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Joke or serious?
Well said my friend  But I believe, also H8P and H8 are must have, unique monitors too. Thumbs up to Peter once again.. Now if you excuse me, I need to rob a bank
You gonna love it trust me. If you want comparison, I believe tupac can help you here since he has both. In Custom Art thread he made a nice review-ish too, there was also the comparison you are looking for.
You got a question with H8P? There are many experienced and trustworthy people who have it, I am sure they can help you. I am not saying AJ shouldn't review, it is just, we can already find some good reviews about H8P. When it comes to BD4.2, there is almost nothing. There is only 'Straya tour and their view was mostly bad so I wonder if this 4 BA 2 DD hybrid c/iem is really that bad or not. There is also project86 who should review them but as far as I can see, he is busy...
Glad to hear it. I am curious about the whole review but especially waiting for SE5way comparison.
AJ, when we will see complete reviews of Lear BD4.2? (both custom and universal)
I think it is more like "getting used to it". What about cable burn-in?
Apparently it will be sold only in Japan. Anyway it goes offtopic here so let's go back to Ref1 guys
Maestro? I now Mentor but what is Maestro? Is it even a newer model than Mentor?
Slightly off topic but, in my limited experience, I believe it is really difficult to best SE5way's vocal performance.  I never heard something more livelier and realistic as long as the vocals concerned. Too bad portnoy, your tiny ears won't let you get it   However I believe tupac, if he says it is good, you bet it will knock your socks off.
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