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It has quite long canal sections, considering it is an acrylic monitor.   I remember M Fidelity was filling their shells with silicone before. Do they still use that method? Can't really say just by looking at the pic.
While I heard the H8P is closest to HD800 in sound signature, to my ears, they are quite a bit different. My personal advice would be Lear LCM BD4.2. or Hidition NT6 non pro version. Nothing bad against CA or Peter's products, I never heard something I didn't like from him. It is just I think HD800's flavor and sound signature is not something Peter tunes specifically in his product family. Another way is, Peter is making wonderful custom tuned, unique per owner ciems. You...
Well your ear impressions must be huge and your ear has quite a good size though, so making it big but flush was possible I guess For the ones with moderate or smallish ear size, if it is possible to make SE5way for them, I am sure it will stick out a little bit.   Though I never find that bothering me, it looks better than K10 or Rox pictures I seen in here.
I think if you search in this thread a little bit, you will get all the info you want.   In short, yes they stick out from the ears a little bit, but not a huge a lot.
lol Way to go mate, I am about to hit my 4000th post. Thinking about where should I write it. Probably also in here as well. Peter deserves this very little tiny miny gesture
Well that's a fair point, I agree with you here.
That I also agree but thin designs can also lead to reduced power and battery life unfortunately.
How dare you speak like that. Of course my amps are better than yours!!!! This is Head-Fi!!!   *sigh*
Who needs high resolution screens in daps my friend? They will suck out your battery.   A true dap should focus on audio reproduction at best with fast and useful UI, nothing else.
A little info for the catch up. Peter started to do my H8 non pro. I believe in in 10 days or so it will be shipped to me. Once I have spend enough time with it, I will share my impressions here. Probably I will also do a proper review in headgear section too. I remember my Music One review was so popular and helped Peter a lot. I am hoping H8 review will do the same. I have very high hopes for this monitor since I couldn't use my Crescent. I trust Peter's skills and...
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