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Actually I never used eBay as a seller (neither did my friend) Will find it out, thanks for the advise!
Not every Russian headphone enthusiast (even in such a european city as St.Petersburg) does speak - and even write - EnglishSo I am helping him to sell the stuff he doesn't need Andy
same thoughts, mate, same thoughts maybe people here are a bit afraid of my "on behalf" phrase, I don't knowI am even thinking of taking the headphone from my friend and selling them myself!
All the Tyll's article is in written in past simple, so I actually wouldn't assume the "I thought the Z1R was a significant improvement over the previously released MDR-Z7" as Z1R totally sucks.
Hi   I am selling my X00 mahogany cups from 1st x00 batch Their history can be found in x00 thread, briefly:   The cups are sanded to the base, treated with natural wax and oil and now they are stunning   Price includes fees and shipping anywhere   Video of sun playing on the cups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qczGRCoqYJg
Sooo many questions regarding these beauties   What is TPE driver? Is it some sort of dynamic driver? Arу there any photos oк it is top secret? Will these leak more or less than fostex|denon series (which are also semi-closed) What about data retreival and overall sound quality on low listening volumes (I'm thinking about new office headphone)   Sooo many questions...
As a proud owner of K.Odin I can tell you that its weight is okay for a long run. Surely it's a bit more than your fav slippers, but on can live with that.
I also use x00 with zmf omni pads And I do like the comfort and sound much more than with stock pads
I had a quality issue with lacquer coating I had a mahogany 1st drop x00
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