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Up for sale are the best earpads for Sine from VesperAudio   Price doesn't include shipping and fees
Up for sale is a cypher cable for Sine headphone Works perfectly   Reason for sale - I don't have an iDevice so I let this go   Price doesn't include shipping and fees
Brief translation of the above post from Max aka Hardcorist - the developer of Odin: 1. My listen was too short, I will need more listening on a better equipment, then I will realize that my Sine is much worse 2. The price is to be between 200 and 300 usd (around 250), but no news if it will be a Kennerton or a Fisher Audio product when finalized (and if it would be handcrafted in Russia or mass made in China) 3. The sound signature is already on hands, and the guys will...
Had a chance to briefly listen to a new prototype of a closed back portable headphone yesterday at a local meet It is in a very pre-alpha version, with some oem enclosure and awful plastic headband and earpads, but the sound is already looks (sorry) like Kennerton house sound. An Odin/Vali sound in a portable form would be very nice for hifi-addicted travellers.
how are these compared to Audeze Sine with Vesper pads?
I am so far away from my Odins And I do miss them soo much!
greens are surely the best
Oh, I know that virus quite well - we are good friends with Kennerton engineers that stand behind Odin and Vali, so plenty of surprises and interesting things!
I have only one Odin - and really don't need more Even more, I allow my audiophile buddies here in StP to borrow my Odin for a week to test on their system Just to make some more guys a bit happier
Open headphone is not my choice - I'm looking for something new for my office rig And I have an Odin as my open hp   I had x00 for a year - I was in the 1st batch of mahoganies, my s/n was 1961 )) but I sold them because just got tired of them And the time has come for them to change the owner   So now I'm thinking about something new
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