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It looks like my Ei.3 got stuck in customs I will probably get the package next week instead of this one..
I should have the Ei.3 somewhere around this week. Very very excited indeed. I saw there was a review of it by a fellow head-fier but I didn't read it. I don't wanna spoil   Knowing Peter, I think it will be tuned wonderfully again and create big sound from inexpensive package.
As well as someone talented who knows how to process them and work around with them
I changed that audiologist as you know and look how it turned out? H8 has the perfect fit
I was just pulling your leg mate, no worries  Glad to hear that you are having fun times with Venom
6 sound tubes made the canal section too thick. Yes, first ever 6 BA 6 WAY 6 Tubes.. The sound was addicting but I never got to listen to them for a long time unfortunately. Now I have H8 instead of Crescent. Honestly, I would put them around the same level but a little bit different presentations and signatures from each others. H8 surprised me, not that I was expecting something bad from Peter but oh boy, they really sound stunning. The music is so magical and effortless...
Sirenia, I am the saddest guy on head-fi cuz you didn't mention my custom tuned project, the beloved Crescent (just kidding mate ). God I miss its unique signature.. Wish I could listen to them 30 minutes without an headache
Agreed. Those Velodyne's look disgusting.
lol I am actually sick, finally returned to my computer after a long break so I am checking what I was missing.
Hey, I try so hard not to learn anything about their sound signature, don't spoil it will ya
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