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Hi For sale is my dap, paw5000 Mint condition, no scratches, full package Screen protector installed Price includes shipping but not fees
Hi for sale is a pack of 3 kobiconn connectors they were purchased this spring and never used   price includes shipping but not fees
the only thing that stops me from buying it is that it has no alac support will it be added in future firmware? all my music is in alac on a macbook, so I do't want to re-rip or convert anything at all
ALO Audio Int+ for trade now Plus I will add 3 Kobiconn male connectors for your balanced cables to be done!
No damage was done to the cups, it just began to grow one day from one of the cups edgesI have no idea or skills how to re-laquer the cups, I'm just so disappointed.
  Here's the flake photo And it looks like it's growing... damn
Mine laquer coating began to flake on one of the cups And Massdrop offered me a 10 usd off coupon for any next purchase Damn, I'm crying over my beloved headphone, which is now imperfect, and 10 bucks won't help it!
out of stock there   bump
Hi I want to buy several rsa/alo plugs (2 or 3), if you have some and want to sell me - please let me know Thank you Andy
WTB both types of focuspads please sell them to me!   Andy
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