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Omg this sounds naughty.
Considering the price and Rockbox software, while the sound can stay just OK, I believe the value goes really high.To come back to Custom Art ciems, I must admit, today, I chose Music One over my SE5way to use on my way to lab. Man, you created one hell of a ciem with single driver and incredible price. Even a person like me, who absolutely looks for relaxed, polite treble, loves the Music One's high frequencies. It is so revealing yet smooth with nice air. Now that I have...
To be honest, Clip+ and latest generation IPC 160gb are good sources when they are Rockbox'd. No, I am not comparing them to HM901 or something but they punch waaaay above their price points.
Short research and I found this:   Shipping from Spain.   Yes, thanks to the Eu laws and taxes and all, the price is higher than buying from Asia but you will pay less shipping and you will have a warranty, if you have problem you don't need to send it to the other side of the world.
Well, then they have pretty much no use in EU deals thread I guess...
Isn't it Asian shop? They ship from Asia I believe.
He is also pretty good at jokes too, his comments always make me laugh
Joke or serious?
Well said my friend  But I believe, also H8P and H8 are must have, unique monitors too. Thumbs up to Peter once again.. Now if you excuse me, I need to rob a bank
You gonna love it trust me. If you want comparison, I believe tupac can help you here since he has both. In Custom Art thread he made a nice review-ish too, there was also the comparison you are looking for.
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