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Wow, didn't know about that really, thank you very much mate, I appreciate that. I was also quite interested in EM32 cuz I like my bass impactful and all but if it is pretty much like the Velvet, it can wait honestly. While I like the Velvet's bass section and general warmness, technical capabilities were not up to the level that I am used to. It wasn't bad, it is just, I have better.
 I have heard Velvet many times but never had a chance to try EM32 honestly. Now, from what I heard about Velvet pretty much matches with what I am hearing but if I compare it with what I "read" about the EM32, I don't feel the connection you mentioned between them. Honestly, whenever I see your posts or reviews, you put a smile on my face I really like your style and the way you describe things but I am not sure about this EM32-Velvet thingy my friend. Do you have any...
Actually I quite like the way they look but yeah when you put high res image into a very small space like ciem faceplate, unfortunately it won't be as clear as the image itself. Again, I think they did a nice job there. Could it be better? Probably, yeah but I would be still fine with the result. It looks just fine, try to enjoy it mate
Maybe EM32? I remembering reading it has lifts in both bass and treble but also front stage positioning?
Null Audio is very helpful as far as I know.
That thickness though...
H8P for 350 USD? Damn it is a good price..
In my experience, acrylic can shatter and have cracks. Silicone absorbs the damage so nothing is happening. Spiral Ear's silicone ciem quality is just out of this world, workmanship and attention to detail is very high mate.
+1. Same experience here.
It is not like I want to let them go, I was addicted to Crescent but couldn't listen to them for more than 30 mins or something. I was thinking I would never ever thinking about selling H8 cuz to me it is the "Dark Perfection" but.. Sh*t happens my friend  Ei.3 still with me and sure as hell I will be coming back to Peter later on after I put my life in order.
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