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HD650 replacement headband is $110 last I checked (through Sennheiser).
Stock ear-side:       Stock grill-side:         Might I ask why you returned your original pair for a demo pair?
They have no mod. This is stock form. I thought you were interested in the earside?
Scroll to the top of the page where it says "recent images in this thread" and click on "view all".   Yours are not stock. Should have kept your stock pair.
IMO, no. The stock pads are actually really great if you can get more comfort with tissue/paper towel.
Up for sale is a pair of DT770/80's with a DT880 2003 case! The original box is not included. Headphones are in excellent condition, the case lid is a little janky but it serves its purpose.   Price includes: -DT770 Pro 80ohm w/ 1/4 screw on adapter -Beyerdynamic aluminum case (from DT880 2003) -Shipping inside CONUS -Paypal fees
The idea of mass-production for Reference Sounds using LFF clones... I want in.
Please, enlighten me on the genre that is Deadmau5.
Really excited to hear your impressions! I'm very tempted to go AudioGD for my next amp, though I have quite a bit of dedication toward Schiit and Garage1217... and G1217 is coming out with a new SS amp later this year!
Ember is quite a bit more spacious and a bit more textured. The low end is not as smooth and warm as the Vali. Project Ember (6N1P tube): spacious, slightly warm, very textured, more punchy low end. Vali: intimate, even warmer, more musical. Possibly a slight sub bass roll off as @Soundsgoodtome pointed out. When I did my comparisons, it was only a 30 minute ordeal. My buddy brought the Vali over on his way to a different event. I need to listen to more sub bass tracks to...
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