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Whatever I tried from SilverFi was good, I think that we can all agree. Wish I had time to do a comparison/review by using my SE5way. Maybe in the future we can arrange something like that but nowadays it seems pretty long shot.
But I like IEM2 more with the SE5way. IEM1 was I remember it nicely but the stunning performance came from IEM2. It has been a long time though, I wish I could demo them again and hopefully with the new additions but nowadays I am really busy, ain't got no time for audiophile world.
Take Joe's SE5way review. Lotsa comparisons over there and I agree with DrSheep, let's stay on Noble subject and close Spiral Ears. All I wanted to say was it is not very easily acquirable ciem, though easier than FitEar.
Some talk a lot don't they? Well if some say, you are free to believe them of course. I can also add, while SE5way has a huge 3D soundstage, this awesome soundstage is not one of the best features it has so imagine the good and strong points. Anyway, it is Noble thread and I really don't want to discuss SE5way here. I just wanted to say, it is also difficult to obtain thanks to Grzegorz who doesn't sell outside of Eu unless there is a transport system or whatnot. It is...
SE5way is a total king and it is also quite difficult to get too.
 Dat metal box though. Classy. I also like the presentation and dap itself, very cool looking device.
Nope, I would like to kindly disagree Victor. To my ears (with not so perfect fit though) H8P is quite colored and I wouldn't call it neutral actually. Also the vocals are not really front either it is kinda laidback in vocal presentation, SE5way has vocals up front and closer to the listener. Again, I am not denying the technical capabilities of H8P, they are quite unique both in presentation and signature but I wouldn't recommend it to someone who wants neutral with...
It can be a probably very good complementary ciem but not the best " my only one " ciem I guess. It seems like it has quite a colored but joyful signature. I would like it, especially put next to the SE5way and choose the one depends on my mood. Let's see what the future will bring
Thanks mate! They look stunning, surely FitEar's build quality is just beyond others. Well, congratz
I am curious about the faceplate area, if you don't mind can you take a picture of it please?
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