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Things are getting ridiculous. Seriously, it is becoming out of control.
Buys 1600 USD custom in ear monitors, have no idea how to use it.   Could be a good internet meme though.   To me it is very interesting that someone just pays for it goes for it without even know how to use it.   I make a research for weeks maybe months before I buy something that expensive. It is not your 5 euros snack meal, geez.
It is not the bitrate is matter, it is the recording/mastering quality. A good record will sound just fine in 16bit flac as it would in high res or DSD format.
Actually the time I spend on head-fi greatly reduced, as I have a lot of things to deal in my life nowadays. Though I can't leave this thread alone, Peter is extremely helpful and talented guy also my experience with him is nothing less than perfect. He deserves the support so I am here to help others as much as I can. Congratz on Music Two
Not necessarily better but different sound signature. M1 is a real legend as I am listening them right as I type. They are more balanced and mid centric so probably it wouldn't suit your gym activities that's why M2 is a better choice. As for the cable option, try discussing it with Peter, I think he knows the best as he makes the product actually.
I wouldn't call them beta testers, it was more like initial supporters, first buyers. They get the same product with other people who bought after the reduction ends.
I think Music Two could be good, it has boosted lows and highs, kinda like U shaped signature. Many users usually say V and U signatures are "fun" type of sound, it might suit you good. You may want to check tomscy2000'sin review.   As for the manufacturer and customer service, I doubt anyone can best Peter's friendliness.
Prepare yourself to hear the updates price too
I too like to live dangerously but not with my 1k+ ciems
I think longer tubes bring more presence in midrange and vocals a bit but I don't have technical knowledge to be sure of course.
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