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That's why we have this head-fi for
Yeah he definitely knows what he is doing. He was the one who suggested Bloodwood to me
Looking forward to see them both in person Get that icewood thingy so we can see it in real life
Old Denon's are the best Denon's.
Well, with Peter's suggestion, we used Bloodwood on my red metallic SE5way remold with a black artwork on it. they are simply stunning. It was love at first sight and they still put a smile on my face each time I see them.   That said, icewood looks seriously cool. Maybe in my next Custom Art ciem we can use it     @portnoy83 Will you get a wooden faceplate too my friend?
Not stalking but come on I already owe Peter couple of beers anyway
You guys make me jelly. Maybe I should find a job in Poland and live there
Ouch... Sorry to hear that mate.
It will never be perfect, never
Euh, I was just, having a nice, warm walk down here. Nothing spectacular
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