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With Ultimate as far as I know. Since then Grzegorz has those options I think.
Thanks mate, much appreciated.
Get the SE5way Ulti and close the ciem book for a long while.
Literally laughed out loud  Ciems over studies any day eeeeerrrry day man! PS: Just/Kidding.
Yeah there are some ways but I will just go and do man I have been postponing it cuz of my masters for a long time, I have no other ways to postpone it anymore, I think I will be in the army in February. Anyway, enough with the off topic chat I wonder how much better this Ei.XX will be compared to Ei.3 I got. Ei.3 is already a serious performer and does some things extremely good. I could just imagine that it will be upgraded/updated version of it.
Yeah I got you now, sorry, I thought you just found the driver count too few and became sad about it.
What? lol not sure what you mean but if say that I am in a military mission or something, it will come soon yeah, it is mandatory in where I live unfortunately. I guess it is a sign that I should start focusing using my English more, since I left Belgium I don't really do much practice. Edit: Yeah I feel like a stupid now, I misunderstood you sorry mate, apologies
What is the price of Monet17 in USD or Euro? Also I might have missed it if already written but any idea about the sound signature? I know more or less how MH335DW sounds but have no idea what Monet17 does.
 What is sad about 6 driver 4 way? It is not about the driver count or something, tuning makes ciems awesome. I have heard things with fewer BAs inside that sounds better than many hyped products with 10 12 drivers. I can't give a name about anything as you can guess but what I am trying to say, please just stop prejudging things before you hear them by just looking at their driver count or specs.
I would give a better point on bass section but lower a little bit on mid and resolution I guess. Nevertheless thanks my friend for such an awesome list
New Posts  All Forums: