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Guys,  does our hp contain 4pin entrance really ready for balanced connecton? or it just connects L- and R- to ground?
Looking for SYS preamp If you have one and do not need it please contact Thank you
I quite enjoy my PM3s with HiFi-M8 The great pairing, and with M8 treble tone boost I just receive the needed airness that lacks a bit in PM3s highs
Hi I am looking for this headphone If you have one that is willing to change its home please let me know Thank you Andy
Folks, want to try a balanced cable with my oppos If you have any suggestions, please pm Thank you andy
still available?
For sale is the BeoPlay H6 in Black/Grey   A very nice headphone, one of the best portable over-ears. And it looks good!   Box, carrying pouch, headphone and a cable with remote.   250 220 eur   Can trade for some interesting universal IEM   Please add 5% for fees, and we will split shipping (or even I will cover it myself)   Andy
For sale is a pair of USB A-B cables, best companions to use with dac/amp and a laptop or desktop.   I used them with my Centrance M8 and they worked flawlessly   pure silver 4x24 awg, the short one is sleeved in black teflon, the long one is bare.   Please add %4 for fees, and I will cover the shipping.   Trades are also accepted
For sale is Norse Audio Skuld IC 1m XLR (pair)   It's a copper based litz occ cu design (shielded); 2x24awg conductors per polarity   Please add 4% or gift, I will cover shipping   Andy
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