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Even with low impedance like SE846?
....and they don't happen to produce it in universal form right? Like Lear's latest iem?
It seems like Viento-R could be a good choice for me, I am looking for a musical monitors like that.
That's a quite a price but I am sure you gonna like the extra storage. High res music takes huge space. Definitely 128 gb is not enough at all.
Calyx M supports too, in fact it is even better than DSD support. I believe there are still some resolution sizes AK downsamples but Calyx M play without a problem. I don't have much info about this thing cuz I couldn't care less about DSD but I remember reading it somewhere in head-fi.
Since Edition 5. /irony/
Let's see how will be my fit when it comes back to me again. Then I will see how the bass behaves. I am hoping I can get a better isolation and as an effect of it higher bass quantity. Source wise, man SE5way drained my wallet, I have Rockbox'd IPC and Clip+ so I don't expect it to rumble like a R10 or something. Let's hope the good fit will cure the problem so far then I will see if I can upgrade my dap too.
SE5way doesn't have much problem with me. I wish that I could increase the bass quantity and I seriously wish I could just get a good seal now and be done with it. These seal/isolation/fit/correct sound issues of ciems are tiring me sometimes really. It looks like I am gonna send my pair back to Grzegorz again. Not that it is his problem or something, I just can't find a good audiologist here in Belgium  Maybe I desire to increase bass quantity because my not so perfect...
pricejapan is way to go when you deal with importing something from Japan in my view, so if I ever manage to save enough for it and decide to buy, I would go for FX850 through pricejapan.
I don't think I will ever go for the Sui, lack of isolation is not good for me. If I can manage the money, I would to try out 850 though but that also means no money left for a dap
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