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Oh.. Well, that's definitely not good news
Maybe after all the unit is faulty and maybe there is really a nice sounding iem behind this good design.
project86 will write a review I believe.
Such sad news really. I had high hopes for this iem.
Not a good sign at all. Guess I will have to look somewhere else
How dare you talk like that in head-fi, you gonna get banned dude!
Around 500 euros in
Curious to see your impressions
Considering my situation, I don't think it will happen anytime soon mate, but thanks for the nice wishes.You are right, once the fit issues are solved, this a reference ciem that nothing can best it. I am sending it back to Peter today again for small adjustments. Gonna miss those bad boys.
Stop injecting poison into my veins my friend! I don't have money to buy it and I don't have anything to sell at the moment (well who would buy SE5way?).
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