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Add Rocoo p in the list! Gave my hd 25 wide soundstage. Yeahh! 
It is totally different from the other players I've tried. All the flaws that I can think of that does exist on the hd 25 are all fixed/improved. The peaky treble is gone, better mid and sub bass, super smooth mids and lastly, the soundstage became wider. Definitely a perfect DAP for hd 25.
I'm gonna put my eye on this thread. Ever since I tried this DAP with my trusty hd 25, I've been really addicted it. A perfect match for those who wants their hd 25 improve in soundstage and overall SQ.. 
Or you may want to consider adding an amp on your current rig,,I happen to have the same problem btw, but with constant usage, the piercing treble went away and it is fun now to listen to..
Thanks for the reply. any other inputs? TIA
The title says it all..My current DAP is an ipod touch 4th gen..Thanks in advance!:)
Just wanna revive this thread.. How's the sound of Senns HD 25 paired up with Fiio e11? TIA
I currently own one.. If you're using an idevice, and has the an eq app from the app does really make my track HD's is now clearer and fuller..the soundstage did improve as well..
I'm lovin' my tracks HD..with an EQ really does's not muddy anymore and the soundstage became wider..
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