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They should seriously release some more information.
So far, all I can say is, Peter even helps to his customers on holidays. Always reply emails in a very short time. Usually I get direct answers, if not, he still manages to reply my questions in the same day.   We are talking about excellent service here. As my situation was a bit funky, I had a lot of things to ask but Peter answered everything with patience and knowledge. I am really satisfied so far.   This morning I sent the ear impressions to him, I am getting...
And you wonder why?
I read tons of comments saying people prefer ZX1's own player program rather than something from Play Store. As for WiFi streaming, yes people use it but I couldn't care it less I guess. To me and my way of listening to music, it is completely useless. ZX1 would be the perfect dap for me if Sony brought more capacity, min 256 gb is what I am looking for.
There is nothing on though. I am waiting for more details on this dap including price and release date.
British humor is the best humor. I still watch and like Monty Python  PS: I am not British and English is not my native language.
Android can be used as an open software platform that won't crush the player every other minute.   If they bring a nice player as a default, who needs poweramp and things.I prefer Cowon to bring a nicely done player not need something extra to work good after getting it. As for streaming, completely useless to me and I really don't see the point of it. Call me oldschool if you want.
I really can't believe people still asking for useless google play store and wifi in a high end dap. Go get a smartphone for these things. If ever high end dap producers start putting wifi and other things in their daps, it will just help increasing their price. I can't understand how people value wifi in daps like that. Does HM901 has wi fi? DX100/R10 had wi fi, how many people used it really? People even complain that it is useless and waste of space in the dap, as an...
Of course!
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