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I've got a few tubes that sound pretty pleasant on Ember, probably splitting hairs to find differences, but I have another couple that are absolute treble monsters. I'd rather stare at the sun.
 Ember is a hybrid. Polaris is the Ember minus the tube part. 
I'm honestly really digging Dillon Francis's new album. Lots of diversity.
Hey, it works!
Well, I haven't tried them on the T50RP yet but they don't cause any sort of bass roll-off on the HE-4 (objectively). Subjectively the bass is better than the stock HFM velours, probably due to closer driver distance (they are really squishy).
The Alcantaras are extremely comfortable, I use them on my HE-4. I'll have to give them a try on the T50RP at some point.
I don't mean to make impedance sound like it's a determining factor, because it isn't. What I'm getting at is these OTL tend amps do exceptionally well, or "specialize", with higher impedance headphones (250+ ohm, generally) when compared to other amps.   Looking at the numbers (power, impedance, etc.) won't do a very good job explaining the synergy, you just have to hear it for yourself. If you want an amp that is well rounded and will have no issue powering any...
The Valhalla 2 will probably blow the Lyr 2 and Ember out of the water for high impedance dynamic headphones. I haven't tried the HD800's on too many amps but I have had enough experience with it to know that I was most impressed with the Valhalla (1). It's hard to explain, and I hate to be another broken record, but the scalability of the HD800/600/650 is truly impressive. Ember does a fine job as well but I still don't prefer it in the end.   A friend of mine has a...
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