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Open headphone is not my choice - I'm looking for something new for my office rig And I have an Odin as my open hp   I had x00 for a year - I was in the 1st batch of mahoganies, my s/n was 1961 )) but I sold them because just got tired of them And the time has come for them to change the owner   So now I'm thinking about something new
Gentlemen, is there life after X00? What would the next step be? ZMF? or maybe the new giant Sony?
I liked these too much and just can't stop thinking about them   I would like to buy a universal version more (but would also think about a custom one, but not sure)   If you have one and want to get rid of it - please let me know   Andy
ZMF Lucius will continue a tradition of powerful headphones with strong background
anyone tried a linear PSU instead of wall plug on m9xx?
Guys, what's the best cable choice for Odins? The stock one sucks
For sale is a great and legendary Yamaha HP-1000 orthodynamic headphone   One of the most rarely available Grails in orthodynamic world, in great shape and package No plastic cracks or chips, fully working and great sounding   You get the headphone itself in a very good condition, a new (!) original headband strap, a spare HP1000 driver and a pair of spare holders Plus a box from YH1000   Will trade for your Yamaha YH-5m (plus cash)   Price is...
1) 75642 2) 72488 3) 70831
1) 122438 2) 146532 3) 155316
Actually I never used eBay as a seller (neither did my friend) Will find it out, thanks for the advise!
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