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Cheers everyone,   I´m not entirely sure whether I chose the right forum to post my question in, never the less I´m hoping that since you guys are usually pretty nice people you´ll help me out instead of hating on me :D   I bought myself an audio interface for home recording, and since I got my new headphones I also use it as D/A for general listening since the sound is definitely better than my notebook output. There is however a problem with the driver. Whether...
Does sennheiser make any cases for this type of headphones? I  would expect that that they would as multiple models have more-less the same shape, however I can´t seem to find any cases on their page, or in the e-shops. I guess the reason why I´m looking for a case is clear, I don´t want to risk accidentally damaging the headphones when carrying around in my backpack (sometimes i tend to stuff a lot of things in there). Perhaps you know some other general cases that...
like this? :D
and the best sound is when the rear enclosure is virtually non-existant? I noticed that you guys give pretty high ratings to the HD600, and it seems that there isn´t much behind the driver except a mesh, that probably protects the driver. The mod for HD555 consisted basically of taking one mesh out from behind the driver which supports my hypothesis... I´m starting to think that the "best" headphones would be speakers with padding :D
hmm, sudenly I have an urge to start believing the frontmen when they claim that they "can´t hear" the audience shouting :D
thanks for the links, much appreciated :)  
Are the pads on the 558/598 any different from the 518? I don´t really care for the material used on them, but its tolerable. If they are better on the higher models, then that might be a minor way to mod them.   Can I also have a question? I´m quite new to head-fi, and I have no Idea what the driver actually is. I failed to find it in the glossary and wikipedia as well. rather than googeling endlesly, I thought I´ll just ask bunch of nice people :D  
whats the lower price limit for headphone amps that are actually worth buying (probably portable ones, because of space)? I´ll admit that I know nothing about them. I do study electrical engineering, so I do know something about amps, but not much managed to stay in my head... what exactly is the point of headphone amps? an amplifier basically just makes the signal louder right? and depending on a frequency response, it changes the color of the sound. Is the point...
thanks for the reply, I appreciate the time you took to answer something that might seem trivial to you guys. even tough I did know most of the thing you said, I had no idea that the crowd was mixed into them as well, and I never realized that about the 2 ears combining the sound pressure. wery interesting stuff and I feel a bit more educated, thanks :D  
I noticed a lot of you have all kinds of cool headphone stands, I´ve never noticed such a thing in a store before (perhaps because I wasn´t looking). What kind of store am I most likely to stumble on such a thing, (except for audiophile stores, we don´t have much of those)
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