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I would say that they leak quite well. Because of their rectangular shape and a leakage hole behind earlobesBut it also depends on your volume settings lol
Got a very nice 1ft USB silver plated cable from Lavrivcables Highly recommended (just as a free bump)
I doubt that a MSRP $299 quite new headphone would be really sold new for just half a price. Think it's some asian fake
A million thanks for taking apart pictures of NADs! Seems that recabling them into balanced will not be a big deal.
Hi everyone,   Did someone already have an experience to disassemble NADs? Interested to make them balanced - as they already have dual entry.
(offtopic) AIFF is fully supported when you install rockbox on MA9 and Rockbox on MA9 is official and supported
Just tested subj with Brainwavz HM5 pads. Hey're a bit loose fit on these cans. Soundstage improved because of more air place inside the pad. But! bass has gone somewhere and didn't wand to show. And they began to leak sound way more. Changed back to stock pads.
They are really good. You wouldn't be dissapointed!Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk
Yes, there is a gap between driver plate and and the inner top of the earpad. And it is quite ok to put an ear there - well comfortable and not disturbing during long listening sessions. Performed some listening yesterday from my PC with Yulong U100 usb dac/amp - these hp sound very impressive. Not for a basshead IMO, as bass is quite clear and punchy although not overwhelming. Ordered myself a white one - tomorrow will receive it (btw, quite surprizing that here in...
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