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That's ok we are all here to help and in search of the same thing lol
Ah ha now you see him now you don't lol
Nice to enjoy music as it was intended.im sitting in my garden listening to my ally Yplison and every second I'm getting blown away by how they sound πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Ok cheers for that.imfound it the other day.
Nice touch man πŸ˜€ How do they sound ?
Oops I've just ordered some more Yplison drivers to see what they sound like in my ebony wood cups. The more I listen to the all alloy cups the better they are sounding.im listening to Pink Floyd and i can't believe how well they behave.i was at there last tour some years ago.if I close my eyes I'm there in Paris in a big field enjoying myself.the placing of each instrument is just spot on not over shadowing each other's sound and tone.the sound of these headphones is...
Your most welcome. Anything to help
Ok so now my Sunday build is done after having my yummy roast. I've only listened to the V4 ally cups with mahogoney sleeves for about 10 minutes but yet again I can't get enough of the sound that they produce. They are some what darker than the Ypsilon drivers but they have that warm glowing articulate deep bass,highs are controlled and not to high but they still have the grado tone I'm glad to say but only clearer I have used a type two litz copper,silver and gold...
Not as yet but will let you know
Sunday roast all eaten 😁 Sunday build completed.wow these are one set of warm fluid sounding cans 😁
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