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Granted I am dating myself - when the first Walkman's came out I was hooked in music.  As time went on, it wasn't until I was in college and majored in Audio Engineering did I really start to appreciate all the nuances of the music - not just the technical aspect but the all the subtle nuances as well. 
I'd have to say the best live show (granted it is theater vs. concert) was to go see Wicked in San Francisco.  The acting was great - they did really good in making the singing and the dialogue sound incredible.  
I wanted to say thank to V-Moda, Head-Fi, and all the reviewers - I just pulled the plug and put in my order via Amazon (should be here on Thursday).  I am looking forwards to reading more and experiencing these M-80's
Sounds great!  I love my Senn !!!!!
I plan on attending as the hotel is a short distance from SF! 
Cool - thanks for the contest!  Good luck to everyone 
About five feet. Eileen
There is a website that is called which has shareware where you can then transfer the music from the ipod to iTunes when you get your Mac later down the line. When you sync the iPod to iTunes it will just update over everything you have on it . Check out Xplay (the website is Eileen
With a great pair of headphones the ipod sounds great, but they sound even better with an amp
The Etys are really good with the Ipod. I use mine with and without a headphone amp, and they are really clear. I use my Ipod with Xplay (running pc and mac), and it is super easy to use.
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