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Yeah I got you now, sorry, I thought you just found the driver count too few and became sad about it.
What? lol not sure what you mean but if say that I am in a military mission or something, it will come soon yeah, it is mandatory in where I live unfortunately. I guess it is a sign that I should start focusing using my English more, since I left Belgium I don't really do much practice. Edit: Yeah I feel like a stupid now, I misunderstood you sorry mate, apologies
What is the price of Monet17 in USD or Euro? Also I might have missed it if already written but any idea about the sound signature? I know more or less how MH335DW sounds but have no idea what Monet17 does.
 What is sad about 6 driver 4 way? It is not about the driver count or something, tuning makes ciems awesome. I have heard things with fewer BAs inside that sounds better than many hyped products with 10 12 drivers. I can't give a name about anything as you can guess but what I am trying to say, please just stop prejudging things before you hear them by just looking at their driver count or specs.
I would give a better point on bass section but lower a little bit on mid and resolution I guess. Nevertheless thanks my friend for such an awesome list
It should be a serious upgrade over DX90 mate. Not just the sound but also UI, battery life, capacity etc.. Yeah form factor will be bigger and thicker but hey, we are in head-fi right?
Good looking ciem seriously and I also like the cable a lot. How are the sound impressions? I mean apart from the bass, any word on resolution and technical capabilities?
At the moment, my highest is Lotoo Paw Gold. I would probably put HM901 with balanced card behind it. then ZX2 and AK240 would follow but as I said I would choose ZX2 over AK240 any day. No worries mate, it is just, when people can't take both good and bad impressions about their devices sometimes it can become ugly. I didn't come here to write my thoughts and fight people about it. I just wanted to share my impressions and hey that's what head fi is for right?I tried back...
My friend told me it even past 200 hours actually. It was his unit and he is someone I know closely. I would trust his words. I still say it has a great sound reproduction. When I say this is bad and that is average, I don't mean it sounds like a 200 bucks smartphone, it is just a little behind the highest I heard from a dap in that segment. Otherwise it is a really good device and I say it again, if it wasn't for my financial problems I would have already bought one for...
You tell me my monitor is damaged? Dude, make some sense. I am familiar with what I am using for months. I just shared how I heard and my own thoughts. You are free to disagree with me but please don't try to talk sh*t about my ears or my equipment. If it wasn't the mid resolution of my monitor, I would probably talk even worse about ZX2's midrange performance. You guys who like ZX2, please stop fighting me about it, I am one of the fellas who also like ZX2 but I have no...
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