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Here we have a lovely pair of Grado 325is alloy cups with out the grado lettering. The price is £60 plus shipping
Some lovely cocobolo cups with mini xlr connectors in need of a little polish though 😀
The mini XLRs are really easy to solder as are the other end to.a little fiddly but worth the effort.I made my cable up of 8 wire solid core vampire wire.nkw that was fun and fiddly but most def worth the trialAnd error 😀
You may want to try these Neutrik tiny mini xlr chassis connectors as they have the nut on the back with a ring of metal at the front making it look a lot tidierYou can them pretty cheap any where
The start of something beutiful It's nice to be back on the lathe 😉
Pm also sent yesterday
Hey can I ask,what are you replacing the drivers with to put in the cups ?
Hi any pics please
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