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Hi there . Try fleasbaby,he is always up for making some nice cups. As to connectors I've fitted some nice Tiny Mini neutrik 3 pin and on the other end of the cable try an oyiade 3.5 as they have a nice way of plugging in to mobile phones with cases on them,most connectors are to big
@speedking very clever lol
What a wonderful question. It's all attention to detail these days
Alloy with wood sleeve
He is still in business as ive just purchased some gimbles of him the other week. I'll email him tonight and let him know that you wish to make contact
Hi there Are you trying to get hold off martin custom audio by email. If so ive had loads of emails replied by him .im in the UK and I usually get a reply within about 10 hours as of the time difference,perhaps His email reply is going to ur junk mail !!!
Hey are these still for sale ?
I punched holes in every other one then covered them with blueback.that way you don't get to much bass but it gives it a little more midrange.they start to sound whole
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