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Gotta make the list bigger. I don't mean in size but I am sure you will add other monitors in time :)
Well looks like my knowledge on this topic was pretty bad. Thank you Peter for correcting me and informing us, still being awesome I see
Considering they can fill the shell with silicone, it means your monitors don't have any dynamic driver, in that case, I would put my vote on "no effect on sound" however I am not a manufacturer and my technical knowledge can be lacking, so don't take my word for truth.   If I were in your shoes though, I would also go for silicone filling, it makes them more durable and isolation improves quite vastly.
Ears will change with growing up or also losing/gaining lots of weight. After losing so many kilos, I also needed refits for my old monitors, they were not FitEar monitors but they were ciems. You might want to keep these facts in mind. I am not trying to say it will happen to you, but in my experience there is a good chance.
The cable looks a bit short isn't it? What is the length?
It doesn't go deep actually, it is around the entry part of the tube. I will clean it today with a needle. Thanks Peter and everybody for the help
Just the tip
Provided cleaning tools metal loop can't enter into it, that small I am thinking about the same thing but afraid of damaging the ciem. I might as well wait for Peter's suggestion or opinion about this small needle thingy.
It has been a bit quite here I guess lately, well I have a small question to ask to every CA ciem owner as well as Peter.   I got some ear wax in one side of my Ei.3's sound tube, the problem is, the tube got clogged is the small one, I can't really get into it with the provided cleaning tool, the brush part doesn't clean anything unfortunately and the metal wire can't enter to the hole since the hole diameter is too small. Any advice how to clean it without damaging the...
Well, with that amount of bass, there will be always bleeding into other frequencies but the question here remains, how much of this bleeding you can accept? I like bass and I found the bleeding "tolerable" but it doesn't mean everyone will think this way. If your budget extends to SEM9, you might wanna go for it instead of Velvet. I, recently had a chance to demo it, I was quite impressed to be honest. It is like Velvet but with pinpoint twerks here and there. The overall...
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