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Calyx M supports too, in fact it is even better than DSD support. I believe there are still some resolution sizes AK downsamples but Calyx M play without a problem. I don't have much info about this thing cuz I couldn't care less about DSD but I remember reading it somewhere in head-fi.
Since Edition 5. /irony/
Let's see how will be my fit when it comes back to me again. Then I will see how the bass behaves. I am hoping I can get a better isolation and as an effect of it higher bass quantity. Source wise, man SE5way drained my wallet, I have Rockbox'd IPC and Clip+ so I don't expect it to rumble like a R10 or something. Let's hope the good fit will cure the problem so far then I will see if I can upgrade my dap too.
SE5way doesn't have much problem with me. I wish that I could increase the bass quantity and I seriously wish I could just get a good seal now and be done with it. These seal/isolation/fit/correct sound issues of ciems are tiring me sometimes really. It looks like I am gonna send my pair back to Grzegorz again. Not that it is his problem or something, I just can't find a good audiologist here in Belgium  Maybe I desire to increase bass quantity because my not so perfect...
pricejapan is way to go when you deal with importing something from Japan in my view, so if I ever manage to save enough for it and decide to buy, I would go for FX850 through pricejapan.
I don't think I will ever go for the Sui, lack of isolation is not good for me. If I can manage the money, I would to try out 850 though but that also means no money left for a dap
Well I don't have money to buy anything for the moment unless someone buys my SE5way 850 really looks like a nice iem would like to try out at least but I don't have possibility to do so. I will try to look after some higher end warm iems.  Maybe I can hit the spot somehow.
I believe, I also saved long time for my SE5way
I need money for it, as a student my wallet is extremely thin I am just trying to gather some information which might be useful in future who knows.
No worries mate. Also thank you for the warning too and congratz on your first custom, you went for one of the best brands in the world I see. I hope you enjoy them
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