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I had a quality issue with lacquer coating I had a mahogany 1st drop x00
 You can look at them in my recent post - http://www.head-fi.org/t/788776/fostex-x-massdrop-th-x00-review/8520#post_12850472 As per the stand it is from these guys https://www.etsy.com/shop/RockwoodShop
So, finally, the de-lacquered mahogany cups are on their place       They imo do look much better, one can really enjoy the wood texture
For sale is a pair of Lawton Audio Angle pads Perfect condition, used for 2 months   Reason for selling is that I found ZMF Lambskin better suit my tastes   Price includes shipping anywhere along with PayPal fees
Right you are Anticeptic wood varnish was used to preserve wood from catching flew and any additional humidity
Actually I don't know yet - I am going to get the cups only on MondayThe inside of cups was cleaned from dust and a tattoo was made, nothing elseI am going to dampen the inside anyway
After several thoughts on my poor skillz in woodwork I decided to go to my friends in Kennerton for an advice and help. Here are the cups treated with Tikkurila anticeptic and finally sanded with 1000 - 2000 - 2400 sandpaper Then Carnauba wax was applied (to take care of the cups and preserve the wood) Finally the cups were powered by Kennerton Team from the inside Here is the wood video: https://youtu.be/qczGRCoqYJg
Actually I really don't know Some people make Universal fit from CIEM but I never came across such mods IRL
(on behalf of my good friend)   I'd like to sell my Tera Player that was modified by Russian enthusiast Sergey Yakovlev (Symmcat).   The result of modification is far better, than the stock device, especially in terms of quality of highs and lows. Moreover, the tonal balance has become neutral, while the stock one is a bit bright. Condition is mint. Including 64Gb SD.   Will trade for Lotoo PAW Gold   Price includes shipping anywhere with tracking, but not fees
(on behalf of my good friend)   Selling a Discman D-321 with a amp mod - amp section from 311 Great sounding CD player in perfect condition    Price includes shipping anywhere with tracking, but not fees
New Posts  All Forums: