money to buy anything for the moment unless someone buys my SE5way 850 really looks like a nice iem would like to try out at least but I don't have possibility to do so. I will try to look after some higher end warm iems.  Maybe I can hit the spot somehow.
I believe, I also saved long time for my SE5way
I need money for it, as a student my wallet is extremely thin I am just trying to gather some information which might be useful in future who knows.
No worries mate. Also thank you for the warning too and congratz on your first custom, you went for one of the best brands in the world I see. I hope you enjoy them
I don't know about Sui but I think JVC FX850 has quite a V shaped response, I am not sure I would like that hot treble. I prefer my treble smoother, you know, easy on my ears, not fatiguing. The bass seems very impressive though.
My gf's opinion about my passion for audio is exactly the same. To her 20 euros Senn. iem is all she needs. I guess I am a bit on the safer side though because she is not an insane shopping person  I guess, we should stop derailing the thread
Are you a true audiophile or true lover test you mean? Well, here in head-fi, the answer is quite obvious I suppose
Yeah, the hype around JHA products is just unbelievable, as if they deserve it. Anyway, glad that you found your way to get what you exactly want.
First time I hear about them. Looks really cool, a bit beyerdynamic style.
They told me, ciems have basically no resale value so go big or go home. So I went big and ordered SE5way. Sound wise it was better than expected but man those fit issues + remolding really turn me off a bit. Until I find a very good audiologist in here Belgium I might just stay cool and try to enjoy SE5way.
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