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FTL and Hotline Miami.  Hotline was one hell of a experience while FTL is still as tense as it was when I first played it.
Guy's I can got three great cans (UE 6000, M-80, Monster Turbine Gold) and I'm wondering if I should pic up the ATH M-50 for ****'s and giggles.  I wanna dabble in DIY stuff with cans and I think the M-50s would be great to play around with but I'm curious how  they would sound compared to my current cans.
Hotline Miami.  That electronic/psychedelic soundtrack helped fuel one of the most ****ed up and incredible experiences of 2012.
Everything off Flux Pavilion's new EP.  Blow the roof, I feel it, The Scientist, and I still can't stop really shine.
Hey guys, just wondering what you think.  I have a pair of UE 6000's along with some M-80's.  You think I should pick up the M-100 in the near future anyways?  The prominent bass and recessed midrange that I keep hearing about kept turning me off.  If anyone is wondering I listen to all types of rock with a splash of dubstep.
I think you got something wrong there buddy.  The passive (no noise cancellation) sounds great.  Great detail with textured bass.  The active (with noise cancellation)  is decent.  It bloats the bass and cause the treble to recede.  Double check the wire.  Make sure you aren't wording that incorrectly either.  If it is the noise cancellation that doesn't work then check the batteries.  Worse case scenario just send them back as Slow Kanada said.
I recently tried the Mode M40 at my B&H.  It ******* sucked for a lack of better words.  The clamping force is ridiculous.  The one I tried has probably been tried so many times so I can't even imagine what the clamping force is out of the box.  The ANC is decent, it's around the same as the UE 6000.  At least the UE 6000 isn't 350 dollars.  The sound just felt lackluster.  I didn't get that long of a listening session as I had to take them off quickly because of the...
Damn I've got a lot to catch up on in this thread.  I was really hoping to pick up the M-100's but they aren't arriving at any stores here until about April.
I just can't use headphones that leak too much.  Anyone got any other comments on em?
Thanks Miceblue for your opinion.  I've been leaning more and more towards the M-100.  My friend is interested in the UE 6000.  I'm curious what you guys think of it. That price point interests me. How does it compare to the M-100?
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