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I guess no one knows which foam tips would match the size of the single flange medium tips that come with the a161 ? Guess I'll just try all of them than .. 
Hi, I'm looking to buy these foam tips for a161p meelectronics but not sure what size to get . I only use single flange medium sized ear tips that come with the a161p so should I just get the medium sized comply foam tips ? Would those be the most similar in size to what Im using right now ? 
Has anyone personally used the T-tips for the a161p ? I'm trying to decide which size would be best, s / m / l . I'm currently using the single-flanged medium sized ear tips for the a161p. Should I just go for the medium T-tips , would it be similar in size to what i'm using right now ?  
Ok, so there are 5 types, active, isolation, comfort, isolation plus and comfort plus . Which one is the best or most popular ? 
Hi, which comply foam tips are compatible with meelectronics a161p ? Or which ones are the best, t-100, t-400 or p series ? 
so you don't feel any moisture/wetness in the ear when you take out the Klipsch ear buds ? That's my main concern for now anyway , how are these foam tips ? 
Hi, this is kind of unique but are there any eartips that don't cause moisture to form when left in the ears to long ? Sorry if its not clear, just when I use ear tips in my ears, and take them out, my ears feel kind of sweaty/wet. This is a problem for me because I have eczema ( itchy skin ) which is triggered by my sweat. So now I'm constantly scratching my ears.    I'm currently using a161p with the eartips it comes with.    Before when I used to use some...
no, they fit fine, just I wanted to try some foam tips 
hey guys, I'm not satisfied with the ear tips included with the a161p. Any recommendations on other tips that would make these sound great? I was thinking foam tips but don't know which will fit the a161p 
any recommendations on tips to use with the a161p? I was thinking about foam tips.. I'm not satisfied with the ear tips included 
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