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Yeah sorry man, I am not really spending lots of time in head-fi and has a lot of problems in my day to day life. I must have simply forgot about it, sorry. Btw, that's quite a price actually. Let's really hope that it punches way too hard. I am experienced enough to see "more drivers" don't mean "better sound". Tuning and engineering behind it provides the sound.
Do we know the price of Aether or it was covered but I missed it?
Let the wait begin, once again..
Damn.. Those faceplates look out of this world.
Oh I get it. Well fingers crossed to read more about them in future.
Quite pricy. When we will get some real info about it mate?
According to that review treble sometimes can get too metallic. When I tried my friends ciem, I also felt that sometimes metallic treble tune. Apparently I am not the only one. Maybe non pro would perform better in this section?   All and all it was a good high end ciem but the signature wasn't my cup of tea unfortunately. Otherwise I would be owning my own H8P right now.
Music One has actually quite a nice bass but it is not overwhelming, it is there when it is called but it doesn't ruin the music when it is not in the recording. At first I thought they were basslight but listening them in long term proved me wrong, they are actually quite realistic in low end region.
It looks very cool actually but what about the specs? Capacity for example? Does it support sd or micro sd cards? UI and dac chips? Any info would be appreciated.
Things are getting ridiculous. Seriously, it is becoming out of control.
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