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lol'd, very hard. Well played Mim, well played
Around 18k or 19k I think. More experienced headfiers can correct me of course.
Well, that's it then. When I get the money, I am so going to order one for me. I will first demo both models and get the one I like.   I hope we can do something with the price too
Sure I am gonna try. If I really like it and find good sonic differences, I think I am gonna order one for my SE5way too.
Sub'd. When I go back in Turkey, I will probably shoot an email about these cables. The prices are a bit on the higher side though but we will see how it goes   Thanks to portnoy for making me discover these secret diamonds.
lol I meant his Music One. He is going to get one soon
Would like to see yours too when the time comes
It is really nice to see all these happy people here. I got the best ever service of my life from Peter and unsurprisingly he just improves his quality. This guy is some kind of diamond or jewel of the audiophile world.   I wish I could afford H8 now
To be honest, bright and lack of low end are not my cup of tea but of course I can demo it since it is the universal version. I like the cables though, I will give it a try probably.
How is Mentor sounding? I read some bad things about it, not sure how it really performs. Apart from that cool-interesting cables.
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