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Just picked up a pair for gaming originally, but decided to keep these - working well here in the office   These are pretty awesome.  These are my first open-air design and I think I can get used to them
I received my C421 last week and am in absolute love with it.     I have paired it with the  V-Moda M80 headphones and it is so much better.  The sound stage is nice and open.  It definitely opened up the muddiness in the mids in the headphones.
So far I have - Concert Program, Preludes, Airs & Yodels, Signs of Life.   These songs are perfect while reading, cooking, and I can they will go well while entertaining for the holidays.
Wow !  I've listening to this for the past few days and I think it will be added to my list of favorites.  It's essentially instrumental kinda folksy - with lots of different instruments which are clearly defined.  Whoever did the recording did a really good job.   Many of you may know their single Perpetuum Motion used in a few PBS commercials
  I'm sure many have already read the past reviews of M-80 and if you haven't well go look it up - it's really worth the read.  I've had my M-80's for not quite a week yet and these are the most comfortable ones I've had so far (granted my only other frame of reference are HD600's).     I've used the headphones so far with MacBook, iPhone 4 & 1g, iPad, and iPad Nano 3g and it's been stellar in performance.  So far without any use of amp these sound just fine with...
After receiving them today i've been trying it with different genres classical to gaming soundtracks to punk and rap and they are damn awesome.  I will agree that with an added amp (cmoybb), it does get a little muddy moreso with tracks that bass laden to begin with.  It's nice to know I don't have to bring my little amp with me and I will still enjoy the headphones as is.  
For the iTunes app - No   My absolute favorite is the Thunderstorms. Oceans & Rivers are pretty suite. The wind ones are okay - to me it sounds a lot like white and pink noise.    
Bringing this thread somewhat to life!   I test all my headphones to Naturespace - the iTunes app as well as the individual tracks.  Amazing!
I agree the Japanese version of the Spirited Away OST is one of my favorites.  I think any of the soundtracks from Joe Hisaishi are good including Kids Return.    
Other than great forums like this - Slacker Radio and good ole' YouTube
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