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I have a Logitech Z523 speaker system, and the other day I accidentally tugged on the right speaker's 3.5mm wire causing it to stop making noise, which can be seen here:   If I connect that 3.5mm wire to the PC, the rightspeaker makes no noise at all while the left one does. Instead the right one sits making a buzzing noise, connected or not. Also note that the 3.5mm wire goes from the right speaker to an audio port like my PC, the other cable connects to the subwoofer...
I have it now. The only difference is that I don't get a buzzing noise from it, and it has an amp which is very useful considering how quiet the PC volume is with the headphones.
I just found out it works fine on my computer but when connected to my speakers and PS3 it makes the noise. lol I was a bit compulsive by making this thread here..
For those that don't know what I'm talking about, this is what the spring looks like: , now it's just on the wire.     This doesn't sound like a problem right? IT SHOULDN'T BE! IT SHOULDN'T MATTER!!   But guess what, when the spring is not touching the metal (for reference): , the headphones make a buzzing noise. I tried to tape it to each other to make it touch but it doesn't have enough force. I tried forcing the spring back in, but the first 5 coils or so...
  OP didn't deliver.
Wow, the bass and sound quality on this song for a YouTube video is amazing. Anyways thanks for that information. Here's the song I was referring to:   Little bit off topic but wow my M50's are getting better in quality because now when I hear this song it feels like I'm listening to two songs at the same time, kind of annoying actually.
did it make a huge difference? thanks for the reply by the way.
Currently listening to a song and in the backround I can faintly hear a "whisper echo," for lack of a better term, of the vocals.   I've listened to other songs that have the same phenomena, but only in rap music, mainly rap music targeted towards potheads.
My iPod can get louder audio than my computer. I just got the M50's and when the volume is slightly high sometimes I can hear little crackles, etc.   If I buy one it would be htis one:   currently I have onboard audio, ALC892:
Logitech Z523 (Speakers) Manual:   Summary of speakers: Has a subwoofer which connects to the wall for power, 2.1 system.   Jack Adapter I just ordered:   Summary of adapter: 1/4-inch (6.35mm) to 3.5mm adapter. In other words, 3.5mm is female and 1/4...
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