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Any recommendations for a portable headphone amp and/or a desktop amp in the $100-$200 price range? Obviously, if it's slightly over $200 that's fine too.    I have the 80ohm version of the 770s and seems like I have to just about max out the volume on both my computer and iphone to get the best sound quality.    Thanks, E
Colgin... any recommendations as to a portable amp? Started to look into that and was curios. Is there something decent to be had between $100-200? Or for that matter...a desktop headphone amp in the same price range?   Thanks,  E
Is there any place that carries a good assortment of headphones that you can listen to? Tried Guitar Center and Best Buy but both were a bust. Guitar Center did persuade me into the Beyer DT 770s and I'm super glad they did, but would still love to keep looking for the "holy grail" of headphones. Price is not a limiting factor.    Thanks for the help!   Ezi
+1 on the Beyer DT770s. If you know what "sound stage" is... these will be SUPER hard to beat.   Having just tested them against the $500 Denon AH D600s... the Beyer had better and REALISTIC bass as well as a larger sound stage. It takes a while and many songs but eventually you hit that one song that puts the Beyers above other headphones. The separation of sound is crazy. You will hear your music like you've never heard it before. (Depending on what you're...
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