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Shure 1540 pads are more comfy than either focus pad, IMO.
Vocals on the 500 are also very forward, which I didn't notice on the 400i. Some were describing the 400i vocals as a bit wonky at our meet, an adjective that would never be accurate for the 500.
Ooooo, the HM5 pads are pretty small, great for Tascam TH-02's or the T50RP, maybe too small for the HE-4. Either way, this is a sweet find! I thought they only made pleather... I'll have to grab a pair myself.
I'll have a few pairs lying around but I prefer the 1540's slightly overall.
 If someone was willing to send the headphones, I'd be happy to. I also don't own a pair of FocusA, these aren't mine. You make a great point though. These pads should help the HE-400 in the same way, especially since its treble peak is in the same area. I still end up using EQ a bit even with the Alcantara pads, so it's not quite perfect. YMMV.
They are fairly new but maybe you're focusing on that 8-9k region? Remember, a 10dB difference is equivalent to twice the volume (i.e. 90dB is twice as loud as 80dB) so the ~4dB drop we see at 8-9kHz is pretty significant.
Alright, this will be fairly quick since I don't enjoy pad rolling very much. I just end up wanting to listen to music and getting upset that there are so many pads to try!   Impressions before measurements (all compared to stock velour):   FocusPad - Roomy, comfy, very spacious, bass is slightly lacking, treble is more intense, great imaging.   FocusA - Not as roomy, really comfy, slightly less spacious/more intimate, great bass/maybe slightly more prominent due to...
 I'm guessing the crap you got from the Beefroast was the USB version 1 board, did you try any other inputs? I've read a handful of version 2 USB reviews from people who absolutely hated version 1. Did yours have the uber upgrade? We will definitely have to do a small meetup at some point so you can give it another go. The Gamma2 that Corey had at the meet (paired with the Speedball) is also a great DAC. Plus, I still haven't tried the EF-5. You like it with the HE-4 too?
 Honestly, my Valhalla is blowing my mind, more so than the other amps I got to try with the HD800 at our meet. The Valhalla 2 is supposed to take it to a totally different level too!
Man, I can't believe I just got around to reading this. Freaking hilarious and gripping. Also goes to show how awesome Sennheiser is
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