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Something is fishy with the LUF version. As long as Lear doesn't fix it, I doubt we will see many sales. LCM seems completely fine though, even scoring higher than SE5way and NT6 family.   @average_joe Do you think it is possible for you to get completely new LUF BD4.2?
Apparently the differences between custom and universal BD4.2 is pretty huge so.. I don't know but it doesn't smell nice at the moment
The differences between LCM and LUF version also bothers me a lot too.. I wonder how the all thing will turn out at the end. If the LUF version will come close to the LCM, I might actually try to find a way to get it, otherwise I have another universal in my list.
No no I don't believe you, show me proof or something, I am sure you must have bought 5 customs 3 universals and at least 2 daps plus a couple of different cables during that time
There is no wax or something, it looks perfectly fine until you touch then you feel it has a very gliding surface. Sure it helps to insert them but you know.. I felt like I need to clean them a bit.
Sound tubes are not problem, it is the outer surface that feels greasy
You have been in a break? lol
While it helps it is true, I feel like it shouldn't be that slippery. It feels like, it is dirty or something. @shakur1996 Thank you mate, I guess I will have to find something like that too.
I have a question to Peter and all other Custom Art ciem users.   With time as you know the outer surface of the ciem becomes slippery (greasy?) a little bit. I always clean the sound tubes after each use but do you guys clean the outer surface of the ciem? If so, how do you clean, what would you suggest me?
Oh sorry I didn't mean to do that to you Get SA43 or 4.2 as long as the cash flows towards your direction Honestly if I had cash right here right now I would order 4.2.
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