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Ordering their ciems from here and with that price? No way. But let's say, if I had a chance to buy MH335DW, I would love to. It seems like that ciem can satisfy my hunger for bass.
@Mython Hey mate, apart from FitEar, EarSonics also makes acrylic filled acrylic shells I believe. Though what I read tells me FitEar's build quality is better than EarSonics.
Some like it hot in the low region. 
Custom Art, Peter. He does a remarkable job. He even remolded several Spiral Ear SE5ways (including mine). I say it that way cuz SE5way has a lot of internal wiring and very complex design. The only problem for you that comes to my mind is, Custom Art based in Eu, Poland. If I understand correctly not really close to your place. Then again, ultimately, my experience tells me, it provides better comfort thanks to forgiving nature of silicone and better isolation. Also more...
+1. Nothing happens to them in my experience. They absorb everything and no damage done so far.
Probably? I am sure Peter can do it good as new. The guy can make SE5way remolds man
That's why we have this head-fi for
Yeah he definitely knows what he is doing. He was the one who suggested Bloodwood to me
Looking forward to see them both in person Get that icewood thingy so we can see it in real life
Old Denon's are the best Denon's.
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