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I wouldn't call them beta testers, it was more like initial supporters, first buyers. They get the same product with other people who bought after the reduction ends.
I think Music Two could be good, it has boosted lows and highs, kinda like U shaped signature. Many users usually say V and U signatures are "fun" type of sound, it might suit you good. You may want to check tomscy2000'sin review.   As for the manufacturer and customer service, I doubt anyone can best Peter's friendliness.
Prepare yourself to hear the updates price too
I too like to live dangerously but not with my 1k+ ciems
I think longer tubes bring more presence in midrange and vocals a bit but I don't have technical knowledge to be sure of course.
I don't think Peter would make shorter sound tubes thus shorter canal parts. The length of the sound tubes also have an effect on the sound, you change them, they are not H8P anymore.
That kinda made me laugh seriously. I think he is the only insider I know that does reshell at the half price of the original product no matter what monitor is that. So more or less 1300 euros SE5way reference reshell will cost you about 650 euros. If you have SE1way pro I guess it will cost you about 115 euros or something to reshell it.   I don't get the idea behind it. More complex mechanism? More precise work is needed?   Well, Peter did awesome job and even fixed...
Right now I am rocking them with Queen songs.. Music One, smash!
But other parts of the spectrum makes me worried :) I will see when the time comes anyway it is too early for me now. I am so busy with this masters program.
Why manufacturers tend to make ciem designs usually less than 4 or 3. 5 bores is very rare only SE5way and Penta have it as far as I know.
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