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I don't think I could tell the difference in a blind test, they're that similar. Both are punchy with very accurate treble. They're also both fairly intimate, not super spacious. The Ember owns in terms of versatility though.
 Honestly, I'd put them in the same ballpark. I have an Ember and a friend has the Crack... can't say that I would choose one over the other.
I've got a few tubes that sound pretty pleasant on Ember, probably splitting hairs to find differences, but I have another couple that are absolute treble monsters. I'd rather stare at the sun.
 Ember is a hybrid. Polaris is the Ember minus the tube part. 
I'm honestly really digging Dillon Francis's new album. Lots of diversity.
Hey, it works!
Well, I haven't tried them on the T50RP yet but they don't cause any sort of bass roll-off on the HE-4 (objectively). Subjectively the bass is better than the stock HFM velours, probably due to closer driver distance (they are really squishy).
The Alcantaras are extremely comfortable, I use them on my HE-4. I'll have to give them a try on the T50RP at some point.
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