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It can be a probably very good complementary ciem but not the best " my only one " ciem I guess. It seems like it has quite a colored but joyful signature. I would like it, especially put next to the SE5way and choose the one depends on my mood. Let's see what the future will bring
Thanks mate! They look stunning, surely FitEar's build quality is just beyond others. Well, congratz
I am curious about the faceplate area, if you don't mind can you take a picture of it please?
@Mimouille That's a very nice looking cable Mim, congratz. How is your experience with 335 so far? Does it perform at the level of NT6, SE5way and all?
So you can see the crazy internals
An idea for your SE5way?
Dude they look awesome. Seriously, wonderful job Peter and congratz on your new ciems Fabaaroan.
Hey sent me too I am also curious! The more opinions I learn the better it gets. For example after our talk about SE846 and trying it out "finally" I totally accepted that you were right and I actually quite like the iem.
If price is not an issue, add SE5way on your list mate. I am not saying H8P, K10 or V6XC are bad iems, of course and obviously not. Heck, if I had cash I would order K10 "right now" (also 8C too I am very curious about it) but as an owner of SE5way, I can definitely say it is also in the usual suspects. When you go this level in ciems, the highest of high, it boils down to sound signature and presentation preferences mostly. I am sure all of them performs at very high...
Btw guys,
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