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It's easy. Take the internal dimensions of the alloy cup. Take the dimensions of the driver then divide the difference by two 😀
Here try this guy
I bought some spirit labs cups and bought some alloy sleeves on here from a guy who had loads .the drivers then slide in beautifully and you can use the threaded holes with M4 grub screws to hold the drivers in place.I'll have a look and see who I bought the sleeves from if you like
What if you skimmed the excess wood of and then open up the grill( more open weave ) to compensate for the fact that the driver is to far in ?
Any body fancy some unused V4 drivers by any chance 😀😀
Here we have some of those lovely warm sounding V4 drivers. As you can see there brand new never used and have never been soldered. Will ship anywhere. Price is £85 plus shipping which is usually £12 insured and tracked to USA etc
I bet you get a nice controlled snap of the bass as it were.and yes I bet you about the space.its like the music is being restrained within the chamber and then whoosh of it goes in to ones origins of the brain.a pleasant smile appears on ones face almost of euphoria lol
Hi there Here we have a brand new set of V5 drivers that I horded away but never got around to using. I'm having a clear out so expect a few nice grado like oddities to appear over the next few weeks. These drivers were recieved with all black on the back but then the black paint started to come of when in the plastic bag that They were supplied in. As you can see the tabs haven't even got any solder on them so are totally unused.
Sorry forgot to say there brand new not even been soldered. They turned up scratched . Apparently it's the paint at fault
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