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I won't post Mike Mercer's photos here due to copyright and respect, but here's the link to his Instagram: there. I didn't see any changes in AD exterior.
I am really curious about photos emerging in my Instagram feed. Does anyone has heard any rumors on Alpha Dog Prime headphone upcoming?
Dears, I've got a Centrance HiFi-M8 and iPod... but it's hard to use them with apple's long stock cable So looking for subj Andy
Yup, directly to idevice port
IPod 5 is supported. You can use your lightning to USB cable to connect.
Hi Heiti,   Unfortunately, I'm interested in selling the headphone only, as I need some free cash for source upgrade   Andy
Folks,   Putting on sale my perfect HP50 in white. There's not much to write about them: all we know that they really deserve the highest marks. Plenty of reviews all over headphone world, and here on head-fi.   About 150 hours on them; selling only because I use my setup only at work and got an Alpha Dog; so no need for portable cans.   Everything is included: headphone, 2 cables (1 with iOS mic and buttons), case, etc.   I'll cover the shipping
So? Any news on mini-m8 and Alpha Dogs synergy?
I've opened the cups - it's not a tricky thing and takes just 5 sec.I've also prepared 2 trrs jacks, a braided canare 4s6 and red/blue heatshrink. But then I got another hp, and decided to keep hp50 in stock variant to be sold easier.
I've chosen Alpha Dogs for upgrade. They are heavier, yes. But I used nads not for portable use. But ADs are more comfortable, more cosidered for long listening sessions due to better headbend design and alpha pads. ADs give better soundstage and instruments placing. ADs much more interesting in highs. ADs with doggie treats give a variety of sound tuning options. But forget about portability and ability to play from a pocket size device - I find ADs quite difficult to...
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