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The Prodigy is mostly breakbeat/breaks or drum and bass.
I keep trying to type a response to convey how stupid this conversation is but it's just so futile...
If anything the jerg pad mod makes the HE-400 midrange dip bigger by dropping gradually at 1k instead of steeply at 2k. Smoother transition, but a wider 10dB dip. Still prefer the jergs though.
No problem, check out "Stretched" and "Project 100" as well!
True, theoretically you'll have less distortion.
 I have no doubt in my mind that it is, though I haven't tried the HE-5LE. The air and space on the HE-4 is what I really like about it. The other two HFM planars that I've tried with dual magnet arrays (HE-400 and HE-500) are both more closed in. Since the HE-5LE is simply the HE-4 with more magnets, I can't say I'm interested in it. More closed in, more weight, same FR (maybe).
The HE-5LE will be more closed in, less airy. It should have the same signature though.
Those look awesome, dude!
Yeah, my HE-500 was not only heavier but had quite a bit less clamp, which made the top of my head hurt like hell. You'd have to get a comfort strap for sure.
They look awesome, especially if you did some of the wood finishes LFF is doing on his Enigma.
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