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Indian rosewood
It's a shop that sells everything for a £1 like a dollar store it's sells everything from a can of Beans to hardware . Super markets like sainsburys are selling it for like £5 So it's a real bargain and the best thing is you don't get vibration from joining parts as it's all cast in one piece
Also the beauty of the mesh is that because it's cast plastic it doesn't fall to bits at the joints when cut and and be cut with scissors
An example of frying mesh
Try chip frying mesh ,it's heat proof and it's cast plastic so won't come undone ,if your in uk you can get a sheet of if in your pound shop
Cheers 😃😃😃😃
Grado 225i with hifiman connectors
Hi all I've just recieved my hf2 475 I've been listening to a little Bennett and sanatra and they sound wicked. Just played something else which is a higher pitch and I'm an hear a slight buzzing from the left driver ,I hope it's just the cable as it is slightly intimitent with the connection to the jack plug.
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