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 I am using the Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8 and I have a really loud noise floor with the TH-X00?
I mentioned this a couple pages ago. I did not experience the TH-X00 out of Ember without a very noticeable noise floor. The noise is tube dependent, but most people have not experienced the Fostex TH series on Ember without noise.
Very sweet. I'm hoping I'll get that kind of impression from the Beta22. I'm not ready for a 2k amp investment... yet. Hard to pass up deals like that though.
Nope, haven't had the privilege of trying a speaker amp yet, but I will when I can. I had the Emotiva mini with my HE-4 at one point and while it had more bass it was pretty terribly grainy across the spectrum. I'm sure a good speaker amp would be much better. I can easily see someone preferring the HE-4 over the HE-6, they're just very different and both excel in different ways. How much did you manage to grab the Firstwatt for? They seem pretty favored amongst HE-6...
Naw, I haven't tried my HE-6 with a huge power amp. It only needs ~600mW to get to 105dB, so it makes sense that the Vali 2 and Ember have no issues getting to listening levels.   I do, however, have a Beta22 amp build on the way. Hopefully she'll be built and test ready by next spring 
Ember does just fine with the HE-6 (low gain, 12 o'clock). I just recently picked up a Vali 2 as well and, believe it or not, it has plenty of juice to get the HE-6 very loud (normal listening at 2:30 on high gain). (Cue speaker amp zealouts.)   For the HE-4/6, Ember has more treble and slightly better staging. Vali 2 is great though. I'm usually volume limited by treble fatigue, so the easier treble on the Vali 2 allows me to turn the bass and mids up a little louder....
The HE-6 is by no means a giant leap from the performance of the HE-4.   HE-4: More bass, more air/bigger soundstage, hit or miss treble, better comfort/weight, better price, fun and aggressive.   HE-6: Blacker background, controlled, less distortion, more reliable treble, very immersive, neutral and polite.   I really like both of these headphones, and I doubt I'll get rid of either one.
Hah! I can definitely agree that it's unfortunate that G1217 isn't getting as much hype as the Vali 2 when they've had the single tube hybrid concept for a looooong time. Plenty more options to suit your needs too. Seriously. Again though, the Vali 2 just appears (spec wise and price wise) to suit my needs a little more than another G1217 offering. At this price, it competes with Starlight the most but Starlight may struggle a little bit more with hungry orthos. The price...
@HOWIE13, I agree. Based on specs, G1217 has a lot of competitors to the Vali 2 but you may be right about Starlight being a more direct competitor.   Ember and Vali 2 are different enough that I somehow justified needing both. Why I chose Vali 2 over G1217's other offerings is sort of random. I have a Wyrd to put under it? Hah. The specs are pretty satisfying as well (hungry orthos). Definitely a decent, powerful amp at a small price. Can't wait to hear it.
Let me clarify, since I don't want to upset the hype train:   1. Project Ember is the best amp purchase I've made to date; it has the best value for the price. Period. Ember has so many possible configurations and it can easily drive my HE-6 without issues.   2. Ember does have its faults. No, it isn't the quietest amp with IEMs and other sensitive headphones. Even Polaris apparently has issues here, and it doesn't have the tube distortion to go with it.   3. Ember's...
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