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 In general, you'll hear the tube more at the higher impedance settings. The low impedance setting will be closer to the solid-state sound.
 Ooooo, that's a great deal. They fit perfectly on the HFM cans but I don't remember liking the sound a whole lot, a little bass-light if I remember. Actually, I wonder how these would work if you made a bass vent -- similar to your NVX pads....
grizz, definitely give pad rolling a chance. You'll be surprised. From the sounds of it, I feel like you would enjoy the 1540 pads. Definitely more rumbly than stock and only a little bit less air. Those NVX angled pads are very good as well, and you won't have to worry about losing air -- in fact they will even help the soundstage (maybe not as rumbly as the 1540's though, can't remember).
Glad to see you like it. The Ember is amazing. Are you noticing a soundstage/air difference as well? I haven't listened to an amp that opens up the HE-4 as much as Ember.
 Naw, I kept them in. I could consider doing it in the future though...
Those angled NVX pads were pretty hard to beat. If you are looking for the comfort and sound quality and soundstage/presentation, the NVX angled pads are definitely my recommendation. The 1540 pads are more comfortable for me since they're also very squishy but do not have the pleather.   I agree that the 1540 pads increase the warmth. I assume this is mostly due to the proximity to the driver**. The other contributing factor would be the thickness of the dust cover,...
I don't think I could tell the difference in a blind test, they're that similar. Both are punchy with very accurate treble. They're also both fairly intimate, not super spacious. The Ember owns in terms of versatility though.
 Honestly, I'd put them in the same ballpark. I have an Ember and a friend has the Crack... can't say that I would choose one over the other.
I've got a few tubes that sound pretty pleasant on Ember, probably splitting hairs to find differences, but I have another couple that are absolute treble monsters. I'd rather stare at the sun.
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