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They are recessed a bit yeah but it is not like you can't hear mids. Also mid tonality is on the lush side if I recall correctly. Just be sure that you want a bone shaking bass cuz they have it.
Yup, the last I heard Custom Art stopped doing remolds for Spiral Ear monitors. I don't know if Peter changed his mind since then though.
Wishing a lifetime happiness to both of you, congratz
@taffy2207 You da real MVP man!
I also hope to get one of those ciems but outside of Japan it seems pretty impossible. I am not even in Asia so I have a very little chance I guess
Driver number doesn't mean much in audio business mate, it is the tuning you should be aware of   Check this out:
Molotovs you say? Reminded me of my old GTA playing times. Whatever makes me angry or just flatout I wanna go crazy, molotovs were my best friend
Both are super cool, their craftsmanship are at top level. Handcrafted in Germany gotta stand for something right?
Well I don't see any problem with that review, it is totally understandable. Yes he really goes into deep with technical capabilities which is a good thing, it means he takes his time to understand what each monitor is fully capable of and compare them.   I quite enjoyed it. It seems W500 is a TOTL monitor but can stay behind of a few monitors when you get into the ultimate resolution, separation and transparency. Still a unique piece of engineerging obviosly and for...
Maybe a silver cable to brighten up things can be a nice addition
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