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I didn't do a volume matched test so you might be right but I remember reading that different programs can sound different from each other. Btw did you sell your R10?
Same drivers, chip and ears but software and its processing way can have an effect on the sound reproduction. That being said, obviously I didn't try it on R10 since I don't have it.
Omg, this is my Nr 1 at the moment. Definitely the best design I seen so far.
Would you tell me if somebody sells them in Eu region? I have no skill to do it by myself but if someone reliable sells 480 gb gb ipod 5th gen with already Rb in it, I am willing to buy one.
James, I really hope you can consider our suggestions. The design, balanced outputs and capacity are the main points I think.
Yes, we talked with Mython for quite some time and decide what would be good to have on in a flagship product.   It seems like high capacity is really an issue. Calyx finally made some good moves related to it with 64 gb + normal sd slot + micro sd slot. What we suggest is, bring a high capacity (500 gb or more) but bring it the way you want. SSD might increase the cost but probably nobody would argue with it, since it might be the best option out there. Since we are in...
They should seriously release some more information.
So far, all I can say is, Peter even helps to his customers on holidays. Always reply emails in a very short time. Usually I get direct answers, if not, he still manages to reply my questions in the same day.   We are talking about excellent service here. As my situation was a bit funky, I had a lot of things to ask but Peter answered everything with patience and knowledge. I am really satisfied so far.   This morning I sent the ear impressions to him, I am getting...
And you wonder why?
I read tons of comments saying people prefer ZX1's own player program rather than something from Play Store. As for WiFi streaming, yes people use it but I couldn't care it less I guess. To me and my way of listening to music, it is completely useless. ZX1 would be the perfect dap for me if Sony brought more capacity, min 256 gb is what I am looking for.
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