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I wish we could really. Well, maybe you could but definitely but not me  
lol guys I am feeling lonely and sad, I too would like to meet with valuable friends! Also, I must bring some Belgian goodies to Peter, I gave him my word at the end of Music One review
@shakur1996 Yup, I tested it with SE5way of course. The player is "slightly" on the bright side especially on on upper mids section. While I wouldn't call SE5way dark, it gives a little bit sparkle to it which is nice in my opinion. It has a lot of juice to drive it so don't worry about it either. I generally like the sound a lot, to be honest, if I had money I would actually order one. I believe it is pretty close to the TOTL daps league in terms of sound and as for the...
I guess it should be more or less fine I guess. Still would like to demo of course but I have non around here, none of my friends have Noble universals.
I didn't have a chance to try new Noble line up but I did try Heir 5.0 from Dr. Moulton's old days and many other universals here like IE800, JVC850, W4, H200 etc etc. Heir 5.0 was one of the best design and fitting universal among the others. I can see from the pictures though the new designs are on the larger side but I don't know whether their nozzles have the same diameter or not.
QA360 is no slouch, keeping the price low, performance high. I seriously like that device. Also 901 needs to learn about how to be a durable and though from QA360
I am not sure I understood what makes the universal versions unergonomic. Can someone else also try to explain and share their experience? Looking at kova's picture with his special N6, I think they look ok but probably you can't really use the iems with deep fit insertion style kinda like Ety or something.
Seems like it might work but I can't say 100% unfortunately. For the price, it is worth to try it out I guess.
Depends on how close you are with Satan, you can have great deals in here too!
I feel sad that K10 gets all the attention and here I am dieing to read more and more about 8C and maybe if possible Noble 8 universal. Mostly the general sound signature and differences between K10.
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