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When you ask for a longer canal, it doesn't mean they are supposed to do, because it will change the sound too up to some point + there is a chance of discomfort. So they usually measure their sound tube lengths and build the ciem according to it.   Having said that, some companies usually build their ciems pretty long. Spiral Ear comes to my mind first as I own one. I think Hidition also builds pretty long too.   As for the isolation. Silicone earpieces are the best I...
If you are in France and you are willing to pay 1700 euros for FitEars, help yourself and either get Harmony 8 (pro or non pro it is up to you) or Spiral Ear SE5way. Both are wonderful choices and I am sure you will be more than happy to own one. It is not my place to compare two sides as I only have SE5way, but what I read tells me that, both SE5way and H8 can be easier on your wallet and stronger on your ears. However after you come this far and willing to pay high end...
Sorry to go towards off-topic but you seriously made me laugh Well played dear mod AnakChan.
Why not Harmony 8 Pro?   Among the ones you can choose, I feel like MH334 might be good for you while MH335DW would be too bassy.
Why it shouldn't? Both use MMCX type.
He tried many and have lots of high end things but I think he is yet to purchase a Harmony 8. Still that he is spending time in this thread tells me that he is not far away from owning one
Well that can be tricky, you know, 80s metal albums and all... Oh god some of them are seriously awful. Looking forward to see that beauties in my hand, Peter "again" did an outstanding job apparently.
So @portnoy83 I take it as you really like it so far?
Contact folks, they might be able to help you. Explain your problem and say that you need a replacement battery for your R10, if they can find and buy it, I am almost certain they can sell it to you too.   They are not only selling what is listed in their website, they sell pretty much everything from Japan, if they can find it and all of course.
Omg I think this is the 4th different version of Sorensiim's name. No one can just catch it quite correctly, right @Sorensiim?   Maybe they do it on purpose too, hmmm.   On the other hand for amp suggestions, why not go balanced and get Duet?
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