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 I wish I would have had a chance to listen to some of these, it looks like you guys are doing some cool stuff!
I think I posted a link with my impressions a few pages back.
 Ahh, yeah this is a 30000+ SN, it sounds great! I know what you mean about bass and space. Spacebass. The HE-4 has better spacebass than anything I've heard so far.
Ember has nothing on the Valhalla for these puppies. The Valhalla has an incredible amount of resolution with these 300 ohm Senns. I'd love to give it a try on some 250/600 ohm beyers at some point. I'm going to do some HD800 listening on the Crack + Speedball today but I tend to lean towards the Valhalla in that matchup (at least with my HD580's). Speedball is more technical, maybe more dynamic, but the Valhalla has better resolution and space, albeit being a bit creamier...
I ended up buying a pair of HD800's because of you guys. The wallet is on life support.
 You totally nailed it, I completely agree with all of this. Yeah, Polaris has the same output stage as Ember, basically just the SS half of the Ember hybrid. Soundsgoodtome has had both at the same time though, I think he preferred the bass from Polaris.
 The Vali has enough power, though Soundsgoodtome didn't like the pairing as much as I did. It does a great job showing how the HE-4 is really light on its feet. Then there is the Emotiva mini which gives the HE-4 an insane amount of bass punch but has far less resolution than the Vali or Ember.
Given my experience with Project Ember, I think Polaris would be a great choice if you can swing it. If you wanted to go a little cheaper, Magni has plenty of power to get the HE-4 to loud listening levels, though I haven't tried the combo.   I think it's best to try what you have first. You very well may not need a new amp.
Hey, everyone. It's time for me to sell the HD650's. I bought these a few months back on an open-box deal and they are still in amazing condition. Truly "like-new". The swivels on the side are stiff and the headband grips like no other. The box is dinged up a bit, the only reason they were on open-box from what I can tell, and they come with the black screens instead of silver, not sure why.     Price includes: -HD650 -Stock cable and 1/4" to 1/8" adapter -Carrying...
 Did you have two sets of angled pads? Doh!
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