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Some grado cups I made a while ago with some of Martins gimbles etc
Hi there will you be doing an RS1 style cup bracket that all the way around the cup as Apposed to a c shape ?
Wow your still in tact with the project and as ever nice work 😀😀😀
Try the blue tak on the back of some grado drivers and put in the wooden cup with out making the will still hear a difference but I wouldn't have thought you would get a likeness from a different manufacturers driver
It stops the drivers from resonating so much ,dampens the high shrill that it can produce
I've a set of ms1-is in cocobolo cups and it calms the highs down,you do have to tune them a little though by pushing through every other hole in the driver then covering them with blue tak and placing some blue tak on the back of the metal part of the driver
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