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Sometimes they're available at Mark Lawton's items in lawtonaudio.com (now out of stock)I purchased mine mint pair in Russia for nearly100 USD shippedI saw another pair on sale, if you wish I can pm the link on a russian forum
I went the other way and replaced the original x00 mahogany cups with 900 urushi cherry ones looks awesome and (maybe because of dampening or wood density or whatever magic) sounds fuller and richer imo
 I don't know whom to ask, really Massdrop stated a 2-year warranty on the original X00Then I received an offer of $10 coupon for a next purchase (instead of any warranty replacement or repair offer)Now Massdrop insider keeps silence in PM  I'm a bit confused with the situation and no way out.
I would be glad to, but, well, there was no offer for replacement or something similarmaybe this laquer fault is considered as "difference in wood" ))
 ...and no reply from Massdrop authorities. Meh.
@WillBright @jamor   sure   http://www.head-fi.org/t/788776/fostex-x-massdrop-th-x00-review/5220#post_12400191 http://www.head-fi.org/t/788776/fostex-x-massdrop-th-x00-review/5220#post_12400391   and helpdesk proposal:   a 10USD coupon for a QC failure in a $400 headphone - that was ridiculous   I am not a hater or something, I really like the sound of x00 - and they do still remain my office rig
I wonder will the laquer coating be still as crappy as it was on original x00 hehe Hope you guys will get better quality control than me Because I will newer forget massdrop's qc and the $10 voucher they offered me for a crappy laquered cups
folks, how can one purchase a pair of wooden cups like that?
Hi folks   I'm looking for a not working hifiman  It will suite a new home for some angry old he-5 drivers If you have any and don't need them - please let them go to me   Thank you!
Hi   I have a pair of HFM stunning he-5 drivers and want to give them a new home   So if you have a headband and cups (or just smth like a dead he-400s\i or 560 or HFMxMassdrop) that you don't need - please let me know   Andy
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