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How does the WS99 compare yo the PSB M4U 1?
Just got Audio Technica ATH-A900X, they sound very similar to the Shure SRH840, only slightly softer on the highs and a tad more bass. To me, the ATH-A900X FIT better than the Shure SRH840, but the comfort is worse on the Audio Technica ATH-A900X. I paid $126 for them, for the price, it's safe to say nothing beats them.
Thank you, the Shures are here to stay, until they no longer work. Then I'll buy another set. I'm actually most worried about the mids of a900x, only time will tell how they sound.
I purchased A900x headphone from another headfier recently and it comes in the mail tommorow. Coming from the Shure SRH840's what should I expect? Sound wise, what are some of the advantages of the A900x over the SRH840?     I love the SRH840's, just wish they had more bass, so purchased the PSB M4U 1and it was AMAZING!   Lots of bases, no recsessed mids, good highs. But the treble/highs just didn't sparkle/extend as much as I wanted it to and it was less detailed...
Non usb, in great condition. I rarely use it at all, and when I do, it's for gaming. For sale only.   A simple URL swap fixed the problem! NOTE: I gave the wrong feedback link to my previous buyer by accident (he purchased the PSB M4U 1 headphone). This is why there is feedback for this item( Bifrost) that I did not sell. I have since notified him of my problem so that it will be resolved.   Still for sale!     Pics.      
They are up for sale if anyone is interested. http://www.head-fi.org/t/714731/psb-m4u-1-black-199-free-shipping
Still for sale.
This headphone is in great condition sonically  and visually. No cracks, comes with all accessories except, 1/4" adapter. I have to look for it, and if I find it, the price will NOT increase. Free shipping, price is rock solid. I need to sell these headphones due to the necessity of transportation to and from community college, I would LOVE to keep them, but they must go. EDIT: I found the 1/4" adapter. Does not include cell phone cable.
New Posts  All Forums: