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Please do. Ive had mine for months now and still absolutely adore them. Actually i havent bought any cans since. One thing i am going to buy is a pair of the new special edition FA011 when noisy motel finally get them in. A new filter chip, 4 woods, and only 10 pairs of each WORLD WIDE- I dont need more cans, but i CANT miss out on those!!!
Havent logged in for a while, glad to see people still loving these cans! Im still a massive fan. Between these and my FA-011's nothing else gets a listen!!!!
HA! loving all the people trying these out and finding them as good as i did. I got a HEAP of flack for this thread on other forums. No one could beleive how good they were and thought i was somehow benefitting from people buying these?!?! People are strange when you tell them something is awesome.
IMO you cant go wrong with these, cheap enough, and sound downright amazing. Its hard to believe how good these are without trying them. I havent bought other cans since, and im a frequent buyer!
i dont own both, just the HP100- although i have tried the k550 quite a bit. Its one of those sets of cans ive ummed and ahhed over quite a bit, but in the end never bought.   So i guess Greeni is more qualified to answer for you, but personally i owned the HP100 before trying the K550 and have done a side by side but not with classical, rather with electronica and female vocal tracks. Personally i felt the HP100 were ahead.    We all have different taste though. 
pul the trigger. I havent bought headphones since, and prior i was buying 1-3 pairs a month for a period. I sold off almost everything but kept 4-5 pairs. The HP100 and FA011 are the two pairs that get any use.
check out the original post on this thread. I reviewed all the tubes i could find and afford at the time for this amp (3 sets). To my ears the EH tubes were best via a range if fischer audio headphones, DT770, t50rp, and HP100.
Hey Billy,   Hoping you are well mate. Was wondering if the special editions are in store yet? If so please let me know when demo time is available.   As always wishing you well,   Adrian
Much more noticable results from a good power cable than from a USB. Im 32 so my hearing wont be as good as a 16-21 Y-O, but its still pretty good as i dont crank my cans too much. That being said i cant notice any remarkable difference between my "fancy" usb cable i bought (starlight), and the $700 equivalent in the same brand. Power cords i do notice. They dont change the whole game up, but they can provide a noticeable "clean-up" of sorts. Just when you think you have...
I think they do fine on the go, thats where i use mine mostly. THey are fine without an amp- but IMHO i think a small amp will do best. a nice little e17 is cheap-ish (even a second hand one from the for sale threads here) and sounds great. Even unamped they will sound tons better than many other headphones out there.
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